160 Thursday Quotes to Plan Your Weekend Nights

Thursday Quotes

Here are the best Thursday quotes that will make you look forward to a relaxing weekend, full of motivation and inspiration to love yourself and be better. You have made it past the stressful days, and it is almost time for you to reward yourself and reflect on what happened in your week. Aside from … Read more

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220 Wednesday Quotes to Fasten the Half of Week

Wednesday Quotes

A tough day for some, but a great day for everyone; these Wednesday quotes will surely fire your passion with endless spark. Mondays are the roughest, Tuesdays are a challenge, and Wednesdays test our patience for the upcoming weekend! We constantly find ways to pump up our week, but sometimes we fail to do so. … Read more

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200 Tuesday Quotes to Set the Momentum for Your Week

Tuesday Quotes

If you barely survived your Monday, then let this Tuesday quotes jazz you up for a fruitful week! When the first day of the week passes, we tune up and adjust to accomplish our tasks and responsibilities. With the hard work of starting our job and school again after a restful weekend, we begin to … Read more

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170 December Quotes to Help You Reflect On the Past Year

December Quotes

Get your hot cocoa and Christmas fix through this collection of more than 100 December quotes. This collection will get you into the Christmas spirit and warm you up for the coming winter with quotes about love, life, and Christmas. December is a month when everything slows down and speeds up at the same time—the … Read more

100 Earth Day Quotes on Conserving Nature’s Wonders

Earth Day Quotes

Here are the top 100 Earth Day quotes that will help you better understand the role nature plays in our lives and what we can do, in our own little ways, to take care of it and preserve it for future generations. Earth Day was founded by US Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1969 and was … Read more

100 Juneteenth Quotes to Remember the Fight for Freedom

Juneteenth Quotes

This is the best list of the top 100 Juneteenth quotes that will serve as a reminder for the hard-fought freedom and end of slavery in the United States. As the month of June rolls in, there’s no better way to remember and celebrate Juneteenth than it being officially signed in as a federal holiday … Read more

280 Wedding Quotes to Make Everyone’s Hearts Flutter

Wedding Quotes

This is the ultimate collection of the best wedding quotes you’ll need, whether you’re a bride-to-be, a groom-to-be, or you just want to be inspired by all the love one can feel and experience during a wedding. From the funniest, to the wisest, to the most nostalgic, and to the most heart warming, our list … Read more