25 Annabelle Quotes That’ll Scare You Out of Your Wits

If you’re into scary movies that will keep you awake all night, read these Annabelle quotes we’ve rounded up for you.

Annabelle is a movie trilogy that’s part of The Conjuring Universe. For those who don’t know yet, she’s an evil doll that corrupts people and destroys families. Yet, while it’s mainly a horror movie, there’s no denying the profound lessons we can learn from it.

Standing by your faith is only one of them. If you’re curious about how this and other meaningful lessons are hidden behind all the scares, read on. We’ve gathered the best of the best quotes from Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation, and Annabelle Comes Home!

Let’s get into it.

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Best Annabelle Quotes

1. ​​Linda: “Janice says she’s seen your daughter.”

Samuel Mullins: “My daughter has been dead for a long time.”

2. Janice: “You’re Mullin’s daughter, aren’t you?”

Annabelle: “Will you help me?”

Janice: “What do you need?”

Annabelle: “Your soul!”

3. “It was quiet for all these years. After Samuel and I lost our daughter, we prayed to see our girl again. The contact started small, but then she wanted permission to move into a doll. We soon realized it wasn’t our daughter. So we locked it away. We thought helping the girls could be our penance, but we ended up giving it just what it wanted.” – Esther Mullins

4. “Forgive me, Father, for I am about to sin.” – Janice

5. Janice: “Sister, it’s coming after me.”

Sister Charlotte: “Who?”

Janice: “An evil presence. It’s because I’m the weakest one.”

Annabelle Quotes That’ll Scare the Life Out of You

6. Janice: “This is our new orphanage?”

Nancy: “It’s as big as a castle.”

Samuel Mullins: “Feel free to use the house as you see fit. Mrs. Mullins and I stay down here. Your rooms are upstairs.”

7. Sister Charlotte: “Are you okay?”

Janice: “I’m fine.”

8. “Sister, you always say that even though we can’t see God, we can feel His presence. In this house, I feel a different kind of presence. An evil one. It’s coming after me because I know who he is.” – Janice

9. Linda: “Janice found this doll.”

Samuel Mullins: “What doll?”

Linda: “The one in the white dress.”

Samuel Mullins: “She mustn’t go near that doll!”

Short Annabelle Quotes to Keep You Awake at Night

10. “This doll, it’s hurting Janice! I’m getting rid of it!” – Linda

11. “It’s the doll. A devil.” – Esther Mullins

12. “It’s locked, and it’ll stay that way.” – Samuel Mullins

Annabelle Quotes for Fans of This Horror Movie Franchise

13. Judy Warren: “Annabelle. The doll, she’s the one who’s doing all of this.”

Mary Ellen: “A doll?”

Judy Warren: “She wants a soul.”

14. “May God have mercy on your soul!” – Father Perez

15. Mary Ellen: “Daniela, what did you do?”

Daniela Rios: “I let her out.”

Judy Warren: “What else did you touch?”

Daniela Rios: “Everything.”

16. “There are things happening that I can’t explain.” – Mia Form

17. Ed Warren: “Did it work?”

Lorraine Warren: “The evil is contained.”

18. “People are just—they’re really weird about death. That’s probably why kids pick on you at school. It scares them. They treat it like it’s some disease they don’t want to get, even though everyone already has it.” – Daniela Rios

19. “I like your dolls.” – Thin Woman

20. Daniela Rios: “So, Judy, don’t your parents, like, keep any creepy stuff around?”

Judy Warren: “No. They keep it all locked away in a room.”

Daniela Rios: “Well, can we at least go in and look?”

Mary Ellen: “No!”

Judy Warren: “It’s not really good for anyone to go in there.”

Daniela Rios: “How come?”

Judy Warren: “It just isn’t.”

Were You Able to Find the Meaningful Lessons Embedded in This Horror Movie Trilogy?

It’s hard to look beyond the horror, especially if the movie we’re watching makes us scream. However, though the Annabelle movie franchise is no doubt scary, we can still understand and recognize the lessons it is trying to impart.

In line with that, the trilogy teaches us to keep our faith strong. There are a lot of evils in this world, and the only way to get past and conquer them is to remain steadfast and strong in your love and trust in the Lord.

Know that everything we encounter is in His plans, and He will never put us in front of any danger that we can never conquer. We just have to believe and keep on holding on to hope. Don’t ever let yourself succumb to the temptation of the evils that lurk around you.

With that, we hope the Annabelle quotes we’ve listed above were not only able to scare you out of your mind but also teach you some meaningful lessons. If you doubt His plans for you, read this list again and get back on track! Believe, have faith, and remain strong despite all your struggles!

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