50 Joshua Graham Quotes to Fire Up Your Day

Joshua Graham Quotes

Here are the top Joshua Graham quotes that will keep the burning passion in your hearts alive! Joshua Sawyer created Joshua Graham from the story of the parable of the Lost Son. He was then featured in “Fall Out: New Vegas” and “Fall Out: Wasteland Warfare” as a non-player character to make the game more … Read more

100 Duke Nukem Quotes for Badass Gamers

Duke Nukem Quotes

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190 Mass Effect Quotes on Humanity’s Fight for Survival

Mass Effect Quotes

Dive into engaging dialogue and learn from each characters’ remarks with these Mass Effect quotes. Mass Effect is a role-playing game series set in the Milky Way where players get a chance to experience a journey like no other. Courage and perseverance are the prime keys to success when faced with battles filled with uncertainties. … Read more

110 Persona 5 Quotes That’ll Take You to Metaverse

Persona 5 Quotes

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80 Dagoth Ur Quotes on the Desire to Attain Glory

Dagoth Ur Quotes

Experience an exhilarating story and get some great pieces of advice from these Dagoth Ur quotes. Dagoth Ur is the main antagonist from a role-playing video game series, The Elder Scrolls. Considered the final boss, he is described as a vicious character with a lust for power.  As threats came his way, he discovered how … Read more

70 Captain Price Quotes on Leadership

Captain Price Quotes

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170 Call of Duty Quotes on Winning & Battle Tactics

Call of Duty Quotes

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100 Night in the Woods Quotes on Adventure & Adulthood

Night in the Woods Quotes

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110 Animal Crossing Quotes to Escape From Real Life

Animal Crossing Quotes

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70 Arthur Morgan Quotes on Being More Than Just a Villain

Arthur Morgan Quotes

These top 70 Arthur Morgan quotes will push you to be responsible for your actions and face the consequence of your mistakes. Arthur Morgan is the main protagonist of the modern gaming masterpiece, Red Dead Redemption 2. He is a high-ranking member of the Van der Linde gang. In the game, Arthur must cope with … Read more