4-Word Quotes for Some Useful Life Advice

We’ve got the top 150 4-word quotes that will help you make the most out of life!

Life has a way of making us feel overwhelmed. There will be challenges and roadblocks left and right, and at times, we’ll feel like we’re drowning in all of our responsibilities.

When this happens to you, it’s best to read 4-word quotes that can provide you with some pieces of advice to live by. The ones we have in this collection are bursting with meaning and will undoubtedly motivate you to take action and move toward your dreams!

Though short and sweet, these 4-word quotes will surely have a significant impact on your life. So, start creating a future that aligns with your biggest dreams by reading through to the end!

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Best 4-Word Quotes

1. “Live and let live.” – Yiddish Proverb

2. “Wake up and live.” – Bob Marley

3. “Your life has purpose.” – Anonymous

4. “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” – Aristotle

5. “Courage doesn’t always roar.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

6. “You are your choices.” – Seneca the Younger

7. “Pray silently, live contentedly.” – Anonymous

8. “Be brave, take risks.” – Anonymous

9. “Dream big, start small.” – Anonymous

10. “Let your sparkle shine!” – Anonymous

11. “Happiness is a choice.” – Barry Neil Kaufman

12. “You have the power.” – Anonymous

Famous 4-Word Quotes

13. “Talent works, genius creates.” – Robert Schumann

14. “Don’t worry, be happy.” – Bobby McFerrin

15. “Whatever happens, take responsibility.” – Tony Robbins

16. “Know your real value.” – Anonymous

17. “Nothing endures but change.” – Heraclitus

18. “Leave no stone unturned.” – Euripides

19. “You deserve the best.” – Anonymous

20. “Remember to stay classy.” – Anonymous

21. “Always forgive, never forget.” – Anonymous

22. “Time does not wait.” – Anonymous

Inspirational 4-Word Quotes

23. “Don’t overdo; just do.” – Anonymous

24. “And still I rise.” – Maya Angelou

25. “Fortune favors the bold.” – Virgil

26. “Stand out, be original.” – Anonymous

27. “Faith can move mountains.” – Anonymous

28. “Reach for the stars.” – Anonymous

29. “Enrich yourself with experiences.” – Anonymous

30. “Aim for the highest.” – Andrew Carnegie

31. “No guts, no story.” – Chris Brady

32. “It’s never too late.” – Anonymous

33. “Embrace your inner superhero.” – Anonymous

34. “Be your own version.” – Anonymous

35. “The sky’s the limit.” – Anonymous

Deep 4-Word Quotes That’ll Have Your Mind Reeling

36. “In dreams begin responsibilities.” – Delmore Schwartz

37. “Wisdom begins in wonder.” – Socrates

38. “Earth laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

39. “Thoughts rule the world.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

40. “Beginnings are always messy.” – John Galsworthy

41. “Learn something new daily.” – Anonymous

42. “Make your own sunshine.” – Anonymous

43. “Even rocks move on.” – Anonymous

44. “Be gentle with yourself.” – Anonymous

45. “Align with bountiful nature.” – Anonymous

4-Word Quotes About Love

46. “Love is never wrong.” – Melissa Etheridge

47. “Love is quivering happiness.” – Kahlil Gibran

48. “True love heals you.” – Anonymous

49. “Love survives many reverses.” – Anonymous

50. “Love makes miracles possible.” – Anonymous

51. “Love makes you beautiful.” – Anonymous

52. “Ultimately, love is everything.” – Anonymous

53. “Life teaches; love reveals.” – Anonymous

54. “Love soothes your trauma.” – Anonymous

Wise 4-Word Quotes on Life

55. “Make your life beautiful.” – Anonymous

56. “You live only once.” – Anonymous

57. “Let life surprise you.” – Anonymous

58. “Don’t simply exist, live.” – Anonymous

59. “Your life, your choice.” – Anonymous

60. “It’s your life, live.” – Anonymous

61. “Build your life daily.” – Anonymous

62. “Dance lightly with life.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

63. “Collect moments, not things.” – Anonymous

64. “Think less, live more.” – Anonymous

65. “Choices made make life.” – Anonymous

66. “Live long and prosper.” – Anonymous

Positive 4-Word Quotes to Keep You Moving Forward

67. “Keep on keeping on.” – Anonymous

68. “It’s okay. Try again.” – Anonymous

69. “You’ve handled worse before.” – Anonymous

70. “Never, never give up.” – Anonymous

71. “Everyone simply fails sometimes.” – Anonymous

72. “Turn wounds into wisdom.” – Oprah Winfrey

73. “Small steps each day.” – Anonymous

74. “Don’t regret your decisions.” – Anonymous

75. “Cut yourself some slack.” – Anonymous

4-Word Quotes for Your Motivation

76. “Do it right now!” – Anonymous

77. “Do one brave thing.” – Anonymous

78. “Take action, feel motivated.” – Anonymous

79. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” – Anonymous

80. “No guts, no glory.” – Frederick Corbin Blesse

81. “Try something new today.” – Anonymous

82. “Everything is an option.” – Anonymous

83. “Today is the beginning.” – Anonymous

84. “Be confident. You can!” – Anonymous

85. “Always give your best.” – Anonymous

Short 4-Word Quotes for Your Next Instagram Caption

86. “Too clever is dumb.” – Odgen Nash

87. “Do what you love.” – Anonymous

88. “New day, new thoughts.” – Anonymous

89. “Let your differences shine.” – Anonymous

90. “Stick to your passion.” – Anonymous

91. “Kind heart, kind soul.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

92. “What’s done is done.” – William Shakespeare

93. “You should do you.” – Anonymous

94. “Live a good story.” – Anonymous

95. “Look before you leap.” – Charlotte Brontë

4-Word Quotes on Attitude and Mentality

96. “Be curious, not judgmental.” – Walt Whitman

97. “This too shall pass.” – Anonymous

98. “Beautiful minds inspire others.” – Anonymous

99. “Enjoy the little things.” – Anonymous

100. “Work hard, be humble.” – Anonymous

101. “All limitations are self-imposed.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

102. “Positive mindset brings peace.” – Anonymous

103. “Love your work unflinchingly.” – Anonymous

104. “Great minds think alike.” – Carl Theodor von Unlanski

105. “Make your life sweet.” – Anonymous

106. “Live consciously, act judiciously.” – Anonymous

107. “Work on your strength.” – Anonymous

108. “I know you can.” – Anonymous

Four-Word Quotes on Success

109. “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” – Steve Jobs

110. “Success mantra: stay focused.” – Anonymous

111. “Success is 99% failure.” – Henry Ford

112. “Persistence leads to success.” – Anonymous

113. “Nothing succeeds like success.” – Walter Winchell

114. “No pressure, no diamonds.” – Thomas Carlyle

115. “Follow passion, achieve success.” – Anonymous

116. “Learn from your failures.” – Anonymous

117. “Failure builds your character.” – Anonymous

118. “Rise to the occasion.” – Anonymous

119. “Rejoice your victories quietly.” – Anonymous

Savage 4-Word Quotes and Phrases

120. “Crush your inner demons.” – Anonymous

121. “Win against all odds.” – Anonymous

122. “Learn to move on.” – Anonymous

123. “Never repeat a mistake.” – Anonymous

124. “Live life king size.” – Anonymous

125. “Listen more, speak less.” – Anonymous

126. “Disengage yourself from haters.” – Anonymous

127. “Do not judge casually.” – Anonymous

128. “Ignore your naysayers outside.” – Anonymous

4-Word Quotes You Must Not Miss

129. “Be your own fighter.” – Anonymous

130. “Find comfort in chaos.” – Anonymous

131. “Patience is rewarded eventually.” – Anonymous

132. “God’s love never fails.” – Anonymous

133. “What else is possible?” – Anonymous 

134. “Help each other heal.” – Anonymous

Funny 4-Word Quotes to Make Your Day Brighter

135. “Retail therapy solves everything.” – Anonymous

136. “Just drink more coffee.” – Anonymous

137. “Smile, it’s free therapy.” – Anonymous

138. “More bacon, more happiness.” – Anonymous

139. “Kill them with kindness.” – Anonymous

140. “Paint the town red.” – Anonymous

141. “Proud to be weird.” – Anonymous

142. “You deserve a holiday.” – Anonymous

More Four-Word Quotes We’re Sure You’ll Love

143. “Be original, be unique.” – Anonymous

144. “Have an awesome day!” – Anonymous

145. “Your intuition, your navigator.” – Anonymous

146. “Volunteering makes a difference.” – Anonymous

147. “Listen to your intuition.” – Anonymous

148. “Believe. Act. Achieve. Accept.” – Anonymous

149. “Assess your shortcomings wisely.” – Anonymous

150. “Dream. Plan. Act. Achieve.” – Anonymous

Did These 4-Word Quotes Change the Way You View Life?

Our journey toward life will never be certain. It’ll have ups and downs, lefts and rights, and countless zigzags. 

Thankfully, we have inspiring 4-word quotes that can equip us with wisdom, strength, and courage to face everything that life might throw at us. These short but motivational words will surely fuel your perseverance and determination to succeed.

Words are truly some of the most powerful weapons out there. So, when you’re knocked down by life, remember that this collection will always be here to give you the ammunition to emerge victorious!

Save this collection in your bookmarks. Who knows, you might need a quick pick-me-up soon enough!

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