35 Lucifer Quotes That’ll Take You to the Depths of Hell

If you’re a fan of urban fantasy shows, you’ll love this collection of Lucifer quotes we’ve created, too!

We’ve all heard of Lucifer’s story in the Bible. However, this Netflix show takes on a more comedic approach to the backstory and personality of the Devil himself.

In the DC Universe’s plot, Lucifer Morningstar, the Devil, abandons his place in Hell for Los Angeles, California. There, he runs his own nightclub and becomes a consultant for the LA Police Department.

Imagine the Devil helping human police catch criminals and put them behind bars. Isn’t that just so ironic and funny to think about?

Sure, Lucifer brings laughs and entertainment to every household that taps on the play button. But, let’s not forget that the show also gives us some background into Lucifer, how he ended up in Hell, and his true feelings.

Lucifer dives deep into one’s emotions and the reality of life and love, so you’ll be sure to find some emotional lines you can relate to. Read through to the end to learn more about him and the other characters in the series!

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Best Lucifer Quotes

1. “People sometimes kill the people with whom they’re in love. The heart’s mysterious.” – Lucifer Morningstar

2. “Sometimes, betrayal comes from the ones we expect the least.” – Lucifer Morningstar

3. “Believe me, there is no winning when you play by a twisted tyrant’s rules.” – Lucifer Morningstar

4. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a sinner—if you’re a saint. What’s the point?” – Lucifer Morningstar

5. “People don’t arrive broken. They start with passion and yearning until something comes along that disabuses them of those notions.” – Lucifer Morningstar

6. “Why do humans think they can rectify one evil with another?” – Lucifer Morningstar

7. “You shouldn’t have to change for anyone. And neither should I.” – Lucifer Morningstar

Famous Lucifer Quotes

8. “Desire shouldn’t be contained; it’s unnatural.” – Lucifer Morningstar

9. “A deal’s a deal, especially one with the Devil.” – Lucifer Morningstar

10. “Miracles aren’t my thing, but I’m sure we can come to an arrangement.” – Lucifer Morningstar

11. “People don’t have power over us; we give it to them.” – Lucifer Morningstar

12. “I mean, if all the apples are bad, maybe it’s the tree that’s the problem.” – Lucifer Morningstar

13. “Hell truly hath no fury like a woman scorned.” – Lucifer Morningstar

14. “You see, what I hate more than anything is a liar. A charlatan. Someone who doesn’t believe in what they say.” – Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer Lines That’ll Make You Emotional

15. “We need the most love when we’re being most unlovable.” – Amenadiel

16. “Emotions are hard, but that’s why they make you strong.” – Dr. Linda Martin

17. “It’s better to move forward than stay stuck in the past.” – Detective Chloe Decker

18. “Where do I begin? With the grandest fall in the history of time? Or perhaps the far more agonizing punishment that followed? To be blamed for every morsel of evil humanity’s endured, every atrocity committed in my name? As though I wanted people to suffer. All I ever wanted was to be my own man here. To be judged for my own doing. And for that? I’ve been shown how truly powerless I am. That even the people I trusted, the one person, you, could be used to hurt me.” – Lucifer Morningstar

19. “You people misunderstand me. You call me Satan and Devil, but do you know my crime? I loved God too much. And for that, He betrayed me—punished me.” – Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer Quotes From the Show That Are Packed With Wisdom on Life

20. “You have to stop taking responsibility for things that you can’t control.” – Detective Chloe Decker

21. “No matter how bad things get, the true test is how we choose to respond to the pain we suffer or inflict.” – Amenadiel

22. “When angels fall, they also rise.” – Dr. Linda Martin

23. “I find people who are rude usually feel powerless in their own lives. Terrified of not being in control.” – Dr. Linda Martin

24. “No one expects you to change overnight. It’s hard to be one of the good guys. Look, I screw up, too. I’ve made plenty of mistakes, believe me. But I don’t quit, and I know that counts for something. At least you’re trying, right?” – Detective Daniel Espinoza

Lucifer Quotes to Teach You About Love

25. “Sometimes, you have to accept when someone doesn’t feel the same way about you.” – Mazikeen

26. “Sometimes, when someone has real feelings for someone, and it doesn’t work out, they shut down to anything new until they can deal with those leftover feelings.” – Dr. Linda Martin

27. “Sometimes we get along best with the people we’re most different from.” – Detective Chloe Decker

28. “Anybody worth dating should understand everything that makes you, you.” – Eve

Funny Lucifer Quotes to Make You Smirk

29. “I’m like walking heroin—very habit-forming. It never ends well.” – Lucifer Morningstar

30. “Lately, I’ve been thinking. Do you think I’m the Devil because I’m inherently evil, or just because dear ol’ Dad decided I was?” – Lucifer Morningstar

31. “I mean, God works in mysterious ways. So you just got to believe that when He crushes your nuts, He does it for a reason.” – Ella Lopez

32. “It’s always the ones you least suspect, the ones you trust the most, that hurt you. They wait until your guard is down, and then wham! In my case, it was tequila.” – Ella Lopez

Short Lucifer Quotes and One-Liners From the Devil Himself

33. “Let me play the Me’s advocate.” – Lucifer Morningstar

34. “I am a Devil of my word.” – Lucifer Morningstar

35. “The Devil gets burned by fire—could this be any more ironic?” – Lucifer Morningstar

Did This Collection Open Your Eyes to a Whole New Side of Lucifer?

Being the Devil, Lucifer is almost always considered evil. After all, he’s the manifestation of evil itself.

However, through the show, we better understand his history, downfall, and personality. Albeit a fictional tale, it allows us to think about other sides of Lucifer’s story.

If we focus on the series itself, we’ll already gather many lessons applicable to real life. Lucifer tackles the dark side of humanity and how we’re prone to temptation and evil.

For example, Lucifer says that humans think we can correct a mistake we made by committing another. It’s a twisted mindset that allows crime to run rampant across the globe.

He also says the human heart is mysterious; sometimes, humans can kill the ones they love the most. Figuratively, when we love someone and get obsessed with possessing them, we don’t realize that we’re already hindering their freedom, thus, slowly killing them from the inside.

There are many sides to Lucifer that we still don’t wholly understand. But, we hope that this collection of the show’s best quotes was able to serve as a good starting point for you!

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