30 Joker Quotes for a Glimpse Into His Madness

Joker Quotes

If you’ve ever felt like you’re different from those around you, you’ll certainly relate to these Joker quotes we’ve rounded up. Joker is one of the DC franchise’s leading—and most famous—antagonists. He’s appeared in many Batman movies and comics, and his popularity earned him some of his own! He’s noted explicitly for his clownlike appearance … Read more

Five Quotes That Could Change Every...
Five Quotes That Could Change Everything

25 Winnie-the-Pooh Quotes That’ll Speak to Your Soul

Winnie The Pooh Best Quotes

Let these top 25 Winnie-the-Pooh quotes change your views on love, friendship, and life! A.A. Milne, the man behind many plays and poems, shot even more to fame when he released his children’s books starring Winnie-the-Pooh. He’s a cuddly teddy bear that you just can’t help but love! In a series of movies, cartoons, and … Read more

25 Moana Quotes That’ll Encourage You to Be Who You Are

Moana Quotes

Read these top 25 Moana quotes if you’re someone who’s constantly doubting their path in life! While most Disney movies have many lessons to live by, Moana’s no doubt one of the first things we must watch if we want a guide to help us navigate life. This is precise because Moana’s tribe is a … Read more

40 The Waterboy Quotes on Taking Control of Your Own Life

The Waterboy Quotes

If you’re a fan of any Adam Sandler movie, then these The Waterboy quotes will hit your heart! Like any other Adam Sandler masterpiece, The Waterboy is packed with comedic scenes that’ll make you laugh at every turn. However, aside from all the hilarious lines, we’re positive that you can also learn a thing or … Read more

25 Toy Story Quotes on Friendship, Growing Up, and Family

Toy Story Quotes

Travel back in time and reminisce about your favorite childhood friends with the help of these Toy Story quotes we’ve got ready for you. Toy Story is a movie that immerses you in a fictional world where your favorite toys come to life. In their world, the toys all have different personalities and quirks, and … Read more

30 Monsters, Inc. Quotes for a Hilarious & Spooky Adventure

Monsters, Inc. Quotes

If you were born in the late 1990s or early 2000s, then we’re positive you’ll enjoy this collection of the most iconic Monsters, Inc. quotes we’ve prepared! Have you ever wondered where our energy and electricity come from? In Monsters, Inc., their world gets the supply from human children’s screams. At the factory, monsters considered … Read more

30 The Nightmare Before Christmas Quotes for Tim Burton Fans

Nightmare Before Christmas Quotes

These top 30 The Nightmare Before Christmas quotes will add a lot more color to the days leading up to Halloween and Christmas! Sometimes, society puts us in roles we don’t really like. However, as the saying goes, “We all have a place in this world.” To go against it would sometimes lead to destructive … Read more

20 Real Genius Quotes on the Power of One’s Intellect

Real Genius Quotes

Sci-fi movies with loads of comedy are famous for their memorable lines, so we’ve listed some of the best Real Genius quotes! In this 1985 movie, a chemical laser is invented by college students named Mitch Taylor and Chris Knight. Because of their intelligence, they were tasked with this project and successfully finished it. Unknowingly, … Read more

25 Johnny Dangerously Quotes on Leading a Crime-Free Life

Johnny Dangerously Quotes

If you’d like to have a good laugh while learning essential life lessons, this list of Johnny Dangerously quotes is the one you’re searching for! This 1984 crime comedy movie tells the story of Johnny Kelly—a man who accepted a job offer from a local crime boss to fund his mother’s operation. His crime money … Read more

25 Moonstruck Quotes That Reveal How Strong Love Can Be

Moonstruck Quotes

If you’re into rom-com movies, you’ll enjoy this list of Moonstruck quotes we’ve prepared for all its fans! Moonstruck tells the story of Loretta, who falls in love with the brother of her fiancé. She tries to resist, but he aggressively pursues her while his brother is out of the country.  As she falls deeper … Read more