140 Virginia Woolf Quotes on Self-Introspection & Love

Virginia Woolf Quotes

If you’re looking for that push to help you voice out your thoughts and feelings to the world, then these Virginia Woolf quotes might help! Virginia Woolf was an English author who’s considered today as one of the most important and pioneer modernist and feminist writers of her time. Aside from being successful in her … Read more

Five Quotes That Could Change Every...
Five Quotes That Could Change Everything

80 Stan Lee Quotes to Inspire You to Be Your Own Hero

Stan Lee Quotes

These Stan Lee quotes will bring you into the world of superheroes and teach you lessons that you can bring with you all throughout your life. So, if you’re looking for some quotes that will boost your mood or guide you through the next couple of days, then you’ll definitely need to check this out! … Read more

110 Grey’s Anatomy Quotes on Life, Friendship, and More

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

This show is something that most readers would consider a ‘classic’ and a ‘must-have’ reference for life, so we’ve rounded up the best Grey’s Anatomy quotes that’ll give you an emotional roller coaster ride—bringing all the emotions of the show and as well as some valuable life lessons you can refer to when you’re feeling … Read more

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100 Earth Day Quotes on Conserving Nature’s Wonders

Earth Day Quotes

Here are the top 100 Earth Day quotes that will help you better understand the role nature plays in our lives and what we can do, in our own little ways, to take care of it and preserve it for future generations. Earth Day was founded by US Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1969 and was … Read more

110 Gordon Ramsay Quotes on Wit, Good Food, and More

Gordon Ramsay Quotes

This collection of the ultimate Gordon Ramsay quotes will serve us up some good food and good advice to help us find our passions in life. Gordon Ramsay is notorious for his profanity and fiery temper that he freely displays on his television programs like Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef. However, past all that, he’s … Read more

100 Juneteenth Quotes to Remember the Fight for Freedom

Juneteenth Quotes

This is the best list of the top 100 Juneteenth quotes that will serve as a reminder for the hard-fought freedom and end of slavery in the United States. As the month of June rolls in, there’s no better way to remember and celebrate Juneteenth than it being officially signed in as a federal holiday … Read more

50 Hocus Pocus Quotes That Will Have You Spellbound

Hocus Pocus Quotes

Get ready for a little magic and a whole lot of spells with these top 50 Hocus Pocus quotes. Released in 1993, this Disney has long become a Halloween classic for kids and adults alike! It’s got everything—the costume, the magic, the spells, and even the music. It’s pretty much an essential part of the … Read more

250 William Shakespeare on Literature & Life

William Shakespeare Quotes

It’s impossible to have reached this age and not heard any lines from Shakespeare, but if you haven’t or if you want a refresh, then definitely check out our collection of his top 250 quotes! William Shakespeare’s works are taught all over the world as part of our English or Literature classes. However, a lot … Read more

80 Back to the Future Quotes on the Adventure of a Lifetime

Back to the Future Quotes

Here are the top 80 Back to the Future quotes that will make you travel down memory lane! So, if you want a bit of your childhood to come back to life, or if you’re curious about this 80s blockbuster phenomenon, then this collection will surely fit the bill! After more than 30 years since … Read more

280 Wedding Quotes to Make Everyone’s Hearts Flutter

Wedding Quotes

This is the ultimate collection of the best wedding quotes you’ll need, whether you’re a bride-to-be, a groom-to-be, or you just want to be inspired by all the love one can feel and experience during a wedding. From the funniest, to the wisest, to the most nostalgic, and to the most heart warming, our list … Read more