30 In the Heights Quotes on Following Your Dreams

Read these In the Heights quotes and get ready to change your mindset!

Sometimes, we just have to take a leap of faith when it comes to our dreams. Sadly, it’s not as easy as that. After all, many things hold us back from chasing our dreams.

However, we shouldn’t let these hesitations steer us far from our goals. Thankfully, these issues were addressed by In the Heights. It’s a movie narrating the life of immigrants with big dreams, trying to work their way up and achieve the so-called American Dream.

Read the quotes below and find the character you can relate to the most. We’re sure you’ll also shed a tear or two once you get to know the characters!

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Best In the Heights Quotes

1. “A dream is not a sparkly diamond we get. Sometimes, it’s rough and not so pretty.” – Usnavi

2. “The point is not who won, but that we all had a sueñito. And when it comes to dreams, we had to keep scraping by.” – Usnavi

3. “We had to assert our dignity in small ways. That’s why these napkins are beautiful. That’s why my mother’s gloves were beautiful. Little details that tell the world, we are not invisible.” – Abuela Claudia

4. “It’s the story of a block that was disappearing. Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Nueva York, en un barrio called Washington Heights. Say it, so it doesn’t disappear.” – Usnavi

5. “Start small. Dream big.” – Kevin Rosario

6. Children: “What does sueñito mean?”

Usnavi: “Sueñito—it means little dream.”

Little Boy: “That’s it? No story?”

7. “There’s no shame in waiting tables. And there’s no shame in having a different path. Like you.” – Kevin Rosario

8. “We are not powerless; we are powerful.” – Daniela

9. “Girl was a rocket, determined to go far.” – Usnavi

In the Heights Quotes That’ll Motivate You

10. “The streets were made of music.” – Usnavi

11. “I’ve been saving up all my pennies in my piggy bank for this big day.” – Usnavi

12. “Since when are Latin people scared of heat?” – Daniela

13. “Take all the bruises, but stay in the ring.” – Kevin Rosario

14. “You can’t keep putting your life’s work on my shoulders.” – Nina Rosario

15. “I was thinking, there’s so much stuff going on, and all it just got me thinking about, like, all the people I care about the most. And I just thought about you.” – Usnavi

In the Heights Quotes for Something to Reflect On

16. Nina Rosario: “The reality of an elite school. No joke, Pop. Yeah, when I left, you all were like, ‘It’s going to be great. Go show them who we are. Go represent.’ The truth is, is that most of the time at Stanford feels like a betrayal.”

Kevin Rosario: “De verdad? Of who?”

Nina Rosario: “Of my family. My community.”

17. “Ah, the hustle never ends.” – Alejandro

18. “That’s the roof? On the floor?” – Abuela Claudia

19. “Well, you keep getting A’s baby; that’s your revenge!” – Kevin Rosario

20. “You’re stuck to this corner like a street light.” – Benny

21. “You don’t tell me how much we can afford. You’re not the parent.” – Kevin Rosario

22. “You’re the best we’ve got Nina. If you can’t stay in the ring what does that say about us?” – Kevin Rosario

23. “You always talk about your dream. You really want it?” – Alejandro

24. Abuela Claudia: “You think it will be different in the Dominican Republic? Just like my mama. Morning and night, year after year, to what end? To wake up and scrub another floor till the day she died.”

Usnavi: “Yeah, but here I work to survive. El sueñito will be a labor of love.”

25. “Vanessa, tough as nails. Dreamed of being a downtown fashion designer. To her, a sueñito was something you keep a secret.” – Usnavi

In the Heights Quotes to Add to Your Must-Reads

26. “You’re just a kid. You don’t even know. For real. Dominican Republic’s going to blow your mind.” – Usnavi

27. “Abuela Claudia never had kids, so she adopted the whole block as her own. Adopted our sueñitos too.” – Usnavi

28. “If I made it back to the Dominican Republic, then we retained our roots. But Nina Rosario’s dreams were all about reach. Spelling bee champ, valedictorian, managed her dad’s business, and basically, she was like a little sister to me.” – Usnavi

29. “This is it huh? This is the moment you do better than me.” – Kevin Rosario

30. Vanessa: “Does your cousin dance?”

Sonny: “Like a drunk Cheetah Rivera.”

Are You Ready to Chase Your Biggest Dreams?

In the Heights talks about the common notion that people must leave their homes behind to reach big dreams. However, is that the best way to go about it?

Dreams are the foundation of our lives, and it stems from our childhood and home. So, it doesn’t make sense to leave those behind. Yes, things in your current community might hold you back from reaching something more, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to turn your back on them.

Through In the Heights, we understand how to conquer roadblocks scattered along the way to success. One of the most important and effective ways of doing so is by standing by people who love you. In the movie, Nina felt like she was betraying her loved ones by leaving home; she was discouraged, but the people who loved her stepped up to encourage and comfort her.

This is a clear example of why one shouldn’t turn their back on their family to reach their dreams. Family is family, and they will welcome you with open arms, no matter the circumstance. You can only chase your dreams by keeping their support and love in your heart.

There are many more insightful lessons we can learn from In the Heights. So, read this list again whenever you need something that’ll steer you in the right direction!

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