30 Twilight Quotes on Love, Sacrifice, Vampires, and More

Travel back to the dreary town of Forks when you read these Twilight quotes!

The Twilight Saga is one of the most famous works in pop culture. Some would even say that it’s comparable to Harry Potter. Of course, true fans would no doubt agree!

But, instead of wizards and wands, Twilight deals with vampires, inhuman strength, and special abilities. Through it, we get a glimpse of a love like no other and a family that’s made stronger through the trust each member places in the other.

Twilight might seem like it’s only about Edward and Bella’s love story, but it’s much more than that. It also discussed how we must be accountable for our choices and how love requires sacrifice.

To better grasp Twilight’s more profound messages, read on. We’ve got the most meaningful quotes from the books and movies.

Let’s start.

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Best Twilight Quotes

1. “If I could dream at all, it would be about you.” – Edward Cullen

2. “No measure of time with you will be long enough. But, we’ll start with forever.” – Edward Cullen

3. Edward Cullen: “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.”

Bella Swan: “What a stupid lamb.”

Edward Cullen: “What a sick, masochistic lion.”

4. “My life was an unending, unchanging, midnight. How was it possible that the sun was rising now, in the middle of my midnight?” – Edward Cullen

5. “I’d never given much thought to how I would die. But dying in place of someone I love, seems like a good way to go. I can’t bring myself to regret the decisions that brought me face-to-face with death. They also brought me to Edward.” – Bella Swan

6. “About three things, I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him—and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be—that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.” – Bella Swan

7. “It’s possible to love more than one person at a time.” – Jacob Black

8. Bella Swan: “No one’s ever loved anyone as much as I love you.”

Edward Cullen: “There’s one exception.”

9. “Edward will be a good husband. I know this because I’m a cop. I know things. Like how to hunt somebody to the ends of the earth. And I know how to use a gun.” – Charlie Swan

Twilight Quotes to Change Your Views on Love

10. “I was in love with the idea of love.” – Rosalie

11. “Love gave someone the power to break you.” – Bella Swan

12. “Look after my heart. I’ve left it with you.” – Edward Cullen

13. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you.” – Edward Cullen

14. “Stop trying to take your clothes off. It might be too late for my soul, but I will protect yours.” – Edward Cullen

15. Edward Cullen: “Marry me first.”

Bella Swan: “Okay, what’s the punchline?”

Edward Cullen: “You’re wounding my ego, Bella. I just proposed to you, and you think it’s a joke.”

Twilight Quotes That Shaped a Whole Generation

16. Edward Cullen: “I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore.”

Bella Swan: “Then don’t.”

17. “You better hold on tight, spider monkey.” – Edward Cullen

18. “You can’t trust vampires. Trust me.” – Edward Cullen

19. Bella Swan: “You’re impossibly fast. And strong. Your skin is pale white and ice cold. Your eyes change color, and sometimes you speak like—like you’re from a different time. You never eat or drink anything; you don’t go into the sunlight. How old are you?”

Edward Cullen: “Seventeen.”

Bella Swan: “How long have you been 17?”

Edward Cullen: “A while.”

Bella Swan: “I know what you are.”

Edward Cullen: “Say it—out loud. Say it.”

Bella Swan: “Vampire.”

Edward Cullen: “Are you afraid?”

Bella Swan: “No.”

Edward Cullen: “Then ask me the most basic question. What do we eat?”

20. Edward Cullen: “My family, we’re different from others of our kind. We only drink animal blood, but it’s your scent. It’s like a drug to me. It’s like you’re my own personal brand of heroin.”

Bella Swan: “Why did you hate me so much when we met?”

Edward Cullen: “I did, only because of wanting you so badly. I still don’t know if I can control myself.”

Bella Swan: “I know you can.”

21. “You know, Jacob, if we weren’t natural enemies, and you weren’t trying to steal my reason for existing, I might actually like you.” – Edward Cullen

22. “I vote yes. It would be nice not to want to kill you all the time.” – Jasper Cullen

23. Bella Swan: “Could you act human? Okay, I have neighbors.”

Edward Cullen: “I’m gonna take you to my place tomorrow.”

Bella Swan: “Thanks—wait, like with your family?”

Edward Cullen: “Yeah.”

Bella Swan: “W—what if they don’t like me?”

Edward Cullen: “So you’re worried, not because you’ll be in a house full of vampires, but because you think they won’t approve of you?”

Bella Swan: “I’m glad I amuse you.”

24. Jessica Stanley: “Hey, you’re from Arizona, right?”

Bella Swan: “Yeah.”

Jessica Stanley: “Aren’t people from Arizona supposed to be, like, really tan?”

Bella Swan: “Yeah, maybe, that’s why they kicked me out.”

Meaningful Twilight Quotes From the Book Series

25. “I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.” – Stephenie Meyer, Author

26. “You are my life now.” – Stephenie Meyer, Author

27. “Death is peaceful; life is harder.” – Stephenie Meyer, Author

28. “Twilight, again. Another ending. No matter how perfect the day is, it always has to end.” – Stephenie Meyer, Author

29. “The right thing isn’t always real obvious. Sometimes the right thing for one person is the wrong thing for someone else. So good luck figuring that out.” – Stephenie Meyer, Author

30. “When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.” – Stephenie Meyer, Author

What Is Your Go-to Twilight Saga Installment?

Among many things, Twilight is a love story. However, that doesn’t mean it’s only about sappy and romantic things. Instead, it uses love as its platform to discuss other important topics we should keep in mind.

For one, Twilight teaches us about the importance of our choices. Life revolves around our choices, and whatever happens tomorrow depends on what we choose to do today. The person you’ll spend the rest of your life with, your career, or even your definition of happiness depend on your choices.

In Twilight, this is shown when Bella chooses whether to continue loving Edward or accept Jacob’s feelings. The latter might have been an easier and more comfortable option for her, as she wouldn’t have had to let go of her humanity. But, the question is, would she be happy with that choice?

Twilight also tries to convey how much sacrifice is involved in love. Like what was mentioned above, Bella chose to become a vampire so she could spend the rest of her life with Edward. The process was easy, but everything else wasn’t; it meant lying to her family and more.

No matter how you look at things, Twilight is an extraordinary masterpiece that fans can never forget. It makes us blush with all its sweet words of love, but it also makes us pause and reflect on life. So, keep this list of Twilight quotes in your bookmarks for inspiring words whenever you need them!

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