3-Word Quotes to Serve as Your Daily Mantras

If you feel stuck in a slump, check out this list of 3-word quotes we’ve created that’ll serve as your pick-me-up to lift your mood instantly!

As time passes and we grow older, we slowly realize that adulthood is not all we’ve dreamed about as children. It’s hard, filled with ups and downs, and can bombard you with many negativities.

However, though conquering life and its challenges is not an easy feat, 3-word quotes can provide the motivation you need to face the day. Make no mistake; these short but sweet lines pack a punch!

3-word quotes are simple yet wise and can be used as daily mantras or as a reminder to stay motivated during tough times. Check out our curated list of 3-word quotes and find the perfect one that resonates with you!

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Best 3-Word Quotes

1. “Go for it.”

2. “Seize the day.”

3. “Dare to begin.”

4. “Nurture your best.”

5. “Appreciate the moment.”

6. “Change is good.”

7. “Blue skies ahead.”

8. “Never give up.”

9. “Be the light.”

10. “Feed your soul.”

11. “Believe in yourself.”

12. “Never stop dreaming.”

13. “Awake. Alive. Blessed.”

14. “Dare to fail.”

Famous 3-Word Quotes

15. “Let it go.”

16. “Eat. Pray. Love.”

17. “Don’t overthink it.”

18. “All is well.”

19. “Live, learn, love.”

20. “Block out haters.”

21. “Against all odds.”

22. “Good vibes only.”

23. “Keep it cool.”

24. “Nobody is perfect.”

25. “Love yourself first.”

Inspirational 3-Word Quotes

26. “Try something new.”

27. “Yes, you can!”

28. “Own your magic.”

29. “Believe you can.”

30. “Be constantly curious.”

31. “You are enough.”

32. “Good things await.”

33. “Shine your light.”

34. “Winners never quit.”

35. “Count your blessings.”

36. “Dreams come true.”

37. “Be the change.”

38. “Gravitate toward happiness.”

39. “Grace upon grace.”

40. “Keep looking up.”

3-Word Quotes About Life

41. “Life won’t wait.”

42. “Live life daily.”

43. “Life is awesome.”

44. “Life goes on.”

45. “Life is good.”

46. “Remember to live.”

47. “Life is beautiful.”

48. “Time heals everything.”

49. “Trust the process.”

50. “Start living now.”

51. “Live, love, laugh.”

52. “Life is peachy.”

53. “What’s your bliss?”

54. “Enjoy the ride.”

55. “Live life fully.”

Powerful 3-Word Quotes

56. “Never look back.”

57. “Be here now.”

58. “Commit or quit.”

59. “Maintain your integrity.”

60. “Celebrate your victories.”

61. “Wake your dreams.”

62. “Break the mold.”

63. “Dare to suck.”

64. “Creativity takes courage.”

65. “Celebrate all success.”

66. “Do or die.”

67. “Queens inspire kings.”

68. “Now or never.”

69. “Use your wings.”

Motivational 3-Word Quotes on Attitude and Mindset

70. “Attitude defines failure.”

71. “Learn from yesterday.”

72. “Have meaningful goals.”

73. “Be obsessively grateful.”

74. “Make it happen.”

75. “Success breeds success.”

76. “Drill your skills.”

77. “Embrace constant change.”

78. “Focus and win.”

79. “Embrace the journey.”

80. “Everything is learnable.”

81. “Misery loves company.”

82. “Stop overthinking everything.”

83. “Trust your gut.”

84. “Take small steps.”

3-Word Quotes That’ll Push You to Do Better

85. “Act without expectation.”

86. “Allow for delays.”

87. “Always deliver quality.”

88. “Faster. Higher. Stronger.”

89. “Competition fuels growth.”

90. “It is possible.”

91. “Keep morale high.”

92. “Leaders are early.”

93. “Manage your reputation.”

Three-Word Quotes on Love and Relationships

94. “Love conquers all.”

95. “Love endures delay.”

96. “Ride or die.”

97. “Love is everything.”

98. “Got your back.”

99. “Spread your love.”

100. “Let love grow.”

101. “Love without limits.”

102. “Grow with love.”

103. “Love is free.”

Savage 3-Word Quotes to Recite Daily

104. “See the good.”

105. “Just be awesome.”

106. “Struggle into strength.”

107. “Success is yours.”

108. “Progress, not perfection.”

109. “Imagine. Believe. Achieve.”

Deep 3-Word Quotes to Ponder On

110. “Be a giver.”

111. “Nothing is impossible.”

112. “Don’t walk; dance!”

113. “Practice makes permanent.”

114. “Speak the truth.”

115. “Never hold grudges.”

116. “Value your time.”

Three-Word Quotes to Live By

117. “Always be yourself.”

118. “Live your potential.”

119. “Conquer from within.”

120. “Be the exception.”

121. “Aspire to inspire.”

122. “Escape the ordinary.”

123. “Break bad habits.”

124. “Cherish every moment.”

125. “Light up lives.”

126. “Fight for truth.”

127. “Start over today.”

128. “Focus on blessings.”

129. “Give before receiving.”

Three-Word Quotes for Some Positivity

130. “Keep it fun.”

131. “Raise your vibration.”

132. “Laughter is best.”

133. “Happiness is homemade.”

134. “Make things happy.”

135. “Make somebody’s day.”

136. “Hope trumps all.”

137. “Laughter is medicine.”

138. “Happy ever laughter.”

139. “Keep moving forward.”

3-Word Quotes for Work

140. “Massive motions mesmerize.”

141. “Manage resources effectively.”

142. “Model the masters.”

143. “Passion is enrolling.”

144. “Perfectionism stalls progress.”

145. “Polish your weaknesses.”

146. “Set clear targets.”

147. “Share your vision.”

148. “Dream big dreams.”

149. “Dreams demand hustle.”

Funny 3-Word Quotes

150. “Let’s get high.”

151. “Let’s get drunk.”

152. “Keep it legal.”

153. “Over and out.”

154. “Namastay in bed.”

3-Word Quotes for Your Next Instagram Caption

155. “Miles of smiles.”

156. “Now. Here. This.”

157. “On the grind.”

158. “Oh, happy day.”

159. “See the world.”

160. “Rise and grind.”

161. “Woke up happy.”

162. “But first, coffee.”

163. “Hugs, not ughs.”

164. “Smile, it’s free.”

More 3-Word Quotes to Remember

165. “Forever and always.”

166. “Friends take time.”

167. “Turn the page.”

168. “What’s stopping you?”

169. “Be greater today.”

170. “Let’s move mountains.”

Did These 3-Word Quotes Motivate You to Live Life to the Fullest?

There’s no shame in admitting that we sometimes drown ourselves in work. We sometimes think that grinding and hustling is the only way to be successful in life.

However, if this is all we do, we can be left unmotivated and uninspired. It’ll feel as if life is only full of busyness and routine.

So, always remember that it’s essential to live a life outside of the grind. Life is full of wonderful things if we only stop, breathe, and look around us.

This is a message that this collection of 3-word quotes wants to leave you. Inspiration could be found everywhere, even in the shortest of messages.

The next time you feel down, remember to check this collection out again. We’re sure it’ll be able to lift your spirits whenever you need a boost!

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