20 Christmas with the Kranks Quotes That’ll Hype You Up

Here are some Christmas with the Kranks quotes that’ll make you understand why no one should be left out when this holiday comes!

Everyone who feels like Christmas is a chore should watch this movie. It tells the story of a couple who plans to skip Christmas since their daughter is away anyway. At their age, it’s understandable that they find the holiday tasks a hassle.

This feeling is something we can all relate to. When we’re adults, the magic of Christmas seems to have dissipated, and we’re left with endless gift shopping and decorating. However, is this what this holiday is really about?

The Kranks’s neighbors don’t let them skip Christmas for a good reason. At the movie’s end, Luther and Nora go outside in the snow to observe the merry events inside their home. It’s clear that they both realized what the holiday truly meant and that no hassle will ever be compared to the joy it brings.

If you’re a fan of Christmas with the Kranks, you’ll love the quotes we’ve gathered. Read on and find your favorite lines from this classic movie!

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Best Christmas with the Kranks Quotes

1. “Santa always has to work on Christmas eve.” – Marty

2. “Skipping Christmas. What a stupid idea.” – Luther Krank

3. “People in a community stick together, even if one of them has been behaving for most of the holiday season like a spoiled, selfish, little baby.” – Vic Frohmeyer

4. “Blair is coming home for Christmas. And she’s bringing her boyfriend!” – Vic Frohmeyer

5. Nora Krank: “Finish your pasta.”

Luther Krank: “I’m finished with my pasta. It’s you I’m not finished with.”

6. “You’re skipping Christmas! Isn’t that against the law?” – Spike Frohmeyer

7. Luther Krank: “Smoked trout?”

Nora Krank: “It’s better than frozen pizza.”

Luther Krank: “What happened to the hickory honey ham?”

Nora Krank: “Don’t ever say hickory honey ham again.”

Christmas with the Kranks Quotes That Are Simply Unforgettable

8. “Who are you? Not a clue.” – Nora Krank

9. “I look like my mother, and she’s been dead, what, 15 years?” – Luther Krank

10. “This isn’t a joke. This is military. This is SEAL stuff. I saw it on Discovery channel.” – Luther Krank

11. “Free frosty! Free frosty!” – Neighbors

12. “I really think you need an umbrella!” – Marty

13. “I’m speechless! And your father is probably overwhelmed.” – Nora Krank

14. Spike Frohmeyer: “Are you sure this isn’t illegal?”

Luther Krank: “Are you a cop?”

Christmas with the Kranks Quotes to Add to Your Must-Reads

15. Nora Krank: “Why would we want to get tans before the cruise? I thought the idea was to get them during the cruise.”

Luther Krank: “Look at us; we kind of look like uncooked chicken.”

Daisy: “You look like a corpse. And you could use some help too.”

16. Walt Scheel: “Does this mean we have to start being nice to each other?”

Luther Krank: “Of course not.”

Walt Scheel: “Good, ’cause I still don’t like you that much.”

17. Nora Krank: “You forgot the white chocolate!”

Luther Krank: “They didn’t have any.”

Nora Krank: “Did you talk to Rex?”

Luther Krank: “Who’s Rex?”

Nora Krank: “The butcher.”

Luther Krank: “As odd as it sounds, I didn’t think to ask the butcher where the chocolate was!”

18. Nora Krank: “How much is this going to cost?”

Luther Krank: “Three thousand dollars.”

Nora Krank: “We save money?”

19. Father Zabriskie: “I don’t know who he is.”

Luther Krank: “He brings ham.”

Father Zabriskie: “Oh.”

20. “What are you doing? It’s not even Saturday night.” – Nora Krank

Did This List Leave You With New Insights Into This Holiday?

Christmas with the Kranks is a relatable movie, especially if you’re not celebrating with any kids. After all, everything just seems to light up when you’re a kid or if there’s a kid around. On the contrary, life’s harsh reality can wake you up to the world’s coldness when you’re an adult.

Thankfully, this Christmas movie will rekindle our hope and love for this holiday. Every scene tells us about the value of community, compassion, and selflessness.

The Kranks could have successfully skipped Christmas if it were not for their neighbors. The people around them were adamant that they should never let this holiday go by. Thus, they went to extreme lengths to help the Kranks, showing the true spirit of a community.

Through this, they could also highlight the holiday’s essence. It’s about having a sense of belongingness with the people around you. More than being a season of gift exchanges, Christmas is about love.

So, the next time you feel alone, watch Christmas with the Kranks again or read this list of its best quotes. You’ll find the true meaning of community and belongingness once you do!

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