30 Liberty Prime Quotes From Your Favorite Fallout Hero

If you’ve ever played any of the games under the Fallout franchise, these Liberty Prime quotes will be right up your alley!

In the Fallout game series, Liberty Prime is the product of the unprecedented joint project of General Atomics International and RobCo Industries. These two corporations were instructed by the US Army to create the most powerful combat robot in history.

When Liberty Prime was created, he was fed with his ultimate goal—to free Anchorage, Alaska, from Chinese Communist rule. Because of this, you’ll understand why so many of his best quotes allude to defending freedom, attaining democracy, and the people’s pursuit of happiness.

However, beyond the ideals that make Liberty Prime who he is, it’s worth noting that he’s also the game’s way of showing America’s military might and power. True enough, many people found him to be an overpowered character in the games.

See for yourself why this is so by checking out the list below. We’ve got the best Liberty Prime quotes just for you.

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Best Liberty Prime Quotes

1. “Death is a preferable alternative to Communism!”

2. “Defending life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

3. “Communism is the very definition of failure!”

4. “Freedom is always worth fighting for.”

5. “Democracy is non-negotiable.”

6. “Freedom is the sovereign right of every American.”

7. “America will never fall to Communist invasion!”

8. “Democracy is truth. Communism is death.”

9. “Glory is the reward of valor.”

10. “Defeat is not an option.”

Liberty Prime Quotes and Catchphrases You’ll Never Forget

11. “Communism is a lie!”

12. “Obstruction detected. Composition: titanium alloy supplemented by photonic resonance barrier. Probability of mission hindrance: zero percent!”

13. “Communism is a temporary setback on the road to freedom.”

14. “Patriotism subroutines activated!”

15. “Communists detected on American soil. Lethal force engaged!”

16. “Composition: gravel, sand, and communism.”

17. “Embrace democracy, or you will be eradicated.”

18. “Anchorage will be liberated.”

19. “Chairman Cheng will fail. China will fall.”

20. “Liberty Prime is online. All systems, nominal. Weapons hot. Mission: the destruction of any and all Chinese communists.”

Liberty Prime Quotes to Teach You About Death, Bravery, and Society

21. “We will not fear the red menace!”

22. “Democracy is the essence of good. Communism, the very definition of evil.”

23. “Memorial site recognized. Patriotism subroutines engaged. Honoring the fallen is the duty of every red-blooded American.”

24. “Your lives will be short, but they will be free!”

25. “Only together can we stop the spread of Communism.”

26. “I hold these truths to be self-evident that all Americans are created equal. And are endowed with certain unalienable rights.”

Liberty Prime Quotes for Avid Fans of Fallout

27. “Accessing dictionary database. Entry: democracy—a form of government in which the leader is chosen by vote, and everyone has equal rights.”

28. “I am Liberty Prime. I am America.”

29. “Structural weakness detected. Exploiting.”

30. “Warning! Warning! Red Chinese Orbital Strike Imminent! All personnel should reach a minimum safe distance immediately!”

What Do You Think About Liberty Prime’s Existence and Inherent Power and Strength?

In Fallout, we see the peak of Liberty Prime’s existence. He’s considered to be the embodiment of the US Army’s prowess.

If you see him in the games, it’s clear why he’s said to be a hero that would show the world the very definition of being a superhero. Liberty Prime is also closely associated with Optimus Prime from the Transformers franchise in many ways.

While there are many similarities in their appearance, personality, and ideals, the creators of the Fallout franchise insist that they did not intend to embed any similar aspects in the two. However, no matter who or what Liberty Prime was based on, he’s become a symbol of hope and bravery for many.

After all, aside from being the embodiment of America’s strength, he also gives people a chance to hope and believe in freedom and liberty. In his words, actions, and vision, we see a glimpse of a better world—a far cry from the current post-apocalyptic world everyone’s in.

So, let Liberty Prime and his best quotes lead you to a better and more hopeful place. Though it’s a game, remember that life imitates art; soon, there will be a better world for everyone!

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