3-Word Quotes That Are Powerful & Motivational

3-word quotes are great to read whenever you’re feeling down and need something to power you up!

Sometimes, life hits us hard. When this happens, we all need a reprieve from all the complicated things surrounding us.

So, nothing beats having a collection of the world’s most inspiring 3-word quotes that will provide you with the energy boost you need to conquer another day! The 3-word quotes we’ve listed below are all deep, meaningful, and inspiring, so we’re sure you’ll gain nothing but wisdom when you finish reading them all.

Though wise and profound, the quotes we’ve compiled are still so simple at heart that you’ll have no problems finding the right one that’ll speak volumes about the circumstances you’re currently in. Perhaps you’ll also find a couple that can serve as your daily mantras! 

What are you waiting for? Check out the 100 3-word quotes we’ve gathered just for you!

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Best 3-Word Quotes

1. “Go for it.”

2. “Seize the day.”

3. “Dare to begin.”

4. “Nurture your best.”

5. “Appreciate the moment.”

6. “Change is good.”

7. “Never give up.”

8. “Feed your soul.”

9. “Believe in yourself.”

10. “Never stop dreaming.”

Famous 3-Word Quotes

11. “Let it go.”

12. “Don’t overthink it.”

13. “All is well.”

14. “Live, learn, love.”

15. “Block out haters.”

16. “Against all odds.”

17. “Good vibes only.”

18. “Keep it cool.”

19. “Nobody is perfect.”

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Inspirational 3-Word Quotes

20. “Try something new.”

21. “Always be yourself.”

22. “Believe you can.”

23. “Be constantly curious.”

24. “You are enough.”

25. “Shine your light.”

26. “Winners never quit.”

27. “Count your blessings.”

28. “Dreams come true.”

29. “Be the change.”

Powerful 3-Word Quotes

30. “Never look back.”

31. “Be here now.”

32. “Commit or quit.”

33. “Maintain your integrity.”

34. “Celebrate your victories.”

35. “Wake your dreams.”

36. “Break the mold.”

37. “Creativity takes courage.”

38. “Act without expectation.”

39. “Always deliver quality.”

40. “Celebrate all success.”

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Motivational 3-Word Quotes on Attitude and Mindset

41. “Attitude defines failure.”

42. “Learn from yesterday.”

43. “Now or never.”

44. “Have meaningful goals.”

45. “Be obsessively grateful.”

46. “Make it happen.”

47. “Dare to suck.”

48. “Success breeds success.”

49. “Drill your skills.”

50. “Embrace constant change.”

51. “Focus and win.”

52. “Embrace the journey.”

3-Word Quotes About Life

53. “Life won’t wait.”

54. “Live life daily.”

55. “Life is awesome.”

56. “Life goes on.”

57. “Life is good.”

58. “Remember to live.”

59. “Life is beautiful.”

60. “Time heals everything.”

61. “Trust the process.”

62. “Start living now.”

Three-Word Quotes on Love and Relationships

63. “Love conquers all.”

64. “Love endures delay.”

65. “Ride or die.”

66. “Love is everything.”

67. “Got your back.”

68. “Spread your love.”

Deep 3-Word Quotes to Ponder On

69. “Be a giver.”

70. “Nothing is impossible.”

71. “Practice makes permanent.”

72. “Speak the truth.”

73. “Never hold grudges.”

74. “Value your time.”

3-Word Quotes to Live By

75. “Live your potential.”

76. “Own your magic.”

77. “Conquer from within.”

78. “Be the exception.”

79. “Aspire to inspire.”

80. “Escape the ordinary.”

81. “Always be honest.”

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Three-Word Quotes for Some Positivity

82. “Keep it fun.”

83. “Raise your vibration.”

84. “Laughter is best.”

85. “Happiness is homemade.”

86. “Make things happy.”

87. “Make somebody’s day.”

88. “Hope trumps all.”

89. “Laughter is medicine.”

90. “Happy ever laughter.”

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Savage 3-Word Quotes to Recite Daily

91. “See the good.”

92. “Just be awesome.”

93. “Struggle into strength.”

94. “Success is yours.”

95. “Progress, not perfection.”

96. “Imagine. Believe. Achieve.”

Funny 3-Word Quotes to Use as Instagram Captions

97. “Let’s get high.”

98. “Let’s get drunk.”

99. “Keep it legal.”

100. “Over and out.”

Which 3-Word Quote Will You Live By Starting Today?

The hustle and bustle of life doesn’t leave us too much time to sit idly and reflect on the world. Because of that, it’s hard to find motivation or inspiration in our mundane routine.

Thankfully, there are short, 3-word quotes that can help lift everyone’s spirits immediately! You’ll need no more than a couple of seconds to read one of the quotes above.

Given that, a few minutes would be enough to up your mood! Reading 3-word quotes is also an excellent way to find some relatable words of wisdom you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get from your peers.

So, the next time you feel down in the dumps, remember that we have a list of 3-word quotes that are always waiting for you! Keep the list in your bookmarks so that the collection will always be quickly available no matter where you are!

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