25 Black Swan Quotes on Ballet, Perfection, and Obsession

These Black Swan quotes are perfect for everyone who aspires to become a performer.

Lots of people dream of being up on stage, dancing their hearts out, and performing like there’s no tomorrow. However, many don’t know how hard it is to become a dancer, especially a ballerina. There’s a dark side to everything, and Black Swan focuses on precisely that.

Black Swan is a movie that tells the story of Nina, a young ballerina under the New York City Ballet company. Like every passionate dancer, there’s nothing else on her mind than perfecting her craft. Her ultimate dream is to become the Black Swan in Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

Nina was the perfect ballerina for the White Swan, but not the Black Swan. She became so obsessed with gaining the role that she spiraled into a state that caused strain on her mind. This then led to paranoia, hallucinations, and more.

Indeed, with perfection comes a heavy price to pay. For Nina, it led to obsession and the loss of her life.

If you’re curious about what happened in the movie, read this list of the best Black Swan quotes.

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Best Black Swan Quotes

1. Thomas Leroy: “You could be brilliant, but you’re a coward.”

Nina Sayers: “I’m sorry.”

Thomas Leroy: “Now stop saying that! That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Stop being so f*cking weak!”

2. Thomas Leroy: “Nina, what did you do?”

Nina Sayers: “I felt it. Perfect. It was perfect.”

3. Nina Sayers: “I came to ask for the part.”

Thomas Leroy: “The truth is when I look at you all I see is the White Swan. Yes, you’re beautiful, fearful, and fragile. Ideal casting. But the Black Swan? It’s a hard f*cking job to dance both.”

Nina Sayers: “I can dance the Black Swan, too.”

Thomas Leroy: “Really? In four years, every time you dance, I see you obsessed with getting each and every move perfectly right, but I never see you lose yourself. Ever! All that discipline for what?”

Nina Sayers: “I just want to be perfect.”

Thomas Leroy: “What?”

Nina Sayers: “I want to be perfect.”

Thomas Leroy: “Perfection is not just about control. It’s also about letting go. Surprise yourself so you can surprise the audience. Transcendence! Very few have it in them.”

Nina Sayers: “I think I do have it in me.”

4. “The only person standing in your way is you. It’s time to let her go. Lose yourself.” – Thomas Leroy

5. “It’s about a girl who gets turned into a swan, and she needs love to break the spell, but her prince falls for the wrong girl, so she kills herself.” – Nina Sayers

Black Swan Quotes That’ll Have Your Mind Reeling

6. Erica Sayers: “What happened to my sweet girl?”

Nina Sayers: “She’s gone!”

7. Nina Sayers: “What happened?”

Thomas Leroy: “She walked into the street and got hit by a car. And you know what? I’m almost sure she did it on purpose.”

Nina Sayers: “How do you know?”

Thomas Leroy: “Because everything Beth does comes from within. From some dark impulse. I guess that’s what makes her so thrilling to watch. So dangerous. Even perfect at times, but also so damn destructive.”

8. Thomas Leroy: “What’s going on?”

Nina Sayers: “Lily! You made her my alternate?”

Thomas Leroy: “Well there’s always an alternate. Lily is the best choice.”

Nina Sayers: “No, but she wants my role.”

Thomas Leroy: “Every dancer in the world wants your role.”

Nina Sayers: “No, this is different. She’s after me. She’s trying to replace me!”

Thomas Leroy: “Nobody’s after you.”

Nina Sayers: “No, please believe me!”

9. Erica Sayers: “You’ll probably get to dance the Pas de Quatre again. That’s such a wonderful part. Or maybe he’ll make you a big swan. Either way, you’ll shine.”

Nina Sayers: “I know.”

Erica Sayers: “Everything will be better in the morning. It always is.”

Interesting Black Swan Quotes to Pique Your Curiosity

10. Nina Sayers: “It’s sad.”

Veronica: “What’s sad?”

Nina Sayers: “Beth’s such a beautiful dancer.”

Galina: “Yeah, so is my grandmother.”

11. Nina Sayers: “It’s just a rash.”

Erica Sayers: “A rash? What are you talking about?”

Nina Sayers: “It was worse a few days ago. It’s fine already.”

Erica Sayers: “You’ve been scratching yourself again.”

12. “What are you going to do? Run home to mommy?” – Lily

13. Erica Sayers: “You’re working yourself too hard. We all have off days.”

Nina Sayers: “If that girl hadn’t barged in—.”

Erica Sayers: “I’m sure she didn’t mean to. Remember when you first started? If I hadn’t taken you to each of your classes, you would have been completely lost.”

Nina Sayers: “I’m going to talk to him tomorrow and tell him I finished it.”

Erica Sayers: “You don’t need to lie. You won’t convince him one way or the other. Sweetheart, I know it’s disappointing. You start getting older, there’s all this ridiculous pressure. God knows I understand. But it’s alright.”

14. Lily: “I can’t believe he calls her that. It’s so gross.”

Nina Sayers: “I think it’s sweet.”

Lily: “Little princess? He probably calls every girl that.”

Nina Sayers: “No way. That’s just for Beth.”

Lily: “I bet he’ll be calling you little princess any day now.”

Nina Sayers: “I don’t know about that.”

Lily: “Sure he will. You just got to let him lick your pussy.”

Black Swan Quotes for a Glimpse Into the Movie’s Plot

15. Lily: “So, how is he? Thomas?”

Nina Sayers: “I wouldn’t know.”

Lily: “Oh come on.”

Nina Sayers: “I really don’t want to talk about that.”

Lily: “Ah, okay. You really need to relax.”

16. Lily: “A rough start, huh? Must have been pretty humiliating.”

Nina Sayers: “Get out of my room.”

Lily: “See, I’m just worried about the next act. I’m not sure you’re feeling up to it.”

Nina Sayers: “Stop. Please stop.”

Lily: “How about I dance the Black Swan for you?”

17. Erica Sayers: “You’re in a good mood.”

Nina Sayers: “He promised to feature me more this season.”

Erica Sayers: “Well, he certainly should. You’ve been there long enough, and you’re the most dedicated dancer in the company.”

18. Erica Sayers: “Has he tried anything with you? He has a reputation. I have a right to be concerned, Nina. You’ve been staying late so many nights rehearsing. I hope he isn’t taking advantage.”

Nina Sayers: “He’s not.”

Erica Sayers: “Good. I just don’t want you to make the same mistake I did.”

Nina Sayers: “Thanks.”

Erica Sayers: “Not like that. I just mean as far as my career was concerned.”

Nina Sayers: “What career?”

Erica Sayers: “The one I gave up to have you.”

Nina Sayers: “You were 28 and only in—.”

Erica Sayers: “Only what?”

Nina Sayers: “Nothing.”

Erica Sayers: “What?”

Nina Sayers: “Nothing.”

Black Swan Quotes for Aspiring Ballerinas

19. “It’s my turn to be the Black Swan.” – Nina Sayers

20. “This is your moment, Nina. Don’t let it go.” – Thomas Leroy

21. “He picked me, Mommy. I’m the new Swan Queen.” – Nina Sayers

22. “I had the craziest dream last night. I was dancing the White Swan.” – Nina Sayers

23. “It’s called privacy; I’m not 12 anymore.” – Nina Sayers

24. Nina Sayers: “What’s she doing here?”

Lily: “He made me your alternate.”

25. Erica Sayers: “No. Please. You’re not well.”

Nina Sayers: “Let go of me.”

Erica Sayers: “You can’t handle this.”

Nina Sayers: “I can’t? I’m the Swan Queen, you’re the one who never left the corps.”

Erica Sayers: “Nina.”

Did These Black Swan Quotes Make You Reflect on Your Passions?

Being passionate about your dreams is a good thing. And sometimes, you need a healthy dose of obsession to make things happen and to get closer to your goals. Sadly, for Nina, her obsession led to the corruption of her mental health.

Nina became so obsessed with perfection that she let herself spiral into negativity. However, being a true artist isn’t about being perfect; it’s about being honest with your craft.

With ballet, the most important thing is to let your soul shine through. It’s about being vulnerable and open. Perfection shines through your dance if you can show the audience your emotions through every movement.

That’s why you must focus on yourself and your craft; don’t get envious and compare yourself to others. Remember the lessons you’ve learned from Nina, and never let anything stand in the way of your goals!

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