100 Jimi Hendrix Quotes on Music, Love and Success

Jimi Hendrix Quotes

Want some inspirational quotes from a music legend? Well, here are some quotes from Jimi Hendrix, an American musician, lyricist, and singer known for his iconic guitar playing and unusual musical style. He is described as the best instrumentalist in rock music history by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because of his unique … Read more

200 Guitar Quotes That Will Encourage You to Play Music

Guitar Quotes

Love playing guitar and want some uplifting quotes from successful musicians? So we’ve got a bunch of quotes from great artists that will help you pursue your passion for music. The process of learning a new skill often draws surprising advantages and guitar learning is no different. Apart from the benefit of being able to … Read more

190 Madonna Quotes on Life, Love, and Beauty

Madonna Quotes

It’s no surprise that this woman changed the face of pop culture forever, and these are the top 190 Madonna quotes to prove it. From the early days of her career until now, Madonna has persisted down her path—being a singer, songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur who continues to inspire millions around the globe. Rising up … Read more

140 Lady Gaga Quotes That Promote Self-Love & More

Lady Gaga Quotes

There’s no better way to start the day than reading through these top 140 Lady Gaga quotes. With numerous hits released across the globe, you’ll pick up several nuggets of wisdom from her song’s lyrics and hidden messages. Though she’s most famous for her flamboyant and loud costumes, controversial and provocative lyrics, and amazing vocal … Read more

80 Demi Lovato Quotes on Mental Health & Self-Love

Demi Lovato Quotes

These top 80 Demi Lovato quotes will show you that there’s always a hidden message behind every word, beat, and melody in a song. So, if you’re curious to know what kind of lessons Demi Lovato wants to share with the world, be sure to check the full list below. A woman of many talents, … Read more

90 One Direction Quotes on Daring to Follow Your Passion

One Direction Quotes

Looking for the best One Direction quotes? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve prepared a collection of top 90 quotes for you. Dive into one of the music scene’s hottest, most popular boy bands ever created. One Direction took the world by storm ever since they stepped onto The X Factor stage as a … Read more

60 Harry Styles Quotes That Dare You to Be Different

Harry Styles Quotes

We’ve rounded up the top 60 Harry Styles quotes that will show you that he’s not just a good singer, but a good role model for a lot of people too. As an artist, Harry Styles is known for his vocal prowess, confidence on stage, and his charming personality. However, this global superstar is more … Read more

130 Nipsey Hussle Quotes to Celebrate Love & Life

Nipsey Hussle Quotes

Looking for the ultimate collection of the best Nipsey Hussle quotes? Then you’ve come to the right place. As a talented and self-made musician and millionaire, Nipsey Hussle left his mark on L.A. and the whole of the United States as a rapper who was incredibly gifted, dedicated to his home, and committed to the … Read more

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