130 Encouraging Quotes to Boost Your Mood & Spirits

Encouraging Quotes

Encouraging quotes are the perfect and sure way of bringing yourself into a more positive headspace whenever you’re feeling down in the dumps. Words are such incredible and mighty things. Many people say that words can cut like a knife, and that’s true. One hurtful word can stab the hearts of our loved ones and … Read more

150 Uplifting Quotes to Help You Carry On & Thrive

Uplifting Quotes

We’ve compiled a list of the top 150 uplifting quotes to help you start over after many setbacks and failures. In life, we are constantly bombarded with negativity in our surroundings. Ups and downs are natural, and it is impossible to feel positive all of the time. Having a reliable go-to when you’re down is … Read more

220 Bad Bitch Quotes to Boost Your Confidence

Bad Bitch Quotes

You will certainly get your self-esteem pumped high in this collection of 220 bad bitch quotes. People associate the word “bitch” with rude and troublesome behavior. Hearing this word always gives a negative implication. This generation has transformed this word’s meaning into something a lot more powerful. We often hear “bad bitch” in some songs … Read more

230 Comfort Zone Quotes for a More Adventurous Life

Comfort Zone Quotes

Whether you’re looking for some guidance or just something that’ll help you pass the time, this list of the ultimate comfort zone quotes is something you should definitely check out. With more than 200 quotes from different authors, philosophers, and other influential personalities, there’s surely a lot you can learn about growth, change, and courage. … Read more