40 Ron Weasley Quotes on the True Value of Friendship

Ron Weasley Quotes

Allow these Ron Weasley quotes to accompany you as you discover your true self and genuine friends! Comparing yourself to another is, sadly, inevitable. Being part of a big family, Ron Weasley constantly struggled with being compared to his older brothers. This is a big part of what made his character so relatable.  We can … Read more

40 Hermione Granger Quotes on Friendship & Bravery

Hermione Granger Quotes

Reminiscing about one’s childhood is always fun, so if you need to revisit those memories, let these Hermione Granger quotes take you on a trip down memory lane! Emma Watson’s portrayal of Hermione is remarkable. From being an outcast Muggle who often gets bullied to being the smartest in her class—it all made us root … Read more

60 Darth Vader Quotes on Choosing the Dark Side

Darth Vader Quotes

These Darth Vader quotes will remind you why he is one of the most iconic villains in pop culture. Darth Vader, also known by his former name, Anakin Skywalker, is the main antagonist of the Star Wars Trilogy. Before fully turning into the Dark Side, he was a Jedi who was believed to be the … Read more

70 Jay and Silent Bob Quotes on One-Of-A-Kind Friends

Jay and Silent Bob Quotes

This list of Jay and Silent Bob quotes is a compilation of humorous and thought-provoking lines that will brighten your day! Jay and Silent Bob are great friends who like to hang around, smoke weed, and watch movies. Jay is the more outspoken of the two, while Silent Bob is more reserved and only speaks … Read more

60 Kill Bill Quotes on Revenge, Martial Arts, and Assassins

Kill Bill Quotes

If you like action movies with intense, action-packed scenes, then these Kill Bill quotes are for you! Kill Bill quickly became known as one of the most gruesome movies ever made. Quentin Tarantino wrote and directed it, leaving an indelible impression on fans and viewers. The story revolves around the life of a female assassin—a … Read more

40 Enola Holmes Quotes That Every Girl Can Live By

Enola Holmes Quotes

Life can be a scary adventure, so if you need a hit of courage, check this list of our favorite Enola Holmes quotes! Enola Holmes is a 2020 Netflix movie that zooms in on Sherlock Holmes’s sister, mother, and the rest of his family. If you haven’t watched it yet, you’ll be glad to know … Read more

50 Juno Quotes on Teenage Pregnancy, Love, and Support

Juno Quotes

These Juno quotes are not only hilarious, but they will also teach you a lot about responsibility and life! Juno is a critically-acclaimed movie that can be described as a complete package. Yes, it’s a comedy with some pretty funny scenes and lines. But, it also tackles one’s coming-of-age and the struggles that come with … Read more

50 She’s the Man Quotes on Braveness and Equality

She's the Man Quotes

Take a look at some of our favorite She’s the Man quotes that will take you back to your younger self! She’s the Man is an entertaining movie loosely based on Shakespeare’s play, Twelfth Night. It follows the life of a teenage girl named Viola, who joined the school’s soccer team by pretending to be … Read more

70 Austin Powers Quotes That’ll Make You Laugh Heartily

Austin Powers Quotes

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40 of the Most Iconic 10 Things I Hate About You Quotes

10 Things I Hate About You Quotes

These 10 Things I Hate About You quotes are a must-read for anyone going through the highs and lows of relationships and their teenage years! We tend to become so preoccupied with our flaws that we forget to enjoy life. The thing is, no one is perfect; we all have drawbacks that we dislike the … Read more