Encouraging Quotes

85 Encouraging Quotes to Help You Thrive

Sometimes, we all need some encouraging quotes to serve as our daily motivation. Life can get hectic. Aside from that, it can be so packed with many different challenges that we feel like we’re drowning

3 Word Quotes

3-Word Quotes That Are Powerful & Motivational

3-word quotes are great to read whenever you’re feeling down and need something to power you up! Sometimes, life hits us hard. When this happens, we all need a reprieve from all the complicated things

People Come and Go Quotes

30 People Come and Go Quotes on Moving Forward

We’ve compiled the best people come and go quotes to help you face the reality of life! As humans, we have multiple seasons in our lives. And, each season, we meet people who will help

Manipulation Quotes

60 Manipulation Quotes to Help You Break Free From Toxicity

If you feel something’s holding you back from achieving something greater, read through these manipulation quotes and be inspired to break free from others’ puppeteering! Because of life’s harsh reality, we’ve conditioned ourselves to view

Never Settle Quotes

60 Never Settle Quotes to Know What You Deserve

These never settle quotes will motivate you to seek what’s best for yourself! As humans, we’re imperfect; this is entirely normal. However, sometimes, we doubt if we’re worthy of the best things in life precisely

Spirit Quotes

70 Spirit Quotes on Your Soul, Character, and More

Here are some of our favorite spirit quotes that will help you realize your true purpose in this world! Finding our purpose in life depends greatly on our spirituality. After all, our spirits are infinitely

Negativity Quotes

60 Negativity Quotes to Instill a Positive Mindset

Reading these negativity quotes will instantly turn your mood around! Naysayers will always be there to put us down. But, the question is: should we let ourselves succumb to the negativity they emulate? Simply put,

Assumptions Quotes

70 Assumptions Quotes to Have a Clear Outlook on Life

This collection of assumptions quotes will help you clear your head and make more informed decisions! Assumptions are defined as things we accept as true and factual even before having any proof. But, moving through

Reassurance Quotes

60 Reassurance Quotes That Will Put You at Ease

If you’re unsure about life and think you’re never enough, read this list of reassurance quotes to restore your faith in yourself! It’s always hard to push through the doubt and fear holding us back