40 Jack Harlow Quotes and Lyrics on Love & Ambition

There’s no better way to learn about pursuing your goals and building strong relationships than by reading these Jack Harlow quotes we’ve gathered.

Jack Harlow has been in the music scene since 2015, releasing several mixtapes and EPs. However, it was only in 2020 that he got a life-changing breakthrough through his music.

When WHATS POPPIN was released, it almost instantly rose to the top with the help of the song’s TikTok popularity. It also didn’t hurt that Jack Harlow had a lot of remixes with world-renowned rappers like Lil Wayne and DaBaby.

Jack Harlow has been swept amid many awards and recognitions following this release’s success. But, it goes without saying that his success didn’t happen overnight.

Instead, it took him years of never-ending faith and perseverance. So, learn more about him and his music through this collection of the best Jack Harlow quotes below.

Best Jack Harlow Quotes

1. “A response is better than no response.”

2. “All I want to be seen as is the truth. I didn’t come in here with a persona.”

3. “We’re not supposed to know what the world thinks of us. Even at this level, it’s not really healthy as a person.”

4. “I know that people have opinions about me, but it’s not healthy for me to know all of them. And if you go looking for them, you’re asking for it. So, aside from that, I know all the controversy ages well.”

5. “I don’t know if credibility is a requirement to have success, but it’s important to me.”

6. “All our greats have been through the controversy and have been crucified and made to be seen as a villain. And then it ages, and the art speaks. So I don’t trip.”

7. “Sometimes, great music doesn’t have to just be about, ‘Look how great I am.’ This is grown music. This is adult music. And I think my voice has really settled into this manlier space.”

8. “Abandonment issues I’m getting treated for; how much water can I fit under the bridge before it overflows?”

Inspirational Jack Harlow Quotes

9. “I’m in the business of turning skeptics to believers.”

10. “I think it’s liberating to show the totality of who I am.”

11. “I just let the music speak, and the raps speak. The song is undeniable. It’s just one of them records.”

12. “I think when you show that vulnerability and you show your weaknesses, it makes that strength and those superman qualities feel more believable. By showing both sides, each side then becomes more compelling.”

13. “There’s always a delay in being seen how you want to be seen, but it comes eventually if you put the work in.”

14. “Everyone kind of gets a chance to feel it and anticipate it. And then secondly, the music ages well, and it’s timeless.”

15. “I’m excited for the world to find out more about me because I can see them getting to know me better, month by month, and really getting closer to having a grasp on who I want to be seen as.”

Jack Harlow Quotes to Better Understand His Ambitions and Goals

16. “Grind all day; that is my strategy.”

17. “Gotta keep workin’ ’cause I’m chasin’ a dream.”

18. “Looking ’round, it’s hard to believe where I’m at.”

19. “Nobody wants it as bad as we want it.”

20. “I don’t wish for my success; I speak it.”

Jack Harlow Quotes and Lyrics About Love

21. “When I said I loved you, know I really thought I meant it.”

22. “My baby not religious, but she looks just like a goddess.”

23. “Girl, you‘re poison, poison, poison, poison. But the good kind.”

24. “I need me a ride or die.”

25. “I don’t never get sick of you. And that right there is a sure sign you’rе mine.”

26. “Sometimes it feels like you’re all that I know.”

Jack Harlow Lines for Great Instagram Captions

27. “You can’t put me in a box.”

28. “Proving people wrong and showing my range.”

29. “I think authenticity resonates with people.”

30. “I try to make music that isn’t just about me.”

Funny Jack Harlow Quotes to Read Over and Over

31. “Y’all well dressed, but you ain’t got soul, and you just can’t sew it on.”

32. “Verified I tried to be kind; now I’m speaking my mind.”

33. “People say I’m the life of the party ‘cause I tell a joke or two.”

34. “Look at all that soul. Stand next to me, and you might develop some.”

35. “It’s obvious I’m excellent, and you would be the opposite.”

More Jack Harlow Quotes to Revisit His Best Bars

36. “Can’t touch me; I got instincts.”

37. “You can find my name beside, ‘Smooth’ in the thеsaurus.”

38. “Quit all the gossip, I’m simply a product of people I rock with.”

39. “Straight from the bottom, you know I ain’t changing.”

40. “I’m done fakin’ humble; actin’ like I ain’t conceited.”

Which of Jack Harlow’s Lyrics Spoke to Your Heart?

Jack Harlow’s songs have much to do with love, sensuality, and other emotions. However, apart from speaking his true feelings through his music, we also learn about grinding and never giving up on what we want to achieve.

Many love Jack Harlow for his confident yet humble persona. Additionally, he gained many fans because of his personality and ability to be in tune with his feelings.

Yet, it wasn’t easy for Harlow to achieve this; in fact, he had a hard time finding his voice. Nonetheless, with perseverance, effort, and time, he slowly found what he should be all about.

Apart from his many quotes and lyrics about love, Jack Harlow also speaks of the grind and the hustle. In one of his quotes, he says he’s all about grinding all day; Harlow’s passionate about it as he believes it’s the best strategy to get closer to his goals.

When his breakthrough song, WHATS POPPIN, ranked in the lists, he didn’t stop there. Jack Harlow jumped at the opportunity and did countless collaborations with other artists to further his career.

Rap is indeed an excellent way for people to find relatable pieces of music that’ll guide them in life. With that, we hope you were able to learn a thing or two from the collection of Jack Harlow quotes above.

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