50 The Town Quotes That Tackle Life’s Realities

The Town Quotes

Whether you’re a big fan of thrillers and drama or not, these The Town quotes will make you perceive the world differently. The Town is a jaw-dropping movie that tackles a variety of feelings—from admiration, regrets, and love. As a result, the movie is regarded as one of the best thriller movies ever produced. Ordinary … Read more

40 Scarface Quotes on the Pursuit of Power & Influence

Scarface Quotes

If you’re a fan of crime movies, then you will undoubtedly enjoy these Scarface quotes! The 1983 movie, Scarface, was loosely based on Al Capone’s life as one of the most notorious crime lords. It also took inspiration from Scarface: The Shame of a Nation, a movie released in 1932. From Al Capone’s history to … Read more

50 Treasure Planet Quotes on Dreams & Adventures

Treasure Planet Quotes

Let these Treasure Planet quotes inspire you to reflect and enter the depths of self-discovery and love. Treasure Planet is a Disney movie based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, Treasure Island. It is a sci-fi spin-off about Jim Hawkins’s adventures in finding the location of Treasure Planet. More than the excitement that you will feel … Read more

50 Training Day Quotes on Crime, Ethics, and Justice

Training Day Quotes

Fill yourself up with energy by reading these action-packed and thought-provoking Training Day quotes. Training Day is a 2001 movie starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke. Their characters—Jake Hoyt and Alonzo Harris—had contrasting views on life, which will definitely make you think about reality and morality. In the movie, Jake is up for a 24-hour … Read more