55 Jhin Quotes From This Terrifying League of Legends Killer

Get ready for chills to run down your spine when you check out the most blood-curdling Jhin quotes from the League of Legends game franchise!

In League of Legends, we encounter a terrifying masked psychopath called Jhin. He is a serial killer and assassin who believes killing is an art.

Jhin uses his gun as a paintbrush, his victims as canvas, and their blood as his paint. His murders result in artistic and mad masterpieces unique to him.

Apart from this, Jhin is also a crafter and smith, with most, if not all, of his weapons designed by him. Jhin also has talent in calligraphy, music, and singing—making him a master of all kinds of art, perfect for his killing spree technique.

Though Jhin can terrify you from a mile away, LOL made him even more omnipotent with his new skin, Dark Cosmic Jhin. In this skin, he gets consumed by insatiable hunger and the desire to kill.

Learn more about his art and technique through the collection of Jhin quotes below. We’ve gathered his best lines from the game franchise we’re sure you’ll enjoy!

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Best Jhin Quotes

1. “In carnage, I bloom like a flower in the dawn.”

2. “My genius will be understood—eventually.”

3. “Perfection isn’t good enough.”

4. “Death is certain, but killing doesn’t have to be ugly.”

5. “What is a god, without words to fear him?”

6. “Everyone wears a mask. I just chose to create my own.”

7. “What lies beneath my mask? The universe, as I was meant to make it.”

8. “Life has no meaning, but your death shall.”

9. “The end is important in all things.”

10. “The truth comes only at the moment of dying.”

Dark Jhin Quotes That’ll Haunt You

11. “Bliss comes only in the moment before I fire.”

12. “Behind every mask is another mask.”

13. “The world is cruel. It does not have to be ugly.”

14. “I have risen from the filth and muck. I am the lotus blossom. I am beauty.”

15. “Death should never be quick. It should be an opera.”

16. “Each bullet is a piece of my soul. Each shot is a piece of me.”

17. “You shoot to kill; you better hit the heart.”

18. “I want to feel everything, and then nothing.”

19. “They’re puppets. I pull their strings, and then they dance.”

20. “It’s fun to kill a man—to take all that he had, and could ever have.”

Jhin Quotes About Art

21. “They call me mad. All artists are mad.”

22. “Art is worth the pain.”

23. “You wanted to kill me back then, didn’t you? You will learn—art cannot be killed.”

24. “Art must exist beyond reason.”

25. “Art requires a certain cruelty.”

26. “Art shall blossom from your fear.”

27. “This art is a compulsion. I cannot resist it.”

28. “No poet’s words could match my craft.”

29. “You only understand harmony. Discord is required for contrast.”

30. “You are mediocrity. My genius will supplant you.”

31. “Killing you will be one of my finest works.”

32. “With my technique, killing blooms into artwork!”

33. “I do what others will not. That alone is innovation.”

34. “So many guns, all lacking in meaning or artistry.”

Jhin Quotes for Everyone Who Loves the League of Legends Franchise

35. “I am the singer without a voice, the dancer without legs.”

36. “Your life had no value before me.”

37. “When you speak, I don’t hear god; I hear an idiot babbling.”

38. “Which is the lie? The mask, or my face?”

39. “Smiles, everyone, smiles!”

40. “Here’s the thing, I don’t need your god. I need more time for my production.”

41. “An icon doesn’t have to explain himself.”

42. “This stage is beneath my talent, but I shall elevate it.”

43. “I wonder what they think when they see me.”

44. “Until they stop me, I will keep going.”

45. “They will dance, they will sing, they will die!”

More Jhin Quotes to Ponder On

46. “I envy silence because I must be loud.”

47. “You should learn the power of silence.”

48. “Face the crowd, and bleed for them.”

49. “I live for the applause; you will die for it.”

50. “Yes, the gun is ironic.”

51. “The stars are my eyes, and one by one, I must blind them.”

52. “It is only when the gun fires that I am alive.”

53. “Each bullet will be a dance.”

54. “I never hurt anyone. It is the performance that kills.”

55. “People scare better when they’re dying.”

Did You Learn Anything From Jhin’s Passion for Art and Killing?

Jhin is obsessed with art, killing, and perfection. He always wants to go above and beyond perfect.

He has a different line of thinking many don’t understand. Killing is inherent in Jhin; it’s one of his defining characteristics.

However, there is more to him than violence and spilling blood. One of his best quotes goes, “In carnage, I bloom like a flower in the dawn.”

Jhin’s profound line above talks about dealing with adversity and how, after everything, you can emerge as a more resilient and braver person. No matter how hard, do your best to thrive and survive!

Remember that the thorny path you’re on right now won’t last forever. At the end of the tunnel, you will find the light that’ll guide you to where you’re supposed to be.

With that, we hope this collection was able to give you a better understanding of Jhin. Let’s all look past his violent tendencies as a killer and remember the lesson on resilience we’re learned today.

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