100 Best 2-Word Quotes on Living Your Best Life

These 2-word quotes we’ve gathered will no doubt get you out of your slump!

Life is a rollercoaster ride that sometimes makes us feel stuck and down in the dumps. When this happens, it can be hard to see a way out.

However, with a little bit of encouragement and inspiration, we can pick ourselves up and keep going. One way of doing this is by reading 2-word quotes.

Words are powerful weapons, and no matter how short, they can easily impact someone’s day or life! So, if you or anyone you know is struggling, remember that this collection of 2-word quotes exists.

Read through to the end and save a couple of quotes to serve as your daily mantras. We’re positive you’ll leave feeling a bit more inspired than you were a couple of minutes ago!

Best 2-Word Quotes

1. “Try again.”

2. “You can.”

3. “Never settle.”

4. “Forever free.”

5. “Everything counts.”

6. “Take chances.”

7. “Empower others.”

8. “Forgive often.”

9. “Take risks.”

10. “Prove yourself.”

11. “Exist loudly.”

12. “Laugh often.”

13. “Be uncommon.”

14. “Worry less.”

Famous 2-Word Quotes

15. “Be yourself.” 

16. “Fear not.”

17. “Rise above.”

18. “Keep calm.”

19. “Never forget.”

20. “Be still.”

21. “Be patient.”

22. “Be authentic.”

23. “Just start.”

24. “Carpe diem.”

2-Word Quotes to Inspire You

25. “Dream big.”

26. “You matter.”

27. “Shine on.”

28. “Imperfectly perfect.”

29. “Grow stronger.”

30. “Start somewhere.”

31. “Free yourself.”

32. “Baby steps.”

33. “Treasure today.”

34. “Create yourself.”

Two-Word Quotes About Life

35. “Love life.”

36. “Enjoy life.”

37. “Live simply.”

38. “Start living!”

39. “Live fully.”

2-Word Quotes on Love

40. “Love transcends.”

41. “Love fiercely.”

42. “Love deeply.”

43. “Love fearlessly.”

44. “Love endures.”

45. “Love boldly.”

Two-Word Quotes Packed With Life Lessons

46. “Move forward.”

47. “Infinite possibilities.” 

48. “Be grateful.”

49. “Embrace change.”

50. “Stay curious.”

2-Word Quotes to Live By

51. “Stay focused.”

52. “Be optimistic.”

53. “Stay positive.”

54. “Aim high.”

55. “Accept yourself.”

56. “Be kind.”

57. “Think differently.”

58. “Be honest.”

59. “Be courageous.”

60. “Spread kindness.”

Powerful 2-Word Quotes

61. “Trust yourself.”

62. “Challenge norms.”

63. “Just believe.”

64. “I’m loved.”

65. “Shift happens.”

66. “Amplify hope.” 

67. “Define yourself.”

68. “Be fearless.”

69. “Enjoy today.” 

70. “Have faith.”

2-Word Quotes to Improve Your Mindset

71. “Mind matters.” 

72. “Inner peace.”

73. “Chase grace.”

74. “Stay humble.”

75. “Be spontaneous.”

2-Word Quotes for a Better Perspective

76. “Find balance.” 

77. “Invite tranquility.” 

78. “Look inward.”

79. “Perfectly content.” 

80. “Think twice.”

Two-Word Quotes for Your Next Daily Mantra

81. “Inhale exhale.”

82. “I will.”

83. “Laughter heals.” 

84. “Miracles happen.”

85. “Feel free.”

Badass Two-Word Quotes and Phrases

86. “Screw perfect.”

87. “Do more.”

88. “Rock on.”

89. “Let go.”

2-Word Quotes That’ll Serve as Perfect Instagram Captions

90. “Throwback Thursday.” 

91. “Sunday Funday.”

92. “Pretty awesome.”

93. “Hakuna Matata.”

94. “Tickled pink.”

Negative Two-Word Quotes That’ll Rattle Your Brain

95. “It’s over.”

96. “Screw you.”

97. “Loosen up.”

98. “Shut up.”

99. “Forget you.”

100. “That’s enough.” 

Which 2-Word Quote Inspired You the Most?

Yes, the world is a scary place to live in. However, no matter how true that statement is, it’s important to remember that amidst every negativity lies hope, beauty, and love.

It might not always be easy to understand this, but with the help of small and simple things like 2-word quotes, it becomes much more manageable. These kinds of quotes, however short, pack a punch and can truly make a difference in our lives.

In fact, even the simplest of phrases can make a world of difference. So, these two words can be all it takes to shift our mindset and transform our lives.

We hope we were able to provide you with your much-needed solace and source of inspiration through this collection. No matter how tough life is, remember the lessons you’ve learned through these 2-word quotes and just power through!

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