35 Macho Man Quotes on Randy Savage’s Most Powerful Lines

If you’re a fan of Randy Savage, then these Macho Man quotes will be right up your alley, too!

Wrestling is a sport that has been around for decades. It’s created many outstanding wrestlers and earned even more fans.

One of the pillars of professional wrestling is Randy Savage, known worldwide as Macho Man. He’s said to be one of the greatest pure wrestlers who were able to reach the pinnacle of success in the sport.

Sadly, Macho Man passed away in 2011 because of a car accident. Nonetheless, he remains an icon that showed the world the importance of hard work and dedication.

Check out our collection of Macho Man quotes below and get a glimpse of his wisdom and career as a wrestler! We’ve gathered his best quotes for all his fans.

Best Macho Man Quotes

1. “Being a wrestler is like walking on the treadmill of life; you get off it, and it just keeps going.”

2. “If you put your heart and mind into achieving your goal, you will surely achieve it one day.”

3. “There are no tough guys in wrestling.”

4. “Don’t worry if there is no one to pat your back, and you can always give yourself a pat on the back to appreciate yourself.”

5. “Every sport has its own cast of characters.”

6. “Wrestling is a fraternity, and the boys will work their butts off for you as long as you respect them and don’t lie. You can’t let anyone walk all over you, or everybody will walk all over you.”

7. “I used to hate old-timers who didn’t praise the younger wrestlers, but you’ve got to pass the torch sometime. If you’re old, that torch gets too heavy for you, and you can’t carry it, so it won’t do you any good.”

8. “Expect the unexpected in the kingdom of madness!”

9. “Rules? Well, rules were made to be broken. And your neck could be broken!”

10. “I’m the tower of power, too sweet to be sour. I’m funky like a monkey. Sky’s the limit, and space is the place!”

Famous Macho Man Randy Savage Quotes

11. “Too hot to handle, too cold to hold!”

12. “What a great way to see all of our legacies live on, through the video games.”

13. “Let me tell you now, a man of my position can afford to look ridiculous at any time.”

14. “What can I say about this move? Nothing, so I won’t.”

15. “All I care about is that people are being entertained. It’s not about being the world champion; it’s about exciting the people. If you walk away entertained, then I did my job, and that’s all I care about.”

16. “I handled it like Martin Luther King, and I should have handled it like Malcolm X. By any means necessary.”

17. “Only rich people, by definition, have the extra money to buy things, and invest to create economic growth.”

18. “Hulkamania is like a single grain of sand in the Sahara desert that is Macho Madness.”

19. “Just because someone acts a certain way on TV, that doesn’t mean he’s like that in real life.”

20. “From wrestling to my hip-hop thing, I’ve just been able to do so much and meet so many crazy characters.”

Macho Man Sayings and Catchphrases You’ll Never Forget

21. “You will eat my rear rockets and like it! Oh yeah!”

22. “I say I’m a million percent. That is better than a hundred percent!”

23. “Best there is, past, present, and future! Oh yeah!”

24. “Don’t degrade the champion at any time.”

25. “The madness is running wild. Snap into a slim jim!”

26. “Love it, or leave it.”

27. “Hey, freakshow! You’re goin’ nowhere! I gotcha for three minutes! Three minutes of playtime!”

28. “I called him out, but the punk was scared to go. It was a charity event, but the Hulk didn’t show.”

29. “I’m the Macho Man Randy Savage, and I’m the World Wrestling Federation Champion, and you are not.”

30. “On balance, off balance, doesn’t matter; I’m better than you are.”

More Macho Man Quotes to Help You Live by Randy Savage’s Wisdom

31. “Love yourself but never stop working on yourself so that you can improve day by day.”

32. “On a journey from sore muscles to strong muscles, stay patient, and consistent.”

33. “Start from smaller steps so that you can end up with bigger success.”

34. “If you learn to get past your limits, nothing can stop you.”

35. “If you want to achieve more in your life, aim for greater things in life.”

What Did You Learn From Randy Savage?

You might think that the world of wrestling is a scary place. No one could blame you, as you usually see bulky, strong, and loud wrestlers in the ring.

However, we must all note that the sport welcomes everyone of any stature or physical appearance. For wrestlers, what’s important is that they are willing to work hard and dedicate their all to being the best.

This is something we learn from Randy Savage. As one of Macho Man’s best quotes goes, “Being a wrestler is like walking on the treadmill of life; you get off it, and it just keeps going.”

For him, wrestling was his life, and even when he left the ring, everything he did was so he could improve. He remained disciplined in and out of the ring.

Macho Man’s dedication paid off, as he was recognized as one of the greatest wrestlers in the world. News of his passing shook the world, but his commitment to the sport remains an inspiration for many, even if he’s not in this world right now.

So, learn from Macho Man and do your best to succeed in your dreams! No matter what it is, reaching the top won’t be easy; work hard, be dedicated, and never give up!

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