30 Kid Ink Quotes on Music, Success, and Moving Forward

If you need some inspiration to stay true to yourself and pursue your passions, then these Kid Ink quotes are perfect for you.

Kid Ink is a rapper, singer, and producer famous for his radio-friendly hits. He is a Los Angeles-based artist who quickly earned success from his Full Speed album. With his album’s rise to the Billboard charts, so did his fame and influence.

But, more than being an inspiration in the field of music, Kid Ink is an artist who can teach and motivate you in life. His lyrics and words will surely push you to be yourself and keep shining in everything you do.

In his music, he proves that you can be tough even with all the people who bring you down. Keep doing what you love and pay no mind to the mean comments from haters and naysayers. 

Awaken the best version yourself by checking out our collection below containing some of his wisest words. Aside from the things you’ll learn, these Kid Ink quotes will definitely entertain you and make you want to listen to his music!

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Best Kid Ink Quotes

1. “Forget the risk and take the fall. If it’s what you want, then it’s worth the fall.”

2. “What doesn’t kill me can only make me stronger.”

3. “It’s better to speak your mind and tell the truth than to stay silent and lie to yourself.”

4. “You gotta f*ck up before you get sh*t right.”

5. “I don’t know about you, but I’m living in the moment. You can hate if you want, but I’mma keep it rolling.”

6. “Got to live every night like it’s the end of my life.”

7. “Being positive doesn’t mean ignoring the negative. Being positive means overcoming the negative.”

8. “I want to reach as many people as possible while staying true to myself.”

9. “To be comfortable in your skin was the biggest topic for me because I’m somebody who’s always judged just by how I look. I wanted to get the message across that you don’t have to hide yourself or be glamorous, just be you.”

Kid Ink Quotes That’ll Always Be Cool

10. “Really ain’t one to boast, but I’m doing better than most.”

11. “Never gave a f*ck, probably never will.”

12. “The potential is unlimited.”

13. “Don’t be distracted by doubters.”

14. “Treat me like a joke, and I’ll leave you like it’s funny.”

15. “These haters hate so much, I just had to say thanks for the inspiration.”

16. “I don’t wear a tie, but they say I’m living the life of a boss.”

17. “You can tell ’em that I’ve been from hell and back.”

18. “I swear I walk with God, but Satan gives chase.”

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Kid Ink Quotes That Are Full of Meaning

19. “I try to be true to myself, yet still, at the same time, look at comments and look at what the fans have to say and kind of put it in perspective. I’m never someone who’s not open to opinions. I’m always just down to make it work and see how we can do things, but at the end of the day, I always want to make sure it represents me. It’s really about just being humble and not selling yourself on being there already.”

20. “I don’t regret my past. I just regret the time I’ve wasted on the wrong people.”

21. “I’ve seen people who don’t have deals get features from people that labels can’t even get features from because you gotta show face and be in-tune with these guys who still have that independent mindset as far as how you hustle yourself. Because they only really care at the end of the day about the dollars.”

22. “Dreaming about a moment that’ll change my life. Don’t wanna wake up, turn off the lights.”

23. “All about my money, you can see it in my money, you can see it in my clothes. ‘Cause everything goes, every chain is gold. I done paid my way down this yellow brick road.”

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More Kid Ink Quotes to Learn About His Music

24. “My agenda will never change from making good music and staying relevant.”

25. “I feel so blessed to be in this position, but it all starts with the music 100%. That won’t change.”

26. “I feel like when you’re an artist, and you first come out, people don’t want you to be as creative as you could possibly be as a musician. More so, they really want you to stick to something.”

27. “It’s natural for me to step into the beat-making side of things next in the future.”

28. “I still let myself be a fan of music, and that motivates me to want to be better than certain people or just getting the same love. Nothing is new under the sun, so you can’t be afraid to take things from others and try to flip them and make them your own at the end of the day.”

29. “I’m never too nervous about releasing music. I like to see what the people think because it helps me make myself better as an artist for them.”

30. “I could always hold a melody, but I was never like, I’m going to be a singer. So I’m able to use that when I write. I’m actually playing the beat with my voice. Instead of thinking about coming up with melodies, it’s like filling in the instruments. So sometimes it’s better to have beats with less melodies in them because then I can play more with my vocals.”

Did These Kid Ink Quotes Inspire You to Keep Doing What You Love?

All of us have the desire to pursue the things we want in life. However, reality is much more complicated than having the passion for reaching our dreams. It requires strength, hard work, and tenacity for us to be able to materialize our aspirations.

Like Kid Ink, we should strive to be consistent and persevering to reach success in life. His words highlight his determination in producing music despite his haters and harsh critics. In a way, through this, he inspired people to pursue their passions and always be themselves.

With that, we hope that these Kid Ink quotes were able to motivate you to reach your goals. Remember, believe in yourself and work hard, and you will soon live your dreams.

Which Kid Ink quote is your favorite? Are you a fan of his music? Leave a comment below.

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