45 Pitbull Quotes From This Inspiring and Charismatic Rapper

These Pitbull quotes will undoubtedly have you tapping on your Spotify to listen to his best and most meaningful lyrics.

Armando Christian Pérez, known worldwide as Pitbull, is a man of many talents. He’s a singer, rapper, songwriter, businessman, and even an actor.

It might come as something obvious, but Pitbull took his stage name from the actual dog breed. After all, he believes that, like the pit bull, he’s been in a constant fight—a constant struggle—to do better, achieve his dreams, and make a mark on the world.

For him, pit bulls “bite to lock,” and this is something he resonates with. Well, it’s safe to say that all his hard work paid off, as he has sold over 25 million studio albums and over 100 million singles.

Learn more about what shaped him into the rapper he is today through these Pitbull quotes we’ve compiled. We’re positive you’ll leave feeling a bit more inspired to conquer your day!

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Best Pitbull Quotes

1. “Every day above ground is a great day; remember that.”

2. “If you continue to work hard, let that be the fuel to your fire.”

3. “Everything is humble and positive energy.”

4. “I’m taking all the negatives in my life and turning them into a positive.”

5. “I don’t understand the word ‘lose.’ I only understand the word ‘learn.”

6. “There’s no success without failure and no winning without losing.”

7. “Patience, passion, and perseverance equals success.”

8. “I can be a part of everything. Every movement.”

9. “There’s always something going on, and people need that 45-minute-to-an-hour-and-15-minute break, where they just escape and not worry about bills, healthcare—and God knows what. That, to me, is when you’re making great music: when people can just forget about what’s going on.” 

Famous Pitbull Quotes

10. “I work hard. But I play hard, too.”

11. “I’m definitely someone who enjoys life and wakes up with a ball of energy.”

12. “This industry is 90% business, 10% talent.”

13. “I’ve always had goals, always had visions, always had a plan, always been very strategic.”

14. “It’s all about music because music is basically what’s been my avenue out of maybe being involved in things I shouldn’t be.”

15. “Don’t just give me an advance. I want a percentage.”

Inspirational Pitbull Quotes

16. “Humor is everything. Everything. Usually, the negatives turned out to be the most positive for me.”

17. “My owner is life, and that’s what I fight for.”

18. “Don’t be afraid to lose. Listen. And always invest in yourself.”

19. “As far as the fans, I always say it because it’s the truth: without them, I’m absolutely nothing.”

20. “Show the world where you’re from; show the world we are one.”

21. “Every time I reach a new audience, that means I’m doing something right.”

22. “I’m just here to open up doors for all these other cats out here that are trying to do the same thing, really.”

23. “I feel like I’ve been fighting in music and creating new ways and new opportunities to make things work even when people thought it wouldn’t.”

24. “Just out here workin’ hard and doin’ what we do best: grind, hustle, and anything possible to create new opportunities.” 

Pitbull Quotes Packed With Life Lessons

25. “Life is to live it, not to let it live you.” 

26. “I was taught in kindergarten: sharing is caring.”

27. “Punish the deed, not the breed.”

28. “Simplicity is the key to success.”

29. “I’m sharp. What the street taught me how to do is how to hustle. How to make something out of nothing.”

30. “Blood is thicker than water. At least they say it is.”

Pitbull Quotes That’ll Give You Insights Into Music and His Career

31. “I’m so passionate about making good music.”

32. “One thing that’s never gonna go, you know, go sour is good music.”

33. “I already had three strikes against me. One, I have light skin. Two, I’m from Miami, which wasn’t getting looked at at the time. Three, I’m Cuban. But now, I’ve made everything that stacked against me into a virtue.”

34. “One night, I’ll be in Los Angeles, and it’ll be a Latin crowd, and then another night, I’ll go to Fresno, and it’ll be an all-Black crowd. To me, that’s the beauty of the music.”

35. “I grew up around salsa, merengue, bachata, bass music, freestyle, hip hop, techno, house, rave.”

Short Pitbull Quotes

36. “I’m no longer an artist; I’m a business partner.”

37. “You can’t get much Whiter than me.”

38. “My whole thing is just being a part of good music.”

39. “M.I.A.M.I means, ‘Money is a motivation.’”

40. “I make music with no boundaries.”

Pitbull Quotes and Lyrics for Instagram

41. “You only got one life, And we gonna live it up.”

42. “Just cause you ain’t me, don’t hate me. As a matter of fact, you should thank me.”

43. “Word of advice: want a happy life? Don’t look for what you don’t want to find.”

44. “You can go anywhere in the world. And you know that they know about me.”

45. “Man, I paid my dues and earned my stripes. Took all the wrong in my life, and I made it right.”

Did Pitbull Make a Difference in Your Life in One Way or Another?

Though Pitbull has billions of views on YouTube, reaching success wasn’t a piece of cake for him. In fact, his very stage name reflects the tenacity and perseverance he had to have to find success.

However, no matter how difficult it was for him to make a name for himself and establish himself in the industry, Pitbull believed that each and every day given to him was a gift. He believed in this message so much that he incorporated it into his song with Ne-Yo, Time of Our Lives.

Pitbull said, “Every day above ground is a great day; remember that.” So, live by this quote and lyric and live each day to the fullest.

The path to the top of the mountain will be bumpy and sometimes even unpaved. Even so, never ever give up; be grateful and just do your best every single day.

With that, we hope this list of Pitbull quotes was able to inspire you. Save it in your bookmarks for easy access!

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