100 Duke Nukem Quotes for Badass Gamers

These 100 Duke Nukem quotes we’ve gathered will give you insight into how action-packed this game series really is.

Ever since its release, Duke Nukem has become an icon in the gaming world. Its action-packed scenarios and references to pop culture made the game relatable and loved by the players. 

So, make sure you don’t miss out on our collection that features the most iconic lines from the game and its references. Buckle up and join Duke Nukem’s adventure to save the earth by reading this collection!

Check out the list below.

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Best Duke Nukem Quotes

1. “My name’s Duke Nukem. After some few days of R&R, I’ll be ready for some more action!” – Duke Nukem

2. “Damn, those alien bastards are gonna pay for shooting up my ride.” – Duke Nukem

3. “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum—and I’m all outta gum.” – Duke Nukem (They Live)

4. “Born to be wiiillllddd!” – Duke Nukem

5. “Your ass is grass, and I’ve got the weed whacker.” – Duke Nukem

6. “You’re wrong, Proton breath. I’ll be done with you and still have time to watch Oprah!” – Duke Nukem

7. “Mess with the best, you will die like the rest.” – Duke Nukem (Hackers)

8. “Are you crazy? Is that your problem?” – Duke Nukem

9. “I’ve got balls of steel.” – Duke Nukem

10. “That’s gonna leave a mark!” – Duke Nukem

11. “I’ll rip your head off and sh*t down your neck!” – Duke Nukem

12. “They don’t make ’em better than me!” – Duke Nukem

13. “Hmm, don’t have time to play with myself.” – Duke Nukem

14. “Blow it out your ass!” – Duke Nukem (They Live)

Iconic Duke Nukem Quotes

15. “Hail to the king, baby!” – Duke Nukem (Army of Darkness)

16. “Damn! I’m looking good!” – Duke Nukem

17. “Damn, that’s the second time those alien bastards shot up my ride!” – Duke Nukem

18. “I go where I please, and I please where I go.” – Duke Nukem

19. “Get the crap outta here!” – Duke Nukem

20. “Dying ain’t much of a living boy.” – Duke Nukem (The Outlaw Josey Wales)

21. “Now you see me, now you’re dead.” – Duke Nukem

22. “Little pig, little pig let me in. Or I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll kick your ass in!” – Duke Nukem (Three Little Pigs)

23. “Eat sh*t and die!” – Duke Nukem

24. “Your face, your ass—what’s the difference?” – Duke Nukem (Andrew Dice Clay)

25. “Damn, you’re ugly.” – Duke Nukem (Predator)

26. “Sometimes I even amaze myself.” – Duke Nukem (Star Wars)

27. “Hey, kids, you remember I’m a professional, don’t try this at home!” – Duke Nukem

28. “Damn, that was annoying!” – Duke Nukem

29. “You’re an inspiration for birth control.” – Duke Nukem

Funny Duke Nukem Quotes That’ll Make You Laugh

30. “My boot, your face—the perfect couple.” – Duke Nukem

31. “Babes, bullets, bombs. Damn! I love this job!” – Duke Nukem

32. “What are you waiting for? Christmas?” – Duke Nukem

33. “I like a good cigar and a bad woman.” – Duke Nukem

34. “Damn. Those alien maggots booby-trapped the sub!” – Duke Nukem

35. “I make this look good.” – Duke Nukem (Men in Black)

36. “So many babes, so little time.” – Duke Nukem

37. “Don’t get your panties all in a bunch.” – Duke Nukem

38. “Guess again, freakshow. I’m coming back to town, and the last thing that’s gonna go through your mind before you die—is my size-13 boot!” – Duke Nukem

39. “Don’t worry about it, saving chicks is what I’m all about!” – Duke Nukem

40. “Rest in pieces!” – Duke Nukem

41. “I always said, if there was a way to go, I’d have something to do with women, whips, and oil.” – Duke Nukem

42. “This is K-t-i-t. Ktit. Playing the breast—uh—the best tunes in town!” – Duke Nukem

43. “Looks like cleanup on aisle four.” – Duke Nukem

44. “What are you? Some bottom-feeding, scum-sucking algae eater?” – Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem Quotes Filled With Violence and Action

45. “Guns don’t kill mutants, I kill mutants.” – Duke Nukem

46. “Do or do not. There is no try.” – Duke Nukem (Star Wars)

47. “Looks like it’s time for me to go postal!” – Duke Nukem (Blood I)

48. “Ready for action!” – Duke Nukem

49. “Now this is a force to be reckoned with!” – Duke Nukem (Dark Forces)

50. “My gun’s bigger than yours.” – Duke Nukem

51. “Oooooooooh, that’s gotta hurt!” – Duke Nukem (Army of Darkness)

52. “Nobody jacks with our independence!” – Duke Nukem

53. “Suck my dick you little alien f*cks!” – Duke Nukem

54. “The bigger they are, the more they bleed!” – Duke Nukem

55. “Gonna rip ’em a new one.” – Duke Nukem

56. “It’s my way or hell, it’s my way!” – Duke Nukem

57. “Good, bad, I’m the guy with the gun!” – Duke Nukem (Army of Darkness)

58. “Oh, Silverback, one more thing. I’m gonna enjoy pissin’ on your dead body!” – Duke Nukem

59. “Power armor is for pussies!” – Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem Quotes That Showcase His Character

60. “This really pisses me off!” – Duke Nukem

61. “No way I’m eating this sh*t!” – Duke Nukem

62. “Nobody steals our chicks and lives!” – Duke Nukem

63. “Who wants some?” – Duke Nukem (Evil Dead 2)

64. “I ain’t afraid of no quake!” – Duke Nukem (Quake Video Game)

65. “We meet again, Doctor Jones!” – Duke Nukem

66. “Staying alive, staying alive.” – Duke Nukem

67. “Die, you son of a bitch!” – Duke Nukem (Jaws)

68. “Eh! Just a flesh wound.” – Duke Nukem (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

69. “You wanna dance?” – Duke Nukem

70. “Lucky son of a bitch!” – Duke Nukem

71. “This is gonna f*ck up my hair!” – Duke Nukem

72. “Nobody messes with my meat!” – Duke Nukem

73. “That hurt you more than it hurt me.” – Duke Nukem

74. “If I promised to kill you last, I lied.” – Duke Nukem (Commando)

Interesting Duke Nukem Quotes to Get To Know Him Better

75. “I don’t die that easy boys. Come on time for a jailbreak—by balls.” – Duke Nukem 

76. “And I thought cigars tasted bad!” – Duke Nukem

77. “I like big guns, and I cannot lie.” – Duke Nukem (Baby Got Back)

78. “Ah, New York! It’s my kind of town. If I can kill ’em here—I can kill ’em anywhere!” – Duke Nukem (Frank Sinatra)

79. “I’m your worst nightmare, you uninvited alien scum-sucker! And right now you’re all that stands between me and a planet full of babes—so get ready to bend over and kiss your *ss goodbye!” – Duke Nukem

80. “I ain’t got time to bleed!” – Duke Nukem (Predator)

81. “It’s locked, and I’m an *ss-kicker, not a safecracker.” – Duke Nukem

82. “I’m Duke Nukem. And I’m coming to get the rest of you alien bastards!” – Duke Nukem

83. “And I thought 10 guns was hard to carry!” – Duke Nukem

84. “I love the smell of bacon in the morning.” – Duke Nukem (Apocalypse Now)

85. “I guess he didn’t escape from L.A.” – Duke Nukem

86. “I’m gonna get medieval on your *ss*s!” – Duke Nukem

87. “I’m God’s gift to women!” – Duke Nukem

88. “Hmm, that’s one doomed space marine.” – Duke Nukem

89. “I’m an equal opportunity *ss-kicker.” – Duke Nukem 

More Duke Nukem Quotes 

90. “It’s time to abort your whole friggin’ species!” – Duke Nukem

91. “It ain’t no bike, but it sure beats the hell outta walking.” – Duke Nukem

92. “I think you need some downtime.” – Duke Nukem

93. “Get back to work, you slacker!” – Duke Nukem

94. “It’s down to you and me, you one-eyed freak!” – Duke Nukem

95. “Somebody’s gonna freakin’ pay for screwin’ up my vacation.” – Duke Nukem

96. “Harr matey, someone’s gonna take a long walk off a short gangplank!” – Duke Nukem

97. “Go ahead, make my day.” – Duke Nukem (Sudden Impact)

98. “Looks like the crap has hit the fan.” – Duke Nukem

99. “I’m climbing a ladder—to heaven.” – Duke Nukem (Stairway to Heaven)

100. “I’m sorry, did I break your concentration?” – Duke Nukem (Pulp Fiction)

Did These Duke Nukem Quotes Make You Want to Play the Actual Game?

Duke Nukem started as a simple platform and later became one of the best FPS games in the 1990s. It was designed to be playable by old and young gamers, so it’s very inclusive.

Playing this game will not only entertain you but will also help you gain some survival knowledge. And maybe, this is the reason why many people still love the game series even up to this day.

Hopefully, the lines in this collection were able to inspire you to live life in the most badass way you can. Let this list encourage you to never give up, even in the darkest time. 

Have you ever played the Duke Nukem video game series? Do you have any quotes you’d like us to add? Please, list them down below.

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