70 Nursing Quotes on Appreciating Their Love & Care

Nursing Quotes

This list of nursing quotes will inspire you to keep being kind and compassionate to others! What comes to your mind when you think about nursing? Like most people, you probably think of an image of an assistant who draws blood or administers medications. But, nursing is much more than that! Nursing is a profession … Read more

150 Albert Einstein Quotes on the Greatest Mind in History

Albert Einstein Quotes

If you’re looking for inspirational and wise quotes about the world and science, then these Albert Einstein quotes are for you. Albert Einstein is best known for his theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. He also created the most famous mass-energy equivalence equation, E = mc2. His theories influenced not … Read more

140 Eckhart Tolle Quotes on Living Life as It Happens

Eckhart Tolle Quotes

If you’re hungry for some peace of mind and need help to find value in what the present moment brings, then these Eckhart Tolle quotes are the best words you can read! Eckhart Tolle looked within himself to find the things he needed to transform and improve. He believed in the present moment and that … Read more

110 Thomas Edison Quotes to Inspire Innovation & Success

Thomas Edison Quotes

These Thomas Edison quotes will give you insightful knowledge on having the drive to fulfill your dreams. Thomas Edison was a successful businessman and scientist. His most famous inventions include the phonograph, the movie camera and viewer, and the light bulb. Even years after his passing, his life and inventions no doubt continue to inspire … Read more

120 Jane Goodall Quotes on Animals & Preserving Nature

Jane Goodall Quotes

We’ve gathered these Jane Goodall quotes to inspire you to make a difference in the world, no matter how big or small. Jane Goodall is one of the best-known scientists and researchers in the world. She’s famous for studying chimpanzees in Africa. Her works in Africa made her a pioneer in the field and an … Read more

50 Jane Elliott Quotes on Fighting Discrimination

Jane Elliott Quotes

Break the chains of racism through these top Jane Elliott quotes. Jane Elliott is an activist, diversity educator, and school teacher. She is also a mother of five children and a wife. Jane became known for her Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes experiment to explain prejudice to her third-grade students. She is a courageous and empowered woman … Read more

150 Timothy Leary Quotes on Life and Culture

Timothy Leary Quotes

Learn more about different aspects of life and culture through these Timothy Leary quotes. Timothy Leary was an American psychologist and writer. And as a psychologist, psychoactive drugs and their impact on the human mind were among his many passions. One of his main goals was to understand how drugs can expand our mind’s capabilities. … Read more

150 Terence McKenna Quotes On Culture, Life, And Society

Terence McKenna Quotes

This collection of Terence McKenna will give you an in-depth understanding of his views on culture and drugs. Terence McKenna was an exceptional ethnobotanist and mystic. His studies led him to come up with the idea of growing magic mushrooms at home. There are many interesting things to learn from him. So, if you want … Read more

90 Steve Irwin Quotes on Nature & Wildlife Conservation

Steve Irwin Quotes

If you are an animal and nature lover who’s interested in the best Steven Irwin quotes, you’ve got to add this in your must-read collection. You’re probably familiar with Steven Irwin if you are an environmentalist or just a nature lover in general. In this collection, we’ve collected 90 of his best, most inspirational, and … Read more

120 Florence Nightingale Quotes That Spark Leadership

Florence Nightingale Quotes

Learn more about how one extraordinary woman changed the world of nursing forever through this collection of the top Florence Nightingale quotes! Honored as the ‘founder of modern nursing,’ Florence Nightingale knew early on that she wanted to pursue nursing, and that she wanted to leave her mark on the world. In her many years … Read more