80 Samurai Quotes on Death, Life, and Honor

Samurai Quotes

Allow these samurai quotes to bring out your inner fighter and help you develop a more disciplined personality. The samurai, also known as bushi, were pre-modern Japanese warriors. These warriors were strictly disciplined, loyal, and brave. To become full-fledged samurais, they were expected to live by the Bushido ethic code. This code of honor is … Read more

70 Viking Quotes to Help You Conquer Life’s Challenges

Viking Quotes

These Viking quotes will help shape you into a great conqueror by covering diverse topics such as battle, love, and honor. The term “Vikings” refers to seafaring people from Scandinavia. They were composed of landowning chieftains and clan heads looking for adventure overseas. Despite their image as barbaric fighters, their achievements significantly impacted European culture. … Read more

70 Battle Quotes to Bring Out Your Inner Warrior

Battle Quotes

These battle quotes will give you the strength and courage to keep on fighting amidst life’s challenges! Sometimes, just hanging in there until a miracle happens is half the battle. However challenging life becomes, the power and choice reside in you, and it is up to you to decide whether you will keep on fighting … Read more

130 Civil War Quotes That’ll Take You Back to History

Civil War Quotes

Be inspired by the strength and resilience people exemplified during a great period of chaos with these civil war quotes. Civil wars are bloody, intense wars that create a significant impact on history. It is something that’s able to change how a nation moves forward. So, if you are fond of history and want to … Read more

190 Soldier Quotes to Honor Their Courage & Sacrifice

Soldier Quotes

Appreciate the selfless fighters who risk their lives for the country with these best soldier quotes. Being a soldier is one of the most demanding and most honorable occupations. They passionately serve and protect despite the harsh conditions of war while maintaining their hopes for a better future. Indeed, they are one of the greatest … Read more

150 Warrior Quotes to Exemplify Strength & Valor

Warrior Quotes

These top 150 warrior quotes will empower you and awaken the fighter within. Warriors are known to be strong and courageous people who protect others. To be one is to have a strong determination and grit to win all the battles you have in life. However, not everyone who is tough can be considered a … Read more

280 Army Quotes to Inspire Bravery & Honor

Army Quotes

Check out these top army quotes that we’ve gathered to make you feel stronger and appreciate the military’s sacrifice for us. When we hear the word “army,” we always think that they are the bravest people on earth. Well, the army is the one who protects our nation and the world we live in. They … Read more