25 All Dogs Go to Heaven Quotes for Fur Parents Worldwide

Check out this list of the best All Dogs Go to Heaven quotes and be reminded of every man’s best friend!

All Dogs Go to Heaven is a 1989 animated feature that tells the story of a canine casino owner named Charlie. He is killed by Carface but comes back to life after stealing a gold pocket watch in Heaven. When he returned, Charlie then planned his revenge involving an orphaned girl named Anne-Marie.

During his encounter with Carface, he had to choose between his life and Anne-Marie’s. However, dogs really have a special bond with humans. In the end, he proves how unconditional their love for us is!

Indeed, All Dogs Go to Heaven is a movie that will touch all of our hearts. So, ready yourself as we go through the best quotes from this fantastic movie!

Check out the complete list below.

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Best All Dogs Go to Heaven Quotes

1. Anne-Marie: “Charlie, will you help me find a mom and dad?”

Charlie B. Barkin: “Kid, I’ll help you find the lost city of Atlantis! Just please, please go to sleep!”

2. Itchy Itchiford: “You’re in love with the girl. You’ve gone soft. You care about her.”

Charlie B. Barkin: “Look, I don’t care about the girl! I tell her things now and then. I pretend to be her best friend, but it’s bologna!”

Itchy Itchiford: “I thought I was your best friend.”

Charlie B. Barkin: “You are my best friend! With her, it’s just business. It’s always been business. I’m usin’ the girl! And when we’re done with her, we’ll dump her in an orphanage. Is that okay with you?!”

Itchy Itchiford: “Sure, boss. Anything you say.”

3. “What a selfish, hopeless, callous heel of a cad I’ve been. Blind to the needs of society’s lowly unloved.” – Charlie B. Barkin

4. Carface Caruthers: “Aaag! I’ll get that gator if it’s the last thing I do!”

Whippet Angel: “Touch that clock, and you can never come back.”

Carface Caruthers: “Shut up!”

Whippet Angel: “I said, touch that clock, and you can never come back!”

Charlie B. Barkin: “He’ll be back.“

5. “All dogs go to heaven because, unlike people, dogs are naturally good and loyal and kind.” – Whippet Angel

6. Vera: “Things have changed, Charlie, since you’ve been gone. Life hasn’t been no piece of cake.”

Chihuahua Gambler: “Carface ain’t been treatin’ us too good!”

Vera: “Things are tough, but we carry on.”

Smiley: “Could you spare a couple of bones, for old time’s sake?”

Charlie B. Barkin: “Why settle for a couple of bones when you can have the whole bake?!”

Itchy Itchiford: “Charlie! Charlie, look! You hit the jackpot! Attaboy, Charlie, I’m proud of ya! Charlie, tell ’em!”

7. “Gamblers are never happy, Charlie.” – Carface Caruthers

8. Charlie B. Barkin: “Careful, Itchy.”

Itchy Itchiford: “Yeah?”

Charlie B. Barkin: “Yeah. I think that might be a water main.”

Itchy Itchiford: “Nah, Charlie. Water mains are green. This is red.”

Charlie B. Barkin: “You’re colorblind. You’ve always been colorblind!”

Itchy Itchiford: “That’s true, but this is green.”

Charlie B. Barkin: “It’s red!”

Itchy Itchiford: “Red?”

Man 1: “Busted water main!”

Man 2: “Hit the lights!”

Man 3: “Call command central!”

9. Anne-Marie: “Charlie, will I ever see you again?”

Charlie B. Barkin: “Sure you will, kid. You know, goodbyes aren’t forever.”

Anne-Marie: “Then goodbye, Charlie. I love you.”

Charlie B. Barkin: “Yep—I love you too.”

10. Smiley: “Charlie? Ain’t you s’posed to be on death row?”

Charlie B. Barkin: “No! I ain’t supposed to be on death row.”

Itchy Itchiford: “Hey! I got him out.”

11. “These are some of the poorest people I know. They’re more broke than the Ten Commandments.” – Charlie B. Barkin

12. Stella Dallas: “Yoo-hoo! Reginald! Excuse me.”

Sir Reginald: “Oh! Splendid! Hello, Stella! Jolly good day for a race, what?”

Stella Dallas: “Oh, yes. But, Reginald, honey, I do hate to rain on your parade, but did you know, it’s the Grand Chawhee’s birthday?!”

Sir Reginald: “Oh, really? You don’t—oh! Terribly sorry.”

All Dogs Go to Heaven Quotes for Pet Lovers

13. Itchy Itchiford: “I can’t help it, Charlie. I always itch when I’m nervous!”

Charlie B. Barkin: “Well, don’t be nervous.”

Itchy Itchiford: “Just scratch this.”

14. Itchy Itchiford: “Charlie, let me think about this.”

Charlie B. Barkin: “No! Don’t think! From now on, I’ll do the thinking.”

15. Charlie B. Barkin: “That Carface has something up his sleeve.”

Itchy Itchiford: “Yeah, a gun.”

Charlie B. Barkin: “And when I find out what it is, I’m going to ruin him.”

16. “You’re not my friend. You’re a bad dog!” – Anne-Marie

17. “Hee-hee-hee-hee! You’re the doggonest pals a swell could ever have. I love you, guys. You wanna sing with me? You wanna sing with me?” – Charlie B. Barkin

18. “That is no way to treat an old friend. Friends must be handled in a friendly and business-like way!” – Carface Caruthers

19. Flo: “She’s burning up a fever, Charlie. She could have pneumonia.”

Charlie B. Barkin: “Think she needs a vet?”

Flo: “Charlie, she’s a little girl. She needs a doctor.”

Charlie B. Barkin: “Doctor? I don’t know any doctors—I’ll find one.”

All Dogs Go to Heaven Quotes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

20. “Morons! I’m surrounded by morons.” – Carface Caruthers

21. Itchy Itchiford: “Boss, Carface has got thugs, and they’ve got muscles, and knives, and he’s got a monster.”

Charlie B. Barkin: “Monster?”

Itchy Itchiford: “Boss, they feed it!”

Charlie B. Barkin: “Monster?”

Itchy Itchiford: “Yes, that’s what I said. Monster!”

22. Charlie B. Barkin: “Anne-Marie, cupcake, sweetheart, please. Just talk to the horsey, huh? Talk to Mr. Horsey.”

Itchy Itchiford: “Hey, boss, maybe she only talks to rats.”

Charlie B. Barkin: “Don’t be stupid. She talked to me, didn’t she?”

Itchy Itchiford: “Yeah. She talked to you. That makes you a rat!”

More All Dogs Go to Heaven Quotes to Keep Your Energy Up

23. “All we need now is a couple of bucks.” – Charlie B. Barkin

24. “I do not wish that I should share 50% of the business with my partner, Charlie.” – Carface Caruthers

25. Itchy Itchiford: “In him, there’s the luck of the Irish.”

Charlie B. Barkin: “The pride of the German.”

Itchy Itchiford: “Even, he—he, a bit of Siam.”

Charlie B. Barkin: “Siam? There’s the calm of the English.”

Itchy Itchiford: “The charm of the Spanish.”

What Role Does Your Pet Play in Your Life?

Aside from humans, pets are one of the best companions in the world. We shower them with love, and they reciprocate it with unconditional love.

In All Dogs Go to Heaven, without blinking an eye, Charlie rescued Anne-Marie when he had to choose between her and the watch. Because of that, the watch stopped before he could reach it, which ended his life.

This moment alone pierces through our hearts. Losing them is one of the most heartbreaking moments we will ever encounter as pet owners. So, let us not forget to show our love to our pets while they are still around. 

We hope that this collection was able to help you reminisce about your favorite companions. Remember, you can always return to this collection whenever you cuddle your pet or miss them. When you do, you’ll feel their presence and think of them protecting you wherever they might be!

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