80 Diogenes Quotes on the Deeper Meaning of Life & Death

Diogenes Quotes

Learn a thing or two about self-sufficiency and moral excellence through these Diogenes quotes. Diogenes lived between c. 412-323 B.C., but his ideals and philosophies are things that we can still look to when we need inspiration and guidance. He was a master of Cynic philosophy and credited by some as the one who started … Read more

100 Epictetus Quotes on Happiness, Death, and Control

Epictetus Quotes

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160 Albert Camus Quotes on the Meaning of Life

Albert Camus Quotes

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150 Arthur Schopenhauer Quotes on Nature & Free Will

Arthur Schopenhauer Quotes

These Arthur Schopenhauer quotes will force you to look at both sides of every situation—both the good and the bad. Being one of the promoters of Philosophical Pessimism, he’s remembered for his cynical views on life and human nature. Our list boasts of 150 quotes from highly praised and widely discussed publications like The World … Read more

130 David Hume Quotes on the Morality & Society

David Hume Quotes

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140 John Stuart Mill Quotes on Freedom of Speech & More

John Stuart Mill Quotes

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160 Francis Bacon Quotes on the Different Aspects of Life

Francis Bacon Quotes

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100 Epicurus Quotes That Will Lead You to Joy & Happiness

Epicurus Quotes

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130 Immanuel Kant Quotes on Living Life Your Own Way

Immanuel Kant Quotes

These Immanuel Kant quotes are proof that we have within us the power to live our lives the way we want to live it, and sometimes a little push will give you the confidence you need to believe and act for yourself. Immanuel Kant was one of the pioneer Enlightenment thinkers, and probably one of … Read more