80 Missing You Quotes to Comfort Your Aching Heart

Missing Someone Quotes

Check out this list of missing you quotes if you’re longing to see and hold the person you love! In any relationship—romantic, familial, between friends, or otherwise—we can’t avoid being separated because of different circumstances. It might be because of our busy lives or even the distance. But, in one way or another, we’re left … Read more

100 Broken Heart Quotes for Those Who Need to Move On

Broken Heart Quotes

This collection of broken heart quotes will help everyone in need of comfort, advice, and a shoulder to cry on. Relationships and attraction are such exciting and vibrant aspects of our lives. Sadly, love is not just about happy days. Everyone who has loved has experienced breakups, loss, and separation—all leading to a broken heart. … Read more

60 Consistency Quotes on the Power of Persistence

Consistency Quotes

If you need some advice on effectively working toward success, then this collection of the top 60 consistency quotes is for you. Each one of us has dreams. But, before we reach the point where these things are attainable, we need to go through countless roadblocks. Facing one of these challenges doesn’t mean that we … Read more

60 Perseverance Quotes to Help You Conquer Everything

Perseverance Quotes

Whenever you feel like giving up, take a moment to read through this list of perseverance quotes to get the motivation you need to continue fighting. A lot of times, life and its many challenges just knock us out cold. We feel like there’s no hope to succeed and win. However, if we just persevere … Read more

80 Trust Quotes to Improve Your Perspective on Life

Quotes On Trust

Let this collection of trust quotes inspire you to fight for truth, integrity, and loyalty in a world full of lies and deceit. Trust is one of the most fundamental aspects of any relationship. Most people associate it with romantic relationships, but it goes way beyond that. Trust is important to have within yourself, your … Read more

80 Dignity Quotes to Inspire Positive Change in Your Life

Dignity Quotes

A daily dose of dignity quotes is an excellent way to start your day on a positive note! We’re all faced with challenges in this crazy ride we call life. And, in each challenge, our values, morals, and principles are constantly tested.  It may be easy for some to maintain their dignity, but there may … Read more

110 Self-Respect Quotes to Help You Prioritize Yourself

Self-Respect Quotes

Let these self-respect quotes help build your confidence and show you your worth. Self-respect means respecting your boundaries, beliefs, and emotions. No matter how you look at it, building it is challenging because it requires coming out of our comfort zones. But, it will also help us defend ourselves and understand our true value as … Read more

60 Self-Doubt Quotes to Help You Overcome Your Fears

Self-Doubt Quotes

These self-doubt quotes are ideal for anyone who is unsure of themselves or doubts their abilities. Self-doubt is a natural part of life. This may cause you to feel uneasy at times and make you fearful of failure. However, you should not let it impede your progress toward your objectives. Never let your fears hold … Read more

60 Doubt Quotes to Help You Believe In Your Capabilities

Doubt Quotes

If you’re having trouble making a sound decision or need to do something but aren’t sure if you’re capable, then these doubt quotes are perfect for you! Doubt is a valuable tool for growth and development. To continuously cultivate your knowledge and hone your mind, you must question and be curious about things. This will … Read more

60 Frustration Quotes to Help You Move Past Failure

Frustration Quotes

If you ever feel dissatisfied with what you have in life, consider these frustration quotes that will motivate you to conquer everything until you reach success. Life is full of frustrations, no matter where we go and where we look. This is because our expectations of ourselves and others never end. We trust that things … Read more