200 Sad Love Quotes to Help You Move On

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Sad Love Quotes

1. “It is sad not to love, but it is much sadder not to be able to love.” – Miguel de Unamuno

2. “You can never love people as much as you can miss them.” – Unknown

3. “You left without a reason, so please don’t come back with an excuse.” – Unknown

4. “Never run back to whatever broke you.” – Unknown

5. “If you don’t let your past die, your past won’t let you live.” – Unknown

6. “Some people are going to leave, but that’s not the end of your story. That’s the end of their part in your story.” – Faraaz Kazi

7. “I don’t hate you. I’m just disappointed you turned into everything you said you’d never be.” – Unknown

8. “Make your move before I’m gone because people change and hearts move on.” – Unknown

9. “The longer you dance with the devil, the longer you stay in hell.” – Unknown

10. “It’s terrible to lose someone we love, but it’s even worse to lose ourselves while loving them.” – Unknown

11. “We have to hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain, because all of life’s lessons are taught through pain.” – Unknown

12. “It’s amazing how someone can break your heart and you can still love them with all the little pieces.” – Ella Harper

13. “Just because someone desires you, doesn’t mean they value you.” – Unknown

14. “Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.” – Unknown

15. “When you think your first falling in love, just then you realize your falling out of love.” – David Grayson

16. “People say never give up, but sometimes giving up is the best option because you realize you’re just wasting your time.” – Unknown

17. “There is one pain, I often feel, which you will never know. It’s caused by the absence of you.” – Ashleigh Brilliant

18. “Don’t be someone’s down-time, spare-time, part-time or sometime. If they can’t be there for you all the time, they’re not even worth your time.” – Unknown

19. “If you have to convince someone you’re right for them, then they aren’t right for you.” – Unknown

20. “Never be afraid to let go, because you never know what greater things will replace what you’ve lost.” – Unknown

21. “I bet you’ll never remember what I will never forget.” – Unknown

22. “Never ignore someone who loves you, cares for you and misses you because one day you might wake up and realize that you lost the moon while you were busy counting stars.” – Unknown

23. “Give the gift of your absence to those who don’t appreciate your presence.” – Unknown

24. “Don’t come running back to me when other people start treating you the same way you treated me.” – Unknown

25. “You made my mind up for me when you started to ignore me.” – Unknown

26. “When someone treats you as only an option, help them narrow their choices by removing yourself from the equation. It’s that simple.” – Unknown

27. “I can’t wait for the day I get to look at you and feel absolutely nothing.” – Unknown

28. “Breakups aren’t always meant for makeups. Sometimes relationships end in order for you to wake up.” – Unknown

29. “Just because I let you go doesn’t mean I wanted to.” – Unknown

30. “Be with someone who knows exactly what they have when they have you. Not someone who only realizes once they’ve lost you.” – Unknown

31. “If he makes you lose your family, lose your friends, lose your confidence, or lose your happiness, then you need to lose him.” – Unknown

32. “Yes, I’ve changed. Pain does that to people.” – Unknown

33. “Cry as I may, these tears won’t wash away.” – Unknown

34. “The reason why I don’t talk to you anymore is because I keep telling myself that if you wanted to speak to me, you would.” – Unknown

35. “Those who are heartless once cared too much.” – Unknown

36. “Love doesn’t hurt; loving the wrong person does.” – Unknown

37. “Sometimes you have to forget what you feel and remember what you deserve.” – Unknown

38. “The story goes on without you.” – Unknown

39. “Thanks to you, I don’t even recognize myself anymore.” – Unknown

40. “Stay silent and let them see what their life is like without you in it.” – Unknown

41. “If he misses you, he’ll call. If he wants you, he’ll say it. If he cares, he’ll show it. And if not, he can’t be worth your time.” – Unknown

42. “Being alone may scare you, but being in a bad relationship will damage you.” – Unknown

43. “Isn’t it ironic how you get out of a relationship & they start talking to the same person they claimed they had nothing going on with?” – Unknown

44. “True love is when you shed a tear and still want him.” – Unknown

45. “Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you have ever been to stand up taller than you ever were.” – Unknown

46. “Sometimes you have to accept that people’s part in your story is over.” – Unknown

47. “If he’s dumb enough to walk away, be smart enough to let him go.” – Unknown

48. “Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that things will not go back to the way they used to be.” – Unknown

49. “You don’t deserve my tears.” – Unknown

50. “Someday you’ll cry for me like I cried for you; someday you’ll miss me like I missed you; someday you’ll need me like I needed you; someday you’ll love me, but I won’t love you. The sad thing is that I actually thought you’d be different.” – Unknown

51. “It hurts when your heart is being broken while his heart is being fixed by someone else.” – Unknown

52. “I can pretend I’m not dying inside, but just so you know… I am.” – Unknown

53. “I’m not ignoring you. I’m waiting to see if you’ll make an effort for me.” – Unknown

54. “Being with someone who doesn’t love you isn’t called loyalty, it’s called stupidity.” – Unknown

55. “My plan is to forgive and forget. Forgive myself for being stupid and forget you ever existed.” – Unknown

56. “I don’t know if I’m getting over him or if I’m just getting used to the pain.” – Unknown

57. “I don’t think I ever really loved you. I think I was in love with the idea of you.” – Unknown

58. “The worst feeling in life is not being lonely; it’s being forgotten by the one person you could never forget.” – Unknown

59. “I’m too broken to hold on, but too in love to let go.” – Unknown

60. “True pain is when you look into the eyes of someone you love and they look away.” – Unknown

61. “Apologies don’t fix broken hearts.” – Unknown

62. “It hurts when you have someone in your heart, but you can’t have them in your arms.” – Unknown

63. “Truth is, you’re the reason I don’t believe in love anymore.” – Unknown

64. “You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it.” – Unknown

65. “Never let him have the satisfaction of knowing you will always be there waiting.” – Unknown

66. “You’re an expert at sorry and keeping the lines blurry.” – Unknown

67. “Once you put all the pieces back together, even though you may look intact, you’ll never be quite the same as before the fall.” – Unknown

68. “When someone truly cares about you they make an effort, not an excuse.” – Unknown

69. “If you cheat on someone who’s willing to do anything for you, you’re actually cheating yourself out of true loyalty.” – Unknown

70. “Sometimes you have to forget what’s gone, appreciate what still remains, and look forward to what’s coming next.” – Unknown

71. “Being single is better than being in a relationship with someone who fills your heart with doubt.” – Unknown

72. “People don’t notice the things we do for them until we stop doing them.” – Unknown

73. “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.” – Unknown

74. “The only people I owe my loyalty to are those who never made me question theirs.” – Unknown

75. “Don’t make someone your everything. If they leave, you’ll have nothing.” – Unknown

76. “Don’t feel sad when someone gave up on you. Feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone who never would have given up on them.” – Unknown

77. “Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the one thing that will set you free.” – Unknown

78. “Seeing people change isn’t what hurts. What hurts is remembering who they used to be.” – Unknown

79. “It’s sad when you realize you rejected other people for that one person that wasted your time.” – Unknown

80. “Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows.” – Unknown

81. “I don’t chase after anyone anymore. If you want to walk out of my life, there’s the door. I’ll even hold it open for you.” – Unknown

82. “If I cut you off, chances are, you handed me the scissors.” – Unknown

83. “Be all in or get out. There is no halfway.” – Unknown

84. “People don’t change; they reveal who they really are.” – Unknown

85. “The moment you feel you have to start proving your worth is the moment you should walk away and never look back.” – Unknown

86. “As soon as forever is through, I’ll be over you.” – Unknown

87. “Be careful how far you push me away because I may end up liking it there.” – Unknown

88. “The sad thing about betrayal is that it never comes from an enemy.” – Unknown

89. “It’s sad when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were.” – Unknown

90. “Now we’re back to the way we started, as strangers.” – Unknown

91. “I trusted you, but now your words mean nothing to me because your actions spoke the truth.” – Unknown

92. “Don’t fall in love. Fall off a bridge. It hurts less.” – Unknown

93. “When you start to wonder if you can trust someone, that is when you know you already don’t.” – Unknown

94. “You learn more about someone at the end of a relationship than at the beginning.” – Unknown

95. “I forgive, but never forget because I never want to be hurt the same way twice.” – Unknown

96. “Sometimes being hurt doesn’t make you stronger. It destroys who you were, who you wanted to be and who you are today.” – Unknown

97. “I would give up everything for one moment with you; for one moment is better than a lifetime of not knowing you.” – Unknown

98. “Don’t waste your time giving someone a second chance when there is someone better out there waiting for their first.” – Unknown

99. “Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all.” – Unknown

100. “Sometimes the best way to get someone’s attention is to stop giving them yours.” – Unknown

101. “It hurts when you make time for everyone else but me.” – Unknown

102. “If someone wants to be a part of your life, they’ll make an effort to be in it.” – Unknown

103. “It hurts when you’re being ignored by the person whose attention is the only thing you want in the world.” – Unknown

104. “There comes a point when it’s not that you don’t care anymore, you just can’t. Someday, someone is going to thank you for letting me go.” – Unknown

105. “Love leaves a memory that no one can steal, but sometimes it leaves a heartache that no one can heal.” – Unknown

106. “Never settle for being someone’s other when you have the potential to be someone’s only.” – Unknown

107. “Our greatest joy and our greatest pain come in our relationships with others.” – Stephen R. Covey

108. “Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.” – Unknown

109. “If you love me, let me know. If you don’t, please, let me go.” – Unknown

110. “One day you’re going to wake up and realize that you should have tried.” – Unknown

111. “If we must part forever, Give me but one kind word to think upon, And please myself with, while my heart’s breaking.” – Thomas Otway

112. “What happens when he’s your prince charming, but you’re not his Cinderella?” – Unknown

113. “The wrong person will never give you what you want, but they’ll make sure they get what they want from you.” – Unknown

114. “Loving someone who doesn’t love you back is like hugging a cactus; the tighter you hold on, the more it hurts.” – Unknown

115. “You can close your eyes to things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to things you don’t want to feel.” – Johnny Depp

116. “Since I can’t be with you right now I will have to be content just dreaming about when we will be together again.” – Susan Polis Schutz

117. “I cannot eat, I cannot drink; the pleasures of youth and love are fled away: there was a good time once, but now that is gone, and life is no longer life.” – Plato

118. “Falling in love is like holding a candle. Initially it lightens up the world around you. Then it starts melting and hurt you. Finally it goes off and everything is darker than ever and all you are left with is the.. BURN!” – Syed Arshad

119. “I wonder if I could take back every ‘I love you’ ever said to you, would I do it?” – Faraaz Kazi

120. “You make me feel like a firefly. Trapped in a belljar; starved for love.” – Ayushee Ghoshal

121. “People love each other for many reasons, not all of them good […]. They love each other because it’s easy. Or because they’re used to it. Or because they’ve given up. Or because they’re scared.” – Nathan Hill

122. “He was acting like our kiss had broken him, and his reaction was breaking me.” – Shannon A. Thompson

123. “Love lies in those unsent drafts in your mailbox. Sometimes you wonder whether things would have been different if you’d clicked ‘Send’.” – Faraaz Kazi

124. “Part of me aches at the thought of her being so close yet so untouchable.” – Nicholas Sparks

125. “Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of withering, of tarnishing.” – Anais Nin

126. “It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.” – Samuel Butler

127. “Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.” – Kahlil Gibran

128. “There is a time for departure, even when there’s no certain place to go.” – Tennessee Williams

129. “You can’t buy love, but you can pay heavily for it.” – Henny Youngman

130. “You meet everyone twice in this life, when they come and when they go.” – C.C Aurel

131. “Just let me keep the last piece of my heart before you tear it all apart.” – Lykke Li

132. “Sadness flies away on the wings of time.” – Jean de La Fontaine

133. “Never make a decision when you are upset, sad, jealous or in love.” – Mario Teguh

134. “It’s sad to know I’m done. But looking back, I’ve got a lot of great memories.” – Bonnie Blair

135. “Some days are just bad days, that’s all. You have to experience sadness to know happiness, and I remind myself that not every day is going to be a good day, that’s just the way it is!” – Dita Von Teese

136. “Nothing is worse than when someone who’s supposed to love you just leaves.” – Ava Dellaira

137. “Tears come from the heart and not from the brain.” – Leonardo da Vinci

138. “I wish I could give you my pain just for one moment so you can understand how much you hurt me.” – Mohsen El-guindy

139. “A marriage is no amusement but a solemn act, and generally a sad one.” – Queen Victoria

140. “It hurts to leave a light on for nobody.” – Graham Foust

141. “As the light begins to intensify, so does my misery, and I wonder how it is possible to hurt so much when nothing is wrong.” – Tabitha Suzuma

142. “Breathing is hard. When you cry so much, it makes you realize that breathing is hard.” – David Levithan

143. “It’s sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew.” – Henry Rollins

144. “Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

145. “Sad things happen. They do. But we don’t need to live sad forever.” – Mattie Stepanek

146. “Your absence has gone through me Like thread through a needle Everything I do is stitched with its color.” – W.S. Merwin

147. “He taught me how to love, but not how to stop.” – Anonymous

148. “How could an Angel break my heart? Why didn’t he catch my falling star? I wish I didn’t wish so hard. Maybe I wished our love apart.” – Tony Braxton

149. “You ruin your love because you don’t think you deserve anything good.” – Warsan Shire

150. “The word ‘happy’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.” – Carl Jung

151. “First, accept sadness. Realize that without losing, winning isn’t so great.” – Alyssa Milano

152. “You can never control who you fall in love with, even when you’re in the most sad, confused time of your life. You don’t fall in love with people because they’re fun. It just happens.” – Kirsten Dunst

153. “Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn’t stop for anybody.” – Stephen Chbosky

154. “You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.” – Jonathan Safran Foer

155. “It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses, we must plant more roses.” – George Eliot

156. “The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow.” – Bob Marley

157. “For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, “It might have been.” – John Greenleaf Whittier

158. “Sadness is but a wall between two gardens.” – Khalil Gibran

159. “Sadness is also a kind of defence.” – Ivo Andric

160. “When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell

161. “Rather than crying & craving for those who left our path during dark moments of our life, lets spend some time to thank them who stood and helped us to pass those dark paths.” – Nehali Lalwani

162. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

163. “Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

164. “Tears shed for another person are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign of a pure heart.” – José N. Harris

165. “Tears are words that need to be written.” – Paulo Coelho

166. “Percy let me go, she croaked. You can’t pull me up. Never.” – Rick Riordan

167. “Who would have listened to his tales of woe when his love was the flickering lamp over his own decaying tomb?” – Faraaz Kazi

168. “And in the end, I said you would love me. We’re in the end and there’s only one of us here.” – Dominic Riccitello

169. “I’ll love you even when I shouldn’t.” – Colleen Hoover

170. “Me wondering why they don’t say nothing about a kiss being salty as a tear.” – Lindsay Hunter

171. “Sometimes you don’t realize how much you care for someone until they stop caring for you.” – Anonymous

172. “The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy.” – Jim Rohn

173. “There is no disguise which can hide love for long where it exists, or simulate it where it does not.” – La Rochefoucauld

174. “Hearts are not had as a gift, But hearts are earned.” – William Butler Yeats

175. “Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.” – Charlie Brown

176. “The worst feeling in the world is knowing you’ve done everything you can to show someone you love them, and yet they still choose someone else over you.” – Bernajoy Vaal

177. “So it’s true, when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.” – E.A. Bucchianeri

178. “Hearts can break. Yes, hearts can break. Sometimes I think it would be better if we died when they did, but we don’t.” – Stephen King

179. “The worst feeling is not being lonely. It’s when someone makes you feel special, then suddenly leaves you and you have to pretend you don’t mind at all.” – Nishan Panwar

180. “Hearts are breakable. Even when you heal, you’re never what you were before.” – Cassandra Clare

181. “You are supposed to dry my tears, not cause them….” – Unknown

182. “I felt her absence. it was like waking up one day with no teeth in your mouth. you wouldn’t need to run to the mirror to know they were gone.” – James Dashner

183. “Missing someone special to you bring tears to your eyes, but remembering all the good times you had brings a smile to your face.” – Nishan Panwar

184. “I just wanted to tell you that I understand if you go. It’s okay if you have to leave us. It’s okay if you want to stop fighting.” – Gayle Forman

185. “I wore your promise on my finger for one year. I’ll wear your name on my heart till I die. Because you were my boy, you were my only boy forever.” – Coco J. Ginger

186. “Sometimes we get sad about things and we don’t like to tell other people that we are sad about them. We like to keep it a secret. Or sometimes, we are sad but we really don’t know why we are sad, so we say we aren’t sad but we really are.” – Mark Haddon

187. “The sweetest part of being a couple is sharing your life with someone else. But my life, evidently, had not been good enough to share.” – Charlaine Harris

188. “It still hurts that you’re doing completely okay, without me.” – Unknown

189. “Tears are words the mouth can’t say nor can the heart bear.” – Joshua Wisenbaker

190. “A million words would not bring you back, I know because I tried, neither would a million tears, I know because I cried.” – Unknown

191. “One day you’re going to remember me and how much I loved you… then you’re gonna hate yourself for letting me go.” – Aubrey Drake Graham

192. “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.” – Richard Puz

193. “Don’t cry when the sun is gone, because the tears won’t let you see the stars.” – Violeta Parra

194. “Love is the most beautiful of dreams and the worst of nightmares.” – Aman Jassal

195. “The heart was made to be broken.” – Oscar Wilde

196. “A broken heart is just the growing pains necessary so that you can love more completely when the real thing comes along.” – J.S.B. Morse

197. “The clouds wept when my heart sang a song of sorrow.” – Sonya Watson

198. “Unrequited love is the infinite curse of a lonely heart.” – Christina Westover

199. “Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake and help us see we are worth so much more than we’re settling for.” – Mandy Hale

200. “The way to my heart was shattered when you left me, but I was glad because your memories were invulnerable, locked inside my heart.” – Anmol Rawat

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