100 Father-In-Law Quotes to Thank Our Second Dad

Express your gratitude to the man who raised your spouse using these father-in-law quotes.

Fathers-in-law are the warmest and kindest people that we will meet alongside our partners. After all, they are the ones who helped shape the person you married into who they are today.

Meeting our spouse’s parents can be scary and nerve-wracking at first, but it is a relationship that will blossom beautifully. Eventually, our dad-in-law will be one of our most treasured and loved people.

Father-In-Law Quotes to Thank Our Second Dad

Use our collection below to show your gratitude to him.

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Best Father-In-Law Quotes

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1. “Can someone please explain to me the difference between a father and a father-in-law? I have been married for so many years now, but I still can’t understand the difference.” – Anonymous

2. “You are so much more than a father-in-law to me. You are my dad!” – Anonymous

3. “It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters. Thank you, my father-in-law, for being such an important part of our lives.” – Anonymous

4. “No matter how I have been, you have always stood by me. What is a father-in-law? I don’t know. In you, a perfect dad I see.” – Anonymous

5. “No wonder you are the best father-in-law anyone could ever have had. You have always supported me in my hard times, just like my birth father.” – Anonymous

6. “My father-in-law is so sensitive. Sometimes I think he displays too much love for my children.” – Columba Bush

7. “You might be my father-in-law, but you are my friend first.” – Anonymous

8. “Thank you for never letting the words ‘in-law’ get between our beautiful relationship. You never treat me differently than your own daughter.” – Anonymous

9. “If the words ‘in-law’ are removed from ‘father-in-law,’ all husbands and wives of this world would realize that life has blessed them with two amazing fathers, not one.” – Anonymous

10. “My dad-in-law is more like my inspiration, my teacher, and my icon. Thank you for being such a nice father-in-law.” – Anonymous

11. “Few men like me are lucky to have not one but two father figures in their lives. One being my own father and another being my father-in-law, which is you.” – Anonymous

12. “The only thing better than having you as a father-in-law is my children having you as a grandfather.” – Anonymous

13. “A lot of things have changed over the years, but you’re still the same amazing and compassionate person you’ve always been. I’m so grateful to have a father-in-law like you.” – Anonymous

14. “It doesn’t matter whether you came in my life by destiny or by choice because I would pick you to be my father-in-law even if I had to make a choice.” – Anonymous

15. “The relationship you have with your father-in-law is not the same as your relationship with your father. Sometimes, it is even better.” – Anonymous

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Quotes to Make Your Father-In-Law Feel Proud

16. “There are two types of fathers-in-law. The first type are those who behave like real fathers-in-law. The second type are those who behave like real fathers. Thanks for being the second type of father-in-law.” – Anonymous

17. “Life has given me plenty of reasons to be happy, and you are one of them. I couldn’t have imagined a better father-in-law than you.” – Anonymous

18. “As a daughter-in-law, I want something from you as an inheritance—your patience, understanding, and wisdom.” – Anonymous

19. “Anything is possible when you have a loving father-in-law there to support you.” – Anonymous

20. “I am sending my best wishes to one of the best persons I know with whom I can share everything. Thank you for being there for me always, my loveliest father-in-law.” – Anonymous

21. “You gave me so much love, strength, and encouragement, my incredible father-in-law. I have learned a lot of things from you.” – Anonymous

22. “My great father-in-law, I learned from you how to be an impressive person and a good human being. Your presence in my life will always be appreciated by me.” – Anonymous

23. “I am so blessed to have you in my life. You, the father-in-law everyone dreams of when they get married!” – Anonymous

24. “I don’t have words to thank you for bringing a wonderful man to this world. He is the reflection of your good breeding and the mother love that you always have given to him.” – Anonymous

25. “I want to be the best son-in-law I can because you have left no stone unturned in proving that you are the best father-in-law I could ever have had.” – Anonymous

26. “If you weren’t born, you wouldn’t have married my mother-in-law, and I wouldn’t have had the wonderful husband I have right now.” – Anonymous

27. “I couldn’t imagine my life without my father-in-law in it. He has been such a blessing in my life.” – Anonymous

28. “I am fortunate enough to have such a wonderful father-in-law who loves me truly with a whole heart.” – Anonymous

29. “After marriage, I got a new father who cares for me and loves me. Thank you for everything, my dearest father-in-law.” – Anonymous

30. “Even though you are not my birth father, you always take care of me, and you are my big support among all in-laws.” – Anonymous

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Funny Father-In-Law Quotes

31. “I can safely claim to be one of the few daughters-in-law in the world who actually loves having his father-in-law over for more than a week, and I owe it all to you.” – Anonymous

32. “I am glad that I never understood the real meaning of father-in-law because I always had a father, friend, companion, and agony uncle all rolled into one in my father-in-law.” – Anonymous

33. “I love making my other married friends jealous by flaunting a cool father-in-law like you.” – Anonymous

34. “I could not have picked a better father-in-law even if I tried!” – Anonymous

35. “It is because of you that my life has been blessed with the man of my dreams. I owe you a big one.” – Anonymous

Father-In-Law Quotes to Fill You up With Love

36. “You are the trifecta! A wonderful father, a caring father-in-law, and an amazing grandfather! We are all so blessed to have you in our lives.” – Anonymous

37. “Because you are in my future, it looks more bright, my great dad-in-law.” – Anonymous

38. “If you are so extraordinary as a father-in-law, I can imagine how amazing you would be as a father.” – Anonymous

39. “You may be my father-in-law, but the ‘in-law’ part is just a formality. Thank you for accepting me and loving me as your own.” – Anonymous

40. “A great family raised by your father-in-law, and am I not lucky to be in this family?” – Anonymous

41. “Dear father-in-law, thank you for being like a second father to me and giving me the comfort of knowing that I can always run to you whenever I’m in need. You are very much loved and appreciated!” – Anonymous

42. “My father-in-law was the best wedding gift I received.” – Anonymous

43. “Thanks for being the hope and courage in my worst times, my dad-in-law.” – Anonymous

44. “Let this be an unforgettable day for you, and may all your dreams can come true. You deserve congratulations for being such a great father-in-law.” – Anonymous

45. “We learn to obey rules from you, dad-in-law, and I wish you a lovely and peaceful life ahead.” – Anonymous

46. “I am so thankful for my wonderful father-in-law! Without him, I wouldn’t have a family to call my own.” – Anonymous

47. “Thank you for teaching your son how to be a dignified person, a loving husband, and a caring father to his children.” – Anonymous

48. “I prayed for the right husband. I prayed for a man who would be a good example, supporter, and friend. I didn’t know that I would also be blessed with a wonderful father-in-law who also fulfills those roles!” – Anonymous

49. “From your dad jokes, your caring ways, and your great personality, I know I could not have asked for a better father-in-law than you!” – Anonymous

50. “I know I have only known you a short while, but I also know how lucky I am to have you as my father-in-law.” – Anonymous

Short Quotes to Dedicate to Your Father-In-Law

51. “Father-in-law by marriage, father by heart.” – Anonymous

52. “Happiness is having a father-in-law like you.” – Anonymous

53. “You are the father-in-law everyone wished they had!” – Anonymous

54. “I couldn’t be more blessed to have a father-in-law like you.” – Anonymous

55. “Father-in-law takes care of you just like your father.” – Anonymous

56. “When God was choosing my father-in-law, he knew I needed you.” – Anonymous

57. “To my father-in-law, thank you for all that you do. You are the best!” – Anonymous

58. “You’ve always been an amazing father-in-law. Now, you’re a wonderful grandpa, too.” – Anonymous

59. “Our kids are so lucky to have you for a grandpa.” – Anonymous

60. “You may be my father-in-law by marriage, but you are also my dad!” – Anonymous

61. “I love that you’re my father-in-law.” – Anonymous

62. “I am the luckiest daughter-in-law because I have you for a father-in-law.” – Anonymous

63. “Out of all the fathers-in-law in the world, I am glad that I got you!” – Anonymous

64. “My father-in-law was the biggest bonus I could have ever wished for.” – Anonymous

65. “I thank God for choosing you as my father-in-law.” – Anonymous

Sweet Quotes Daughters-In-Law Can Tell Their Fathers-In-Law

66. “I want to reveal a secret to you. You are the father-in-law that every daughter-in-law wishes to have.” – Anonymous

67. “I am so grateful for the way my father-in-law raised his son. It literally changed the course of my entire life.” – Anonymous

68. “God blessed me with such an awesome father-in-law like you. If I wouldn’t get married to your son, I would have never been able to find a wonderful father like you.” – Anonymous

69. “I hate to admit it, but I do get jealous of your son’s undying love for you. But deep down inside, I realize that the love and admiration that you command has been earned, and you deserve it completely. Thank you for being the second father in my life.” – Anonymous

70. “I always wanted an amazing husband who would understand me and a wonderful father-in-law who would get along with me. I am thankful because God granted both my wishes.” – Anonymous

71. “After getting to know my father-in-law, it is pretty clear why my husband turned out to be such an amazing person.” – Anonymous

72. “You have taken care of me as your own little girl. I will always be grateful to God for giving me such a great dad-in-law who cares for me just like he cares for his own daughter.” – Anonymous

73. “From the moment we were introduced, you always treated me like a daughter, and for that, I am grateful. Never stop being as loving and as respectful father-in-law as you are.” – Anonymous

74. “If every woman had a terrific father-in-law like you, every woman in this world would have a second dad.” – Anonymous

75. “Your birthday is the best day to make a small change in our relationship. I am changing your role in my life from the complicated status of father-in-law to the simple and loving status of daddy. Happy birthday.” – Anonymous

Quotes to Fathers-In-Law From Sons-In-Law

76. “You are my father-in-law, but I have grown to love you every bit as I do my own father. All of your advice, support, and love has never been lost on me. Thank you for being such an incredible role model for me and your grandchildren.” – Anonymous

77. “To my father-in-law, thank you so much for your tireless support and constant guidance and direction. I appreciate all that you do for me and my family!” – Anonymous

78. “You have never treated me differently from your own son. For that, I will be always thankful to you.” – Anonymous

79. “Thank you for being such a terrific father-in-law. You are everything a son-in-law could hope for!” – Anonymous

80. “Our family was saved by you from any harm emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We can’t thank you enough for that dad-in-law.” – Anonymous

81. “You’ve been always treating me like your own son, and I feel so grateful for that.” – Anonymous

82. “On this special occasion, I wish you happiness and the best of health because you have been the most awesome dad-in-law to me. I will always adore you.” – Anonymous

83. “Dear father-in-law, you were the world’s best father-in-law, and I could never replace you.” – Anonymous

84. “Thanks for being such a wonderful dad-in-law. I wish you an awesome birthday with lots of nice surprises!” – Anonymous

85. “My father-in-law is the best role model I could have asked for. He has taught me so much about life, marriage, and family.” – Anonymous

More Quotes to Show Your Appreciation to Your Father-In-Law 

86. “To my perfect father-in-law! This is your special day to be recognized for all you have done. Thank you for being so supportive and caring. You are simply the very best!” – Anonymous

87. “I can never repay my father-in-law for everything he has done for me, but I hope he always knows how loved and appreciated he is.” – Anonymous

88. “Fathers-in-law are the most appreciated person in the family. They make every family member happy. Godsend them to as in the blessing form.” – Anonymous

89. “Some people complain about their father-in-law. My only complaint is that I didn’t have him in my life sooner.” – Anonymous

90. “How lucky you are to be a good friend to your father-in-law.” – Anonymous

91. “I got so much strength in my life because you gave the position of son in your life. You have accepted me so lovingly. Thanks for that.” – Anonymous

92. “Thank you for all of your love, laughs, and great advice. I really couldn’t have asked for a better father-in-law than you!” – Anonymous

93. “I am so grateful for my father-in-law and the continual support he gives our family.” – Anonymous

94. “To my fun father-in-law! You brighten my days and add joy to my life. For this, you deserve to have the best Father’s Day ever. I really love you a lot!” – Anonymous

95. “To my fantastic father-in-law, I love all your interesting stories, the way you make me smile, and the fact that you are my father-in-law. Don’t forget that this is your special day, so be sure to have a great time and do the things that you enjoy.” – Anonymous

96. “I didn’t get to choose who my father-in-law would be, but if I did, I would still choose you.” – Anonymous

97. “I am grateful to you, father-in-law, because you gave me your son who is so decent, caring, loving like you. May your wishes come true, and may you live many more years.” – Anonymous

98. “You are a father beyond relationships. You are a father beyond any expectations. Thank you, father-in-law.” – Anonymous

99. “To my intelligent and caring father-in-law! You are a great example of what a perfect father should be, and I’m thankful for all the love and guidance you have shown me over the years.” – Anonymous

100. “To my father-in-law. I will always cherish our talks and all the memories we have created together over the years. I’m so happy you are in my life, and I will always be thankful for you.” – Anonymous

Which Quote Reminded You of Your Father-In-Law?

Marrying the person we love also means that we get to meet the man who played a large part in their lives. It is an experience and a gift to meet their father and form a connection with him.

Moreover, he offers the advice and help we need to strengthen our married life. Our father-in-law is the big guy who deserves appreciation and love from his in-law. After all, we wouldn’t have been able to meet our spouse without him.

We hope that the collection was able to help you express your gratitude and admiration to him. Pick out a quote or two to text him now!

Which father-in-law quote is your favorite and why? Share your opinion in the comment section below.