25 Hotel Transylvania Quotes to Understand a Parent’s Love

Here are some Hotel Transylvania quotes that are perfect for everyone who loves comedy, animation, monsters, and more!

No matter where we go or how old we get, our parents will always be our number one and best protectors. They will do everything just to keep us safe and happy, just like what Count Dracula did for his daughter, Mavis. He built Hotel Transylvania—a human-free place—because he didn’t want humans to harm his family.

Hotel Transylvania is kept hidden away from any humans. In a way, it also became a safe haven for other monsters. However, no matter how hard Count Dracula tries to protect his child, fate will always find its way into things.

Jonathan Loughran, a human, finds his way into Hotel Transylvania. He and Mavis then hit it off, and they fall in love. As a father, Count Dracula’s first instinct was to banish Jonathan to protect his daughter.

But, how can he do that if Jonathan is someone who makes his daughter happy? Indeed, Hotel Transylvania is a well-animated movie packed with funny scenes and meaningful lessons. If you want to know what happens in the end, read on!

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Best Hotel Transylvania Quotes

1. “Children need to discover things for themselves.” – Count Dracula

2. Jonathan Loughran: “Are these monsters gonna kill me?”

Count Dracula: “Not as long as they think you’re a monster.”

Jonathan Loughran: “That’s kinda racist.”

3. “I always thought the worst thing ever would be seeing you go, but the worst is seeing you unhappy.” – Count Dracula

4. Jonathan Loughran: “Wait. Aren’t you going to suck my blood?”

Count Dracula: “Classic human paranoia. Human blood is so fatty, and you never know where it’s been.”

Jonathan Loughran: “So, Dracula doesn’t drink blood?”

Count Dracula: “No, I use a blood substitute. Either near blood or blood beaters. You can’t tell the difference.”

5. Count Dracula: “Welcome to Hotel Transylvania! Human-free since 1898. Your safest destination. Take an itinerary. I have personally designed a spectacular schedule of events, all leading to my daughter’s birthday extravaganza tomorrow.”

Elderly Gremlin’s Husband: “We always look forward to coming every year, Count. We enjoy the safety so much.”

Count Dracula: “Of course. That’s why we built it.”

6. “It doesn’t matter where you came from, or how different you are. A zing only happens once in your life, you have to cherish it.” – Mavis Dracula

7. “Family is everything. You have to honor the past but we make our own future.” – Count Dracula

8. Jonathan Loughran: “I’m Dracula, bleh bleh bleh!”

Count Dracula: “I’ve never said that in my life. ‘Bleh bleh bleh.’ I don’t know where that comes from!”

9. Knight Armor: “Sir, sir, we have an urgent plumbing issue.”

Count Dracula: “Plumbing?”

Knight Armor: “There is a clogged toilet in room 348.”

Count Dracula: “It’s okay, we all get stomach aches, Mr. Bigfoot.”

10. Jonathan Loughran: “Uh, can I just ask? What exactly is this place?”

Count Dracula: “What is this place? It’s a place I built for all those monsters out there lurking in the shadows. Hiding from the persecution of humankind. A place for them and their families to come to and be themselves. A place void of torches, pitchforks, and angry mobs. A place of peace, relaxation, and tranquility.”

Jonathan Loughran: “Cool, so it’s like a hotel for monsters?”

Count Dracula: “Yes, exactly. A hotel for monsters, way to sum it up.”

Hotel Transylvania Quotes That’ll Pique Your Curiosity

11. Mavis Dracula: “Dad, you said when I turned 118 I could go out in the world like every other adult that gets to come and go from this hotel. ‘But Mavy wavy, it’s not safe, bleh bleh bleh.’ Dad, 30 years ago you promised. I remember we were both eating mice and you specifically said that you gave me your word.”

Count Dracula: “Good morning, Mavy wavy. Happy birthday, my little mouse.”

Mavis Dracula: “Dad, I know it’s my birthday.”

Count Dracula: “I have so much fun planned! Woo hoo! But first, we go catch some scorpions together, just the two of us. Yes?”

Mavis Dracula: “Dad, just let me speak. There’s something we have to talk about.”

Count Dracula: “You want to go out in the world, you can.”

Mavis Dracula: “I knew you were going to say that. You know that I know that a Dracula’s word is sacred, that trust is the core of our—wait, what?”

Count Dracula: “I said you can go.”

Mavis Dracula: “You’re just playing with me.”

Count Dracula: “No, no, no, you’re old enough to drive a hearse now, you’re old enough to make your own choices. You can go.”

Mavis Dracula: “Holy rabies! Holy rabies!”

12. Mavis Dracula: “Hey guys.”

Frankenstein: “You excited about tomorrow?”

Mavis Dracula: “Not as excited as I am right now. You’re not going to believe this but dad is letting me go out on my own to see a human village.”

Everyone: “What?”

Eunice: “Excuse me, Drac. Have you lost it? Letting your daughter out there with those horrible humans you always tell us about? That’s why you built this place. They hate us. They’re vicious and they’re very loud!”

13. Mavis Dracula: “Dad, everyone here is ancient. I want to go out and see the world.”

Count Dracula: “No, honey, you’re too young.”

Mavis Dracula: “I’m a hundred and eighteen years old.”

14. Mavis Dracula: “I thought we zinged, dad.”

Count Dracula: “You and Johnny?”

Mavis Dracula: “I guess, it was just me.”

Iconic Hotel Transylvania Quotes for Solid Fans of the Movie

15. Mavis Dracula: “You came back? Why?”

Jonathan Loughran: “Because you’re my zing, Mavis.”

16. “The last thing I’ll want to do is hurt her and you.” – Jonathan Loughran

17. Jonathan Loughran: “So is it true about the garlic thing?”

Count Dracula: “Yes, I can’t have it. Makes my throat swell up.”

18. “If you only see the worst in things, you’ll miss the best part.” – Jonathan Loughran

19. Count Dracula: “A human? Who are you and how did you find this place?”

Jonathan Loughran: “Oh I’m Jonathan and I was just mountain climbing with some dudes and heard this story about a spooky forest. Who’s not going to go into a spooky forest, right? Then I see these goofy-looking dudes on fire and I just kind of followed them to this, like an amazing castle.”

Count Dracula: “How many of you are there?”

Jonathan Loughran: “Just me, I like to hit it alone. You meet so many awesome people in the youth hostels. Speaking of awesome, that cape thing is killing it!”

More Hotel Transylvania Quotes for Those Who Are Interested in Transformania

20. “All Johnny wanted was to feel like he was part of the family.” – Mavis Dracula

21. “I guess it’s always been hard to see the positive side of things.” – Count Dracula

22. “Look at us, Drac. You’re human, and I’m a monster. It’s like freaky Friday but on a Tuesday though.” – Jonathan Loughran

23. “I didn’t see you. Your kindness, your energy, your Johnny-ness.” – Count Dracula

24. “Getting lost and falling to your death is super fun.” – Jonathan Loughran

25. “Johnny is giving me the biggest headache of my entire existence right now.” – Count Dracula

Did This Collection Help You Realize That Your Parents Can Sacrifice Anything for Your Happiness?

It’s a given fact that our parents wiggle their way into our lives, no matter how old we get. We might find it annoying at times. But, remember that they only want the best for us and protect us.

This happens in Hotel Transylvania, where Count Dracula tends to control his daughter’s life too much. He was consumed by his fear of humans, which later led him to make terrible decisions that hurt his daughter’s emotions.

However, as a father, he cannot afford to see Mavis in pain because of his actions. So, he does everything he can to accept that his daughter has grown up and can make decisions for herself.

Like what we’ve learned from Count Dracula, the unknown will always be daunting. But, choose to let go of your fear so you can experience more of what the world has to offer. Pain, regrets, and suffering are inevitable, but it is through these things that you can grow.

We hope that this collection was able to help you realize just how much your parents love you. At the same time, let Count Dracula’s realizations be your stepping stones toward being braver and more confident in facing what’s ahead!

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