100 Boba Fett Quotes on Bravery, Loyalty, and Pride

This collection of Boba Fett quotes will show you how one could handle any given situation if you embody control and confidence.

Boba Fett is one of the iconic fictional characters in the series, The Mandalorian, where he plays the role of a bounty hunter.

He is an unaltered clone and an adoptive son of his father, Jango Fett.

And though he seems to be an ally, his origin is actually an anti-hero in the series.

These quotes highlight a lot of Boba Fett’s remarkable, bad-ass, and humorous lines.

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Best Boba Fett Quotes

1. “I don’t want your armor. I want my armor. It belongs to me.”

2. “I’m a simple man making his way through the galaxy—like my father before me.”

3. “Fate sometimes steps in to rescue the wretched.”

4. “He’s no good to me dead.”

5. “I trust nobody—no one but myself.”

6. “Better to die than to fear dying.”

7. “Trust is hard among enemies. Perhaps we should return to the battle; perhaps, Han Solo, we should let fly, and once more let fate decide who will survive, as we did when we were young.”

8. “Everyone dies.”

9. “She was left for dead on the sands of Tatooine, as was I.”

10. “Sometimes, it’s better to think rather than speak.”

11. “Reality doesn’t care if you believe it.”

12. “You can run, but you’ll only die tired.”

13. “It’s the final and only lasting justice. Evil exists; it is intelligence in the service of entropy. When the side of a mountain slides to kill a village, this is not evil, for evil requires intent. Should a sentient being cause that landslide, there is evil; and requires justice as a consequence, so that civilization can exist.”

14. “My loyalty is the contract.”

15. “I give my allegiance to no one.”

Famous Boba Fett Quotes

16. “The armor was my father’s. Now it’s mine.”

17. “Payback doesn’t pay.”

18. “You are alone.”

19. “This is my face.”

20. “You’ll only get in the way! But if you must, come on.”

21. Daala: “You are your own evil twin.”

Boba Fett: “Then wouldn’t I be good?”

22. “All well and good!”

23. “I guarantee the safety of the child, as well as your own.”

24. “Settle down! All they do is eat.”

25. “I want you to take a look at something. My chain code has been encoded in this armor for 25 years. You see, this is me. Boba Fett. This is my father, Jango Fett.”

26. “Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby.”

27. “I have made contact with the rebels and all is proceeding as you wished, Darth Vader.”

28. “I appreciate its return.”

29. “Dad! I think we’re being tracked. Look at the scan screen! Isn’t that a cloaking shadow?”

30. “I have the serum. We must leave quickly, friend.”

Iconic Boba Fett Quotes Worth Remembering

31. “You are foolish to waste your kindness on this dumb creature. No lower life form is worth going hungry for.”

32. “Let’s just say they might recognize my face.”

33. “The sarlacc found me somewhat indigestible.”

34.“Put captain Solo in the cargo hold.”

35. “I’ve been tracking you, Mandalorian.”

36. “You should learn to shoot first, Solo.”

37. “You know, I’m going to give you something free. That doesn’t happen very often. Even when it’s just good advice, I usually let other creatures learn by just suffering the consequences of their actions.”

38. “I’m here for the armor.”

39. “You’re no one! You didn’t earn this armor! You didn’t earn my reputation. You called me a ‘fossil.’ If you were going to be me, you should have learned from this fossil. You’ll never be me. One of these vials contains the antidote. If you have the power to get it before your rocket pack blows up, you may live. You won’t, though. You’re not me.”

40. “Mine might be the last one you hear.”

41. “I know why you work. It’s what you do best.”

42. “I take it you have no love for the empire.”

43. “This isn’t a spice dream. I can see the imperial cruiser with my own eyes.”

44. “And in a dangerous galaxy, perfection allowed for survival.”

Badass Boba Fett Quotes That Exhibit His Fearsome Personality

44. Daquinn: “Drop your weapon.”

Boba Fett: “Which one?”

46. “Power up those shields, princess. I’ll put on a good show.”

47. “Unarmed? Boba Fett is never unarmed.”

48. “I’m the only bounty hunter that Voss’on’t is really worried about.”

49. “Come on. Let’s face reality.”

50. “Escape. Hide. Find you later. Kill you then.”

51. “I see it hasn’t hurt your appetite.”

52. “I don’t have to kill you, Cross. You’re not the mission. But get in my way again and you’re dead.”

53. “Stop whining. Before you really get me irritated.”

54. “I’ll make it clear to both sides that there’s no official involvement in their dispute. But if any of you want to get yourselves killed, it’s your call.”

55. “It’s called a hologram. This is called a trap. And I’m calling you dead.”

56. “Because I have a sharpshooter up on that ridge with a locked scope that will unload by the time my body hits the ground.”

57. “I could get some for you.”

58. Bo-Katan: “You are not a Mandalorian.”

Boba Fett: “I never said I was.”

59. “Don’t touch me.”

Boba Fett Quotes on Being a Man With Principles

60. “Sex between those not married is immoral.”

61. “There is no greater good than justice; and only if law serves justice is it a good law. It is said correctly that law exists not for the just but for the unjust, for the just carry the law in their hearts, and do not need to call it from afar.”

62. “A contract’s a contract.”

63. “Cover yourself. I’m not going to touch you.”

64. “I bow to no one and give service only for cause.”

65. “Until he is returned to you safely, we are in your debt.”

Steadfast Boba Fett Quotes Showing His Will to Succeed

66. “This time, we’ll get them all.”

67. “Nothing stops the Mandalorian warrior!”

68. “That’s what I call disarmed!”

69. “I swear by the soul I don’t have, I am going to kill you.”

70. “Prepare to exit jump space.”

Boba Fett Quotes About His Concern for Others

71. “What if he doesn’t survive? He’s worth a lot to me.”

72. “One last chance. Walk away.”

73. “Are you all right?”

74. “I have hostages now. If Bossk destroys Slave I, you die, too.”

75. “I said stay, friend. Luke trusted me and I’m your only chance of getting out of here alive.”

76. “I am sorry for the deaths of the innocent. But that happens in a war, Leia Organa. The innocent die in wars, and your side should not have started this one.”

77. “What did he do to Luke?”

Entertaining Boba Quotes That Will Make You Titter

78. “We don’t need these two. Let’s get outta here.”

79. “Medrit, I want to send Han Solo a gift—proper beskar crushgaunts, so he can throttle the life out of his vermin spawn. And maybe a couple of armor plates and a small blade.”

80. “No, kill her. I don’t care.”

81. “Here’s the deal. You break her heart, I break your legs.”

82. “Well, if that isn’t the quacta calling the stifling slimy. Easy there, little one.”

83. “I don’t mind you asking, if you don’t mind me not answering.”

84. The Mandalorian: “Nice shot.”

Boba Fett: “I was aiming for the other one.”

85. “I didn’t mean she was going to shoot you. My friend’s locked onto that little companion of yours up on the henge.”

86. “And that’s where I come in? I don’t think so.”

87. “Want to negotiate an ion cannon?”

Boba Fett Quotes on the Empire and the Galaxy

88. “They are here, friend. And growing more powerful.”

89. “I know this sleeping virus the Empire uses on its enemies. They have a remedy for it in the city.”

90. “Good for you. The galaxy’s a dangerous place.”

91. “You can’t rule Mandalorians. You just make sensible suggestions they want to follow.”

92. “It all ran better under Vader.”

More Boba Fett Quotes and One-Liners

93. “As you wish.”

94. “Well neither do I.”

95. “He’s gone.”

96. “I can put the blaster down but that won’t save you.”

97. “Jedi weapon doesn’t make you a Jedi.”

98. “Dead don’t need guns.”

99. “We’ll meet again, friend.”

100. “I was wondering if you’d take me with you on this job.”

Did These Boba Fett Quotes Catch Your Interest?

Boba Fett is known for his loyalty to the empire, but he had a traumatic past that turned him into being a fearsome character in the series. Just like any normal human being, it became his influence. 

Traumatic pasts play a great role in molding a person’s character. And growing up, Boba Fett built a character that would help him survive. He also tends to handle every situation in an invigorating way which makes him look cool and valorous.

But these quotes not only show how bad-ass Boba Fett is. He also had iconic lines which are relatable, motivational, and entertaining. 

Which Boba Fett quotes do you think was the coolest? Is he one of your favorite characters? We want to hear it from you in the comments below!