70 Abraham Lincoln Quotes on Freedom and Slavery

Abraham Lincoln Quotes

These Abraham Lincoln quotes will prove why he’s the greatest president of America. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States. He’s known for many things. But, he’s most remembered for abolishing slavery and saving the Union. Like most of us, Abraham Lincoln achieved his goals by starting from scratch. He self-studied to … Read more

50 Al Capone Quotes on the Workings of Society & Crime

Al Capone Quotes

If you’re interested in one of the most famous gangsters who ever lived, these Al Capone quotes will give you all the information you need. Al Capone, also known as Scarface, was an American gangster who dominated Chicago’s organized crimes for almost a decade. His influence, power, and control reached far and wide, making him … Read more

110 Mother Teresa Quotes on Compassion and Kindness

Mother Teresa Quotes

If you’ve ever wondered what motivated this compassionate woman to perform such selfless acts, these Mother Teresa quotes are for you. It’s fascinating to think about how Mother Teresa dedicated her entire life to serving and improving the lives of others through her kind words. She touched millions worldwide through her messages and acts of … Read more

150 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes on Nonviolence & Peace

Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

If you value freedom and want to live in harmony with the rest of the world, these Mahatma Gandhi quotes are for you. Mahatma Gandhi is regarded as one of the most iconic nonviolent peace figures globally. He used his intelligence and compassion to bring about peaceful change in India and end British rule. Moreover, … Read more

150 Deepak Chopra Quotes on Life and Meditation

Deepak Chopra Quotes

These top 150 Deepak Chopra quotes will help you stay positive, increase productivity, and boost your enthusiasm. Deepak Chopra is an author and a strong advocate for alternative medicine. He used his profession as a professor as one of his platforms to share his pieces of wisdom, beliefs, and worldview. We’ve gathered some of our … Read more

70 Pablo Escobar Quotes to Learn the Works of Life

Pablo Escobar Quotes

Learn the works of the different sides of life and society as we dive into these Pablo Escobar quotes. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was a famous Colombian drug lord tagged as the ‘King of Cocaine.’ He’s considered to be the wealthiest criminal in history who helped the poor people in his country. Escobar was a … Read more