20 Levi Ackerman Quotes on Decisions, Pain, and Battles

If you need Levi Ackerman quotes to inspire you to keep moving and set your eyes on your goals, this collection is for you!

Levi Ackerman is a commander of the scout regiment that kills titans—a giant humanoid monster that devours humans.

He is a clean freak and keeps a poker face. Levi is one of the protagonists in the manga series, Attack on Titans, written by Hajime Isayama.

In his role as the world’s toughest soldier, Levi has endured countless heartbreaking defeats.

Despite his loss, Levi shows us the significance of moving on and fighting for what we believe in.

We are all victims of our own circumstances. We should break out of these chains that tie us down and find our own inner strength. 

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Best Levi Ackerman Quotes

1. “This is just my opinion, but when it comes to teaching somebody discipline—I think pain is the most effective way.”

2. “If you don’t want to die, think!” 

3. “The difference between your decision and ours is experience. But you don’t have to rely on that.” 

4. “No casualties. Don’t you dare die!”  

5. “A lot of times, you’re going into situations you know nothing about. So what you need is to be quick to act—and make tough decisions in worst-case scenarios.” 

6. “I don’t know which option you should choose and I could never advise you on that—no matter what kind of wisdom dictates the option you pick, no one will be able to tell if it’s right or wrong until you arrive at some sort of outcome from your choice.” 

7. “The lesson you need to learn right now can’t be taught with words, only with action.” 

8. “The only thing we’re allowed to do is believe that we won’t regret the choice we made.” 

9. “Some scouts’ lives are more valuable than others, only those dumb enough to acknowledge that join us.” 

10. “I don’t know and I never have, but I can believe in my own abilities or the choices of the companions I trust. But no one ever knows how it will turn out. So choose for yourself—whichever decision you will regret the least.” 

11. “I want to put an end to that recurring nightmare, right now. There are those who would get in my way. But I’m fine playing the role of the lunatic who kills people like that. I have to be ready to rearrange some faces. Because I choose the hell of humans killing each other over the hell of being eaten.” 

12. “We pay a price for believing.”

13. “Believe in yourself, or believe in the survey corps and me.”

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Memorable Levi Ackerman Quotes That’ll Motivate You

14. “Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I trust him. If he betrays us or goes berserk, I’ll put him down without hesitation.” 

15. “Give up on your dreams and die.”

16. “Whether you have the body, dead is dead.” 

17. “It’s good to see that someone has the balls to go—but don’t forget to do your damnedest to stay alive.”

18. “What will you do after your dream is fulfilled?”

19. “Is your head as hollow as that gun barrel?”

20. “I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with Eren, but try to control yourself.”

Do You Also Admire Levi Ackerman’s Principles in Life?

Levi demonstrates loyalty and empathy for his allies, but he has no sympathy for the Titans. He makes an effort to put an end to this holocaust. We can’t blame him, he lost his friends to these monsters, so he made a pledge to avenge them. 

But, in every fight, there will always be those who will twist and turn the truth to their advantage. We must hold our ground and be clear about why we are fighting. Whatever your status, you must adhere to your ideals since doing so will lead to a better life.

Now that you have the top Levi Ackerman quotes at your disposal, you can use them to improve your life. Keep your eyes on your purpose and goals. Like Ackerman, these quotes will be your strong moral compass to survive in a world filled with wicked individuals. 

Which of these Levi Ackerman quotes inspired you to keep going? Please, drop your wonderful ideas in the comments area below.

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