160 William Blake Quotes to Develop Your Creativity

William Blake Quotes

These William Blake quotes that we’ve gathered will make you fascinated and amazed by his creativity. William Blake was a madman in terms of his contemporary works. As a painter himself, his work is simple yet described as a brilliant masterpiece. However, even though he was successful, he was misunderstood and neglected by many because … Read more

Five Quotes That Could Change Every...
Five Quotes That Could Change Everything

190 Emily Dickinson Quotes on the Richness of Life

Emily Dickinson Quotes

This collection of Emily Dickinson quotes will give you insight into the world of deep emotions and self-realization. Emily Dickinson was an American woman with many great achievements. She was considered one of the great American poets of all time even though her poems were only published long after her death. She was brilliantly talented, … Read more

220 Walt Whitman Quotes to Illuminate Your Life

Walt Whitman Quotes

We’ve gathered these Walt Whitman quotes for you to learn more about his poetry and other great pieces of writing! Walt Whitman is considered to be one of the most famous poets, essayists, and journalists in the world. He learned a lot about life in his youth because even at a young age, he was … Read more

110 Ray Lewis Quotes on Wins, Losses, and Life

Ray Lewis Quotes

Check out these top 110 Ray Lewis quotes that will inspire you to grind, work hard, and always do more! His best quotes are here to remind you never to give up and hold on to your loved ones for strength. So if you need that push to hype you up and keep your will … Read more

160 Simone de Beauvoir Quotes on Life, Love, and Feminism

Simone de Beauvoir Quotes

If you think that the rights and stereotypes involving women are unjust and should change, this is the perfect collection of 160 Simone de Beauvoir quotes for you. Simone Lucie Ernestine Marie Bertrand de Beauvoir was a French writer and feminist, and some reports even say that she was bisexual and had multiple relationships with … Read more

180 Lewis Carroll Quotes on Writing, Progress, and Religion

Lewis Carroll Quotes

If you are an aspiring writer, or just wants to be taken into a world of pure fantasy, this collection of 180 Lewis Carroll quotes is perfect for you. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, most commonly known by his pen-name Lewis Carroll, was an American children’s fiction writer. His most iconic work, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and … Read more

60 Luna Lovegood Quotes That Will Lighten You Up

Luna Lovegood Quotes

In this collection, we’ve gathered our favorite wise, but at the same time, quirky quotes from the movie, “Harry Potter.” Her character is so unique and different from everyone else, and these quotes are sure to make your day a little bit brighter. Luna Lovegood appeared in different segments of the Harry Potter franchise. And … Read more

100 Shel Silverstein Quotes That’ll Make You Think Twice

Shel Silverstein Quotes

Browsing through this collection of the most famous and inspirational Shel Silverstein quotes, one could really learn a lot from his bold and creative way of imparting life lessons. Sheldon Allan Silverstein was an American poet, writer, cartoonist, playwright, and songwriter. Uncle Shelby, as he named himself in some of his works, created phenomenal cartoons, … Read more

100 G Herbo Quotes on Being Confidently Unique

G Herbo Quotes

If you’re looking for the best G Herbo quotes, then these quotes will show you how he and his work inspired the younger generation. G Herbo developed his rap skills during his mid-teens in a youth after-school program. Growing up watching his uncle’s mess with music, he got involved in rapping while experimenting on the … Read more

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120 Meek Mill Quotes on Not Giving up Your Dreams

Meek MIll Quotes

If you’re looking for some of the most inspirational and motivational Meek Mill quotes, then this collection is for you! Meek Mill doesn’t have a lot of opportunities since he grew up in a poor neighborhood. He lost his father at a young age and lived his life like a hustler. In turn, he gave … Read more

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