25 Jar Jar Binks Quotes That’ll Have Fans’ Minds Reeling

Dive deep into the mind of one of the most iconic Sith Lords in the franchise by checking these Jar Jar Binks quotes we’ve collected.

Unlike most Sith Lords, Darth Jar Jar, commonly called Jar Jar Binks, was clumsy and annoying. Many of his peers didn’t want to be around him, and he was even banished from his homeland because of his clumsiness.

Jar Jar Binks was also somewhat naive. Nevertheless, when needed, he could be brave and fiercely loyal; though he was underestimated, he never let others’ negativity take a toll on him.

So, many were surprised when he played a significant role in the Invasion of Naboo. Jar Jar Binks even became an ally to Queen Padmé Amidala and a good friend to Master Qui-Gon Jinn.

As he matured and learned more about the world and war, Jar Jar Binks used his seemingly innocent and kind nature to outsmart his opponents. He is undoubtedly a vital piece to the Star Wars franchise, no matter how odd he might be!

Check out our collection of Jar Jar Binks quotes below. We’re sure you’ll gain a better understanding of this one-of-a-kind Sith Lord at the end!

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Best Jar Jar Binks Quotes

1. “Howsa yousa creatin’ life?”

2. “Hmmm—yousa point is well seen. Dis way, hurry!”

3. “If those droids attackin’ us, Padmé’s probably in trouble.”

4. “Millions will be starvin’ and dyin’ without your help.”

5. “Mesa knowing mesa be big help with the negotiations.”

6. Jar Jar Binks: “Ooh, mooey mooey, I love you!”

Qui-Gon Jinn: “You almost got us killed! Are you brainless?”

Jar Jar Binks: “I spake!”

Qui-Gon Jinn: “The ability to speak does not make you intelligent. Now get out of here.”

Jar Jar Binks: “No, no, mesa stay. Mesa culled Jar Jar Binks. Mesa your humble servant.”

Jar Jar Binks Quotes From the Star Wars Franchise

7. “Monsters out dere, leakin’ in here, all sinkin’ an’ no power? When are yousa tinkin’ wesa in trouble?!”

8. “Obi? Obi! Mesa so smilen to seein’ yousa!”

9. “Dissen ganna be bery messy! Me no watchin’!”

10. “Shesa happy. Happier den mesa seein’ her in a longo time.”

11. “Yousa should follow me now, okeeday? My warning yous. Gungans no like outsiders. Don’t ‘spect a warm welcome.”

12. “Gungans no dyin’ withouta fight. Wesa warriors. Wesa got a grand army. That’s why you no likin’ us, mesa thinks.”

Short Jar Jar Binks Lines That Are Simply Iconic

13. “How wuude!”

14. “Something’s wrongo here.”

15. “Well, mesa more of a deep thinker.”

16. “Whaten dey speaking?”

Funny Jar Jar Binks Quotes for a Good Laugh

17. “He’s a very, very good tongue grabbing.”

18. “Mesa hatin’ crunching. That’s the last thing mesa wanting.”

19. “Lookee. Lookee, it’s a swamp planet, just like home. Mesa have to get going.”

20. “Count me outta dis one. Better dead here than deader in the Core. Ye gods, whatta mesa sayin’?!”

Jar Jar Binks Quotes to Know More About This Sith Lord

21. “Ex-squeeze-me, but de mostest safest place would be Gunga City. Is where I grew up. ‘Tis a hidden city.”

22. “It’s a clear desa separatists made a pact wesa desa Federation du Trade. Senators, dellow felagates. In response to this direct threat to the Republic, mesa propose that the Senate give immediately emergency powers to the Supreme Chancellor.”

23. “‘Tis embarrassing, but, uh, my afraid my’ve been banished. My forgotten. Da bosses would do terrible tings to me—terrible tings to me if me gone back dare.”

24. “When in trouble, Gungans go to sacred place. Mesa show you. Come on. Mesa show you!”

25. Jar Jar Binks: “Where wesa goin’?”

Qui-Gon Jinn: “Don’t worry. The Force will guide us.”

Jar Jar Binks: “Oh, maxi big da Force. Well, dat smells stinkowiff.”

Did This Collection Change Your Views on Jar Jar Binks and His Role in Star Wars?

Star Wars is a well-received and loved franchise. However, like everything, it’s not a complete success, and parts of the series received negative criticism and reviews. 

One of these is Jar Jar Binks’s character. Critics say he’s an unnecessary piece to the story and was only added to make Star Wars appeal to children through comedy.

Though this statement holds some truth, Jar Jar Binks is still an iconic part of Star Wars that shaped it into what it is now. After all, irony, paradoxes, and surprises make Star Wars unique and memorable.

Jar Jar Binks was hated by viewers and most of those he interacted with in the franchise. Even so, he still surprised everyone when he stepped up and played a vital role as Queen Padmé Amidala’s ally.

Regardless of your stand on Jar Jar Binks’s presence in the franchise, let’s all remember that he still served a great purpose in the story. Let the quotes above remind you of this whenever you watch any Star Wars media moving forward!

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