40 Poison Ivy Quotes From Nature’s Fiercest Warrior

If you are looking for the best lines from this mysterious and seductive villain, these Poison Ivy quotes are a must-read!

Poison Ivy, also known as Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, is a well-known antagonist of Batman. She is portrayed as one of the world’s most prominent eco-terrorists, determined to save the world from man’s evils at any cost.

Her character development helps reinforce the idea that good can genuinely triumph over evil and that people can change for the better. While some people will always prefer to see Ivy as the villain, seeing her act more like a hero is something DC fans appreciate.

Here are some of her best lines from the movies, series, and comics! Read through to the end and get a glimpse of what makes her such an interesting character!

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Best Poison Ivy Quotes

1. “I am the new Eve. The mother of the men of tomorrow.”

2. “What? I’m not destroying the world, I’m saving it!”

3. “They can bury me in the ground, as deep as they like. But I’ll grow back. We always grow back. Don’t we, baby?”

4. “Come join me. My garden needs tending.”

5. “Some things are worth dying for, Batman.”

6. “Well the cross makes me think of death, but the ivy is life. Sort of the tragic and hopeful you know.”

7. “Actually, Batman, you and I are surprisingly alike. We both strive to see evil-doers punished. But while you have your gallery of rogues, I have my grove.”

8. “It took God seven days to create paradise. Let’s see if I can do better.”

9. “Life. It’s a beautiful thing—but that was yesterday. Today—today is about death.”

10. “Stop living in the shadow of the big bad bat. You don’t need him. You’re the star. I can see it now. Your own big bright signal in the sky. Let me guide you. Let me kiss you.”

Poison Ivy Quotes That Zoom in on Nature

11. “Nature always wins.”

12. “I am Nature’s arm. Her spirit. Her will. Hell, I am Mother Nature, and the time has come for plants to take back the world so rightfully ours! ‘Cause it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.”

13. “Just what I had in mind. Everything is dead on earth, except us. A chance for Mother Nature to start again. Behold, the dawn of a new age. My mutant plants have the strength of the deadliest animals. Once you have frozen mankind, these babies will overrun the globe, and we shall rule them, for we will be the only two people left in the world.”

14. “If you are strong enough, you will survive. That is the law of the jungle.”

Poison Ivy Quotes for Those Who Remember Her as a Villain

15. “I’ve killed many men who disregard the fundamental rights of all life. I poison them—they die—but there’s always another to take their place.”

16. “So many people to kill—so little time.”

17. “Once you’ve been touched by poison ivy, you can never get rid of her. Never, never, never!”

18. “You’re getting to be a real thorn in my side, Batman.”

19. “You’re not my enemy, Batman. I used to think defeating you was my main objective in life. No. You’re merely a hindrance. My main goal now and forevermore will be a better world. If that means we cross swords, so be it, but—I’ve changed.”

20. “Men, the most absurd of God’s creatures. We give you life—and we can take it away just as easily.”

Interesting Poison Ivy Quotes That Show Her Personality

21. “Batface and Birdbrain turned out to be much more resistant to my love-dust than expected—no matter. Next time I’ll just give them a stronger dose. They’ll literally be dying for me!”

22. “I can give you relief, honey. Permanent relief. Sweet relief.”

23. “Did you truly believe your efforts tonight would get me to change? To be grateful? Don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology. You know who I am and what I am.”

24. “It’s one kind of man who can come up with a plan—and another who can see his plans well executed. I like that kind of man. I like you.”

25. “I’m a lover, not a fighter. That’s why every Poison Ivy action figure comes complete with him!”

26. “You know you can’t resist me. No man can.”

27. “I don’t need anybody. I just wish—I wish I had someone like me.”

Funny Poison Ivy Quotes to Read When Need a Laugh

28. “Sure he does. You’re just one big forgiving doormat, aren’t you?”

29. “I’ve never been good with competition. Who needs a frigid wife anyway?”

30. “I can’t wait to see what insanity this town will throw at me next.”

31. “Aw—what’s the matter, Batman, do I have cooties?”

32. “Didn’t have time to do my hair.”

More Poison Ivy Quotes That You Will Love

33. “You seem to have me confused with some warm-blooded damsel in distress.”

34. “A very enlightened statement, Batman. We’ll carve it on your headstone.”

35. “I prick you with thorns and you respond with lead. Isn’t that the very heart of the problem?”

36. “This place isn’t a prison. There’s no release date. No parole—when you’re scared enough —or hurt enough—to be quiet, to be ‘good.’ Then they’ll let you out. Or maybe they won’t. And nobody gives a damn. You want me to help you?”

37. “Kill them, of course. But why stop there? Why should only Batman and Robin die while the society that created them goes unpunished?”

38. “Mammals, a day of reckoning is coming. That’s right, the same plants and flowers that saw you crawl from the primordial soup will reclaim the planet. And there will be no one to protect you.”

39. “Still, when the dark threatens to overwhelm me, I’ll remember how you took a bullet for me. You couldn’t do that if you didn’t love me.”

40. “There’s something about an anatomically correct rubber suit that puts fire in a girl’s lips.”

Did Poison Ivy Change the Way You Look at Nature and the World?

Poison Ivy is one of Gotham City’s most well-known criminals. She is known for her red hair, green skin, and alluring skills.

While most Batman villains act selfishly for the sake of evil, Poison Ivy fights for the betterment of the environment. She uses her poison against nature destroyers and even manages to woo Batman in the process. But, though her intentions are good, how she does things is questionable.

Despite being a venomous villain, she remains an inspiration to many. Aside from opening our eyes to the significance of nature and how it gives us life, she reminds us that people can always change. Yes, she is first and foremost a villain; but she also sacrificed her life to stop Scarecrow.

We hope you were able to learn a thing or two about Poison Ivy through this list! Remember her intentions and good deeds the next time you watch Batman, and maybe you’ll see her in a whole new light.

So, which quotes are your favorites? Drop them down in the comments section!

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