70 of the Best 6 Word Quotes That’ll Change Your Life

On days when you feel like everything’s falling apart, reading 6 word quotes might be the best way to turn your mood around.

Motivational messages, especially those that are short but pack a punch, play a massive role in our lives.

When we feel sad, lonely, or demotivated, you can read 6 word quotes that will immediately shift your focus to something more positive.

Likewise, when you feel happy, reading 6 word quotes will make you feel like everyone in the world is there to share your joys.

So, as simple as they might seem, 6 word quotes can truly leave an indelible mark on our hearts, minds, and souls.

If you’re curious about these messages and sayings, read through to the end of the list below!

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Best 6 Word Quotes

1. “Be afraid and do it anyway.” – Anonymous

2. “Right now is the only guarantee.” – Jay Long

3. “Be a voice. Not an echo.” – Anonymous

4. “It will all make sense eventually.” – Anonymous

5. “Don’t be afraid to dream big.” – Anonymous

6. “Fearlessness is the mother of reinvention.” – Arianna Huffington

7. “Old ways don’t open new doors.” – Anonymous

8. “Stay patient and trust your journey.” – Anonymous

Inspirational Six-Word Quotes

9. “Every end is a new beginning.” – Anonymous

10. “This is your year to sparkle.” – Anonymous

11. “Be stronger than what breaks you.” – Saru Singhal

12. “Found my sunshine in the rain.” – Anonymous

13. “Dark places have room for light.” – Anonymous

14. “Magic happens for those that believe.” – Jay Long

15. “Associate with people who inspire you.” – Anonymous

16. “Don’t stop until you are proud.” – Anonymous

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6 Word Quotes on Life

17. “To do: live in the moment.” – Anonymous

18. “Life is short to be sad.” – Anonymous

19. “Live like there is no tomorrow.” – Anonymous

20. “Life is better when you’re laughing.” – Anonymous

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6 Word Quotes About Love

21. “And suddenly, we were in love.” – Anonymous

22. “I’m lost, somewhere in your heart.” – Anonymous

23. “Love hurts because it holds hearts.” – Munia Khan

24. “The soul cannot live without love.” – Anonymous

25. “Love is natural. Hatred is taught.” – Anonymous

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Six-Word Quotes to Encourage You to Be Yourself 

26. “Be you. Do you. For you.” – Anonymous

27. “Be you. The world will adjust.” – Anonymous

28. “Be you. Others are already taken.” – Anonymous

29. “Change the world by being yourself.” – Amy Poehler

30. “Authenticity: the courage to be yourself.” – Anonymous

31. “Be your own person, be unique.” – GG421

32. “Nobody is you, and you’re enough.” – Anonymous

6 Word Quotes for All the Hustlers

33. “It’s the will. Not the skill.” – Anonymous

34. “Why follow when you can lead?” – Anonymous

35. “Eliminate what doesn’t help you evolve.” – Anonymous

36. “Dreams don’t work unless you do.” – Anonymous

37. “What you focus on, you manifest.” – Anonymous

38. “Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it!” – Anonymous

39. “Keep going; you are getting there.” – Anonymous

40. “Your passions are paramount. Pursue them.” – Anonymous

Six-Word Quotes Packed With Meaning

41. “Even in silence, there is chaos.” – Anonymous

42. “Always find lessons in every loss.” – Amit Kalantri

43. “Kindness is a sign of strength.” – Anonymous

44. “When nothing goes right, go left.” – Anonymous

45. “Prove yourself to yourself, not others.” – Anonymous

46. “Process as if success is inevitable.” – Anonymous

47. “Be bold or italic, never regular.” – Anonymous

6 Word Quotes That’ll Lead You to Happiness

48. “Keep calm and always stay positive.” – Anonymous

49. “Gratitude is the beginning of happiness.” – Anonymous

50. “Make your own happiness a priority.” – Anonymous

51. “Be someone who makes you happy.” – Anonymous

52. “Be happy. It drives people crazy.” – Anonymous

53. “Happiness is enjoying the little things.” – Anonymous

Profound 6 Word Quotes

54. “How can emptiness be so heavy?” – Anonymous

55. “Your mistakes do not define you.” – Anonymous

56. “Beginning is easy, continuing is hard.” – Anonymous

57. “Power does not pardon, power punishes.” – Amit Kalantri

58. “Be a voice. Not an echo.” – Anonymous

59. “Nothing kills you like your mind.” – Anonymous

60. “You’re worth more than you know.” – Anonymous

Six-Word Quotes That’ll Be Etched Into Your Mind

61. “Talking without action is just complaining.” – Kevin Wold

62. “Protect your dreams from your nightmare.” – Munia Khan

63. “Always say yes to new adventures.” – Anonymous

64. “Be a warrior. Not a worrier.” – Anonymous

65. “Moments give birth to new memories.” – Munia Khan

66. “Lost time is never found again.” – Anonymous

67. “Money can buy anything except respect.” – Anonymous

Funny Six-Word Quotes

68. “Time is precious. Waste it wisely.” – Anonymous

69. “Nothing to declare. Much to remember.” – Vain24

70. “Normal is boring, weird is fun.” – Anonymous

Do You Believe That Words Have the Power to Change Your Life?

Words are our way of expressing our thoughts and innermost feelings. When we get shy and don’t know how to share our emotions, we usually turn to other people’s quotes to resonate and share what we’re experiencing with the world.

This is precisely where 6 word quotes come in handy. With their help, we understand all the emotions stirring up inside us. Also, when we’re ready to voice them out, 6 word quotes provide us with the inspiration and encouragement we need to tell the world what we truly feel.

In a way, 6 word quotes allow us to recognize that we’re all one in this world. We are all humans, and we’re all on a journey to finding our true selves and happiness. By reading quotes others shared, we see how similar their lives are to ours.

So, when you feel alone, scared, or discouraged, revisit this list of 6 word quotes. Don’t be afraid of failure, challenges, and the unknown. Keep the lessons you’ve learned from this collection in mind, and be brave enough to voice your thoughts to the world!

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