Hi, my name is Stanislav Lem, I’m the founder and the owner of Quote Ambition.

First, thank you for your interest in our website and our work. 

I’ve written this page to briefly describe how this blog was created and, most importantly, why. I hope you’ll find it helpful.

How It All Started

Quotes are something that has piqued my interest my whole life. When I was around 13 years old, I remember being so curious about them that I started writing my favorite ones down on a notepad!

Whenever I saw an interesting line—may it be in a book or a magazine—I wasted no time adding it to my little notepad to make my collection of quotes bigger.

The main thing that attracted me to quotes was that I could gain the wisdom of a great person just by reading what they said. I thought that later, when I grew up, I could be an inspiring and influential person to someone, too.

So, in 2016, I decided to pursue my passion for quotes and created a quote blog—Quote Ambition.

I could use many other blog titles, but I stuck to “ambition” because it reflected my goal to share quotes worldwide and have the blog visited by thousands of people.

I hoped that through Quote Ambition, people would have a more accessible platform to read words of wisdom that can change their lives—just like they did mine.

Why It Matters

Words have the power to change the world. I really do believe in this statement and in the fact that words can impact our behavior, character, and life.

The world of words is so impactful that, nowadays, we can easily find a quote by a person we admire the most and learn from it.

It opens a vast world of knowledge and wisdom for us. And, as we learn from the world’s greatest minds, we become more intelligent and creative in how we view and approach the world.

Quotes really do inspire and motivate people, and this pushes our team to always do our best to create the best collections for people.

By creating more collections packed full of meaningful quotes, we add value to people’s lives. As publishers of this blog, it’s such a satisfying and gratifying experience to aid you in becoming better and more knowledgeable people.

At Quote Ambition, we try to be 100% focused on these simple things:

  • Creating valuable content
  • Hand-picking quotes that are meaningful
  • Making our blog rise up the ranks so we can inspire and help more and more people