90 Tyler, The Creator Quotes on Life and Music

Tyler The Creator Quotes

We’ve gathered these Tyler, The Creator quotes to inspire you to appreciate the people who are always there for you. Tyler, The Creator is the most accomplished person you can think of. He has this eagerness to live life that no other artist can do. His influence on this generation has drawn him into success. … Read more

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200 Kanye West Quotes That’ll Open Your Mind

Kanye West Quotes

We’ve prepared these Kanye West quotes that will encourage you to be kind and outspoken. Kanye West is a rapper and songwriter born in Atlanta. He is famous for winning about two dozen Grammy Awards because of his works. He is a man who believed in himself and strived to be the best in his … Read more

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90 DMX Quotes on Life and Faith

DMX Quotes

We’ve gathered these DMX quotes to remind you that no matter how many times society denies you, God will always be there for you if you just hold on to your faith. DMX was one of the most intense and intimidating rappers in his time. He’s also known for his interesting and snappy lyrics. In … Read more

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130 Prince Quotes That Reign Over Creativity & Music

Prince Quotes

You’d better check out these 130 Prince quotes that’ll show you how he reigned over the 70s music scene. Music has a lot of benefits, including the ability to ease the mind and manage pain. Prince used music to heal from his sad background and share his thoughts with the rest of the world. He … Read more

220 Marilyn Manson Quotes to Bring Music in Your Life

Marilyn Manson Quotes

Music keeps us motivated, that is why we collected the best Marilyn Manson quotes that will surely rock your world. Brian Hugh Warner, also known as Marilyn Manson, is a talented iconic American singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and painter. His band received multiple nominations and awards including, Kerrang! Awards and Billboard Music Video Awards. … Read more

180 Lil Durk Quotes On Keeping Your Dreams Alive

Lil Durk Quotes

If you are into Drill music, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these Lil Durk quotes we’ve compiled for you. So, if you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to read this collection, the time has finally come! Let’s look at how Lil Durk conquered hardship to achieve success. Lil Durk’s interest in music began at a … Read more

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150 Lil Skies Quotes on Taking Risks in Life

Lil Skies Quotes

Whether you want to explore your adventurous side or you just want some words of inspiration to help get you through the week, then you’ll love this list of Lil Skies quotes that we’ve compiled for you! If you’re active on social media, you’ve probably come across Lil Skies. So sit back, relax, and enjoy … Read more

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100 G Herbo Quotes on Being Confidently Unique

G Herbo Quotes

If you’re looking for the best G Herbo quotes, then these quotes will show you how he and his work inspired the younger generation. G Herbo developed his rap skills during his mid-teens in a youth after-school program. Growing up watching his uncle’s mess with music, he got involved in rapping while experimenting on the … Read more

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120 Meek Mill Quotes on Not Giving up Your Dreams

Meek MIll Quotes

If you’re looking for some of the most inspirational and motivational Meek Mill quotes, then this collection is for you! Meek Mill doesn’t have a lot of opportunities since he grew up in a poor neighborhood. He lost his father at a young age and lived his life like a hustler. In turn, he gave … Read more

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90 Lil Uzi Vert Quotes on Music and His Best Hits

Lil Uzi Vert Quotes

If you are searching for the best and famous Lil Uzi Vert quotes, then you’ve got to check this collection out! One of the American rappers and singer-songwriters, Smear Bysil Woods is popularly known as Lil Uzi Vert. In this collection, we’ve gathered 90 of his best quotes that will surely make you know him … Read more

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