Country Girl Quotes

60 Country Girl Quotes to Add Some Spice Into Life

This collection of the best country girl quotes is perfect for all the Southern belles out there! Social media and fiction usually portray women wearing flashy clothes, working in big offices, and living luxurious lives.

Crying Quotes

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Stillness Quotes

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Discipline Quotes

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60 New Job Quotes on Exploring Greater Opportunities

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60 Funny Work Quotes to Get Over Your Weekday Blues

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Glory Quotes

50 Glory Quotes to Celebrate Your Victories in Life

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Old Age Quotes

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Age Quotes

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Forget the Past Quotes

60 Forget the Past for a Better & Happier Future

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Appreciation Quotes

70 Appreciation Quotes for Your Thankful Heart

Your world would be much more colorful if you lived life with thanks, so read these appreciation quotes that’ll open your eyes to all the things you should be grateful for.  Life will always have