190 Darkest Dungeon Quotes on Gameplay and Tactics

You better check out these Darkest Dungeon quotes if you want to relive the scenes of your gameplay and the adrenaline rush you had when playing.

There are many real-life and virtual lessons embedded in this game. So, we’re sure that this collection of quotes we’ve gathered will improve your gameplay and strategy. 

Red Hook Games created this video game, and it has been a hit since its January 19, 2016 release. Darkest Dungeon will put your decision-making, wit, and patience to the test.

Check out our list below if you wish to enhance your gameplay.

Let’s go!

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Best Darkest Dungeon Quotes

1. ‎”Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.” – Narrator 

2. “I remember days when the sun shone and laughter could be heard from the tavern.” – Narrator 

3. “Ruin has come to our family.” – Narrator 

4. “Prodigious size alone does not dissuade the sharpened blade.” – Narrator 

5. “Leave nothing unchecked, there is much to be found in forgotten places.” – Narrator

6. “Behold the heart of the world! Progenitor of life, father and mother, alpha and omega! Our creator—and our destroyer.” – Narrator 

7. “Brigands have run off these lanes. Keep to the side path—the hamlet is just ahead.” – Narrator 

8. “The mighty sword arm anchored by holy purpose—a zealous warrior.” – Narrator

9. “Many fall in the face of chaos, but not this one. Not today.” – Narrator

10. “The cost of preparedness—measured now in gold, later in blood.” – Narrator 

11. “Monstrous size has no intrinsic merit, unless inordinate exsanguination be considered a virtue.” – Narrator 

12. “My obsession caused this great foulness, and it is shameful that I must rely upon you to set it right.” – Narrator

13. “‘We are the flame,’ they cry, ‘and darkness fears us!’” – Narrator 

14. “In that limitless chasm of chaos—they will realize the truth of it. ‘We are not the flame,’ they will cry out, ‘We are but moths and we are doomed!’” – Narrator 

15. “These nightmarish creatures can be felled! They can be beaten!” – Narrator 

Famous Darkest Dungeon Quotes

16. “Once again, the stars are right and the manor sits at the very epicenter of cosmic unrest. Cultists rally to their twisted idols and great gongs sound in anticipation of the coming sacrifices. Far below, life-laden shadows pulse to the unrelenting rhythm of a beating heart.” – Narrator 

17. “This sprawling estate—a mecca of madness and morbidity. Your work begins.” – Narrator 

18. “The front line of this war is not in the dungeon, but rather, inside the mind.” – Narrator

19. “Welcome home, such as it is. This squalid hamlet, these corrupted lands, they are yours now, and you are bound to them.” – Narrator 

20. “Dispatch this thug in brutal fashion, that all may hear of your arrival!” – Narrator 

21. “An ambush! Send these vermin a message—the rightful owner has returned, and their kind is no longer welcome.” – Narrator 

22. “The bellows blast once again! The forge stands ready to make weapons of war.” – Narrator 

23. “Women and men, soldiers and outlaws, fools and corpses—all will find their way to us now that the road is clear.” – Narrator 

24. “And now the true test—hold fast or expire?” – Narrator 

25. “Injury and despondence set the stage for heroism or cowardice.” – Narrator 

26. “There is a sickness in the ancient pitted cobbles of the old road, and on its writhing path you will face viciousness, violence, and perhaps other damnably transcendent terrors.” – Narrator 

27. “Great adversity has beauty—it is the fire that tempers the blade.” – Narrator 

28. “Slowly, gently, this is how life is taken.” – Narrator 

29. “Once our estate was the envy of this land.” – Narrator 

30. “I was lord of this place, before the crows and rats made it their domain.” – Narrator 

Inspirational Darkest Dungeon Quotes

31. “Where there is no peril in the task, there can be no glory in its accomplishment.” – Narrator

32. “Do not ruminate on this fleeting failure—the campaign is long, and victory will come.” – Narrator

33. “A moment of valor shines brightest against a backdrop of despair.” – Narrator 

34. “Good fortune and hard work may yet arrest this plague.” – Narrator

35. “A setback, but not the end of things!“ – Narrator

36. “Wounds to be tended—lessons to be learned.” – Narrator

37. “You will endure this loss, and learn from it.” – Narrator

38. “You cannot learn a thing you think you know.” – Narrator

39. “We fall so that we may learn to pick ourselves up once again.” – Narrator

40. “Our land is remote and unneighbored. Every lost resource must be recovered.” – Narrator

41. “Mastery over life and death was chief among my early pursuits. I began in humility, but my ambition was limitless. Who could have divined the prophetic import of something as unremarkable as a twitch in the leg of a dead rat?” – Narrator

42. “Ignorance of your enemy and of yourself will invariably lead to defeat.” – Narrator

43. “This expedition, at least, promises success.” – Narrator

44. “Squirming, contorting, and ever-expanding—this horror must be unmade!” – Narrator

45. “The great ruins belong to us, and we will find whatever secrets they hold.” – Narrator

Darkest Dungeon Quotes About Survival

46. “They must learn more than brutal blood-letting! They must learn to survive!” – Narrator

47. “This man understands that adversity and existence are one and the same.” – Leper

48. “At home in wild places, she is a stalwart survivor and a strict instructor.” – Narrator

49. “Idol, amulet, or lucky charm—the simplest object can be a talisman against evil.” – Narrator

50. “Curiosity, interest, and obsession—mile markers on my road to damnation.” – Narrator

51. “Alone in the woods or tunnels, survival is the same. Prepare, persist, and overcome.” – Narrator

52. “Success depends on survival.” – Narrator

53. “Shoot, bandage, and pillage—the dancing steps of war.” – Narrator

54. “A lawman and his faithful beast—a bond forged by battle and bloodshed.” – Narrator

55. “These tonics and herbs will stave off infection and neutralize contagion.” – Narrator

56. “Failure tests the mettle of the heart, brain, and body.” – Narrator

57. “Carelessness will find no clemency in this place!” – Narrator

58. “The requirements of survival cannot be met on an empty stomach.” – Narrator

59. “Survival is a tenuous proposition in this sprawling tomb.” – Narrator

60. “True desperation is known only when escape is impossible.” – Narrator

Victorious Darkest Dungeon Quotes 

61. “More bones returned to rest. Devils remanded to their abyss.” – Narrator

62. “Room by room, hall by hall, we reclaim what is ours.” – Narrator

63. “This day belongs to the light!” – Narrator

64. “Tokens of hope, recovered from the encroaching dark.” – Narrator

65. “The Abbot will be grateful—the trappings of his faith have been restored.” – Narrator

66. “Disinfection, at last.” – Narrator

67. “The Brigands are undone—our family crest is once again a symbol of strength!” – Narrator

68. “Let those dirty beasts worship the mud now!” – Narrator

69. “In radiance may we find victory.” – Narrator

70. “The light, the promise of safety!” – Narrator

71. “A handsome reward for a task well performed.” – Narrator

72. “Confidence surges as the enemy crumbles!“ – Narrator

73. “Another abomination cleansed from our lands.” – Narrator

74. “The bigger the beast, the greater the glory.” – Narrator

75. “A victory—perhaps a turning point.” – Narrator

Darkest Dungeon Quotes on Strategy 

76 .“To those with a keen eye, gold gleams like a dagger’s point.” – Narrator

77. “Experimental techniques and tonics can overcome things a sharpened sword cannot.” – Narrator

78. “Make no mistake, we will face ever greater threats. Our soldiers must be ready.” – Narrator

79. “Every creature has a weakness. The wise hero trains for what she will face.” – Narrator

80. “With enough ale, maybe they can be inured against the horrors below.” – Narrator

81. “Gilded icons and dogmatic rituals—for some, a tonic against the bloodshed.” – Narrator

82. “A sharper sword, a stronger shield. Anything to prolong a soldier’s life.” – Narrator

83. “A strict regimen is paramount, if one is to master the brutal arithmetic of combat.” – Narrator

84. “Rarities and curios, sold at a profit, of course.” – Narrator

85. “To fight the abyss, one must know it.” – Narrator

86. “An increasing stockpile of curious trinkets, gathered from forbidden places.” – Narrator

87. “Self-preservation is paramount—at any cost!” – Narrator

88. “She searches where others will not go, and sees what others will not see.” – Hellion

89. “Barbaric rage and unrelenting savagery make for a powerful ally.” – Narrator

90. “A champion markswoman keen for a new kind of challenge.” – Narrator

Darkest Dungeon Quotes About Hope

91. “A little hope, however desperate, is never without worth.” – Narrator

92. “Adversity can foster hope and resilience.” – Narrator

93. “The cobwebs have been dusted, the pews set straight. The Abbey calls to the faithful.” – Narrator

94. “I see something long-absent in the sunken faces of passersby—a glimmer of hope.” – Narrator

95. “The frothing waters subside—the advantage is ours!” – Narrator

96. “In truth, I cannot tell how much time has passed since I sent that letter.” – Narrator

97. “Every cleared path and charted route reduces the isolation of our troubled estate.” – Narrator

98. “Paths and roads bring soldiers and supplies, let them arrive unharried!” – Narrator

99. “These medicines will prevent the outbreak of epidemics in our struggling hamlet.” – Narrator

100. “At last, wholesome marine life can flourish, if indeed there is such a thing.” – Narrator

101. “Our supplies are replenished, the soldiers will feast tonight.” – Narrator

102. “Shattered and unmade! Or, perhaps, reborn?” – Narrator

103. “It will live again in another time, another place.” – Narrator

104. “The way is lit. The path is clear. We require only the strength to follow it.” – Narrator

105. “As the light gains purchase, spirits are lifted and purpose is made clear.” – Narrator

Darkest Dungeon Quotes About Sacrifice

106. “Trouble yourself not with the cost of this crusade—its noble end affords you broad tolerance in your choice of means.” – Narrator

107. “A wise general cuts losses, and regroups.” – Narrator

108. “This skirmish may be lost, but the battle may yet be won.” – Narrator

109. “The sin is not in being outmatched, but in failing to recognize it.” – Narrator

110. “Some may fall, but their knowledge lives on.” – Narrator

Darkest Dungeon Quotes That’ll Make You Brave

111. “Send this one to journey elsewhere, for we have a need of sterner stock.” – Narrator

112. “Driving out corruption is an endless battle, but one that must be fought.” – Narrator

113. “Anger is power—unleash it!” – Narrator

114. “The agents of pestilence will yet be driven from our woods!” – Narrator

115. “All manner of diversion and dalliance await those who cross the threshold with coin in hand.” – Narrator

116. “More arrive, foolishly seeking fortune and glory in this domain of the damned.” – Narrator

117. “Tortured and reclusive—this man is more dangerous than he seems.” – Narrator

118. “Elusive, evasive, persistent—righteous traits for a rogue.” – Narrator

119. “What better laboratory than the blood-soaked battlefield?” – Narrator

120. “A sister of battle—pious and unrelenting.” – Narrator

121. “This one has become vestigial, useless.” – Narrator

122. “Suffer not the lame horse—nor the broken man.” – Narrator

123. “It is done. Turn yourself now to the conditions of those poor devils who remain.” – Narrator

124. “Wealth beyond measure, awarded to the brave and the foolhardy alike.” – Narrator

125. “Those without a stomach for this place must move on.” – Narrator

Insightful Darkest Dungeon Quotes About Life

126. “Life—the greatest treasure of all.” – Narrator

127. “All my life, I could feel an insistent gnawing at the back of my mind. It was a yearning—a thirst for discovery—which could be neither numbed nor sated.” – Narrator

128. “Mind that such missteps are the exception, and not the rule.” – Narrator

129. “The raw strength of youth may be spent, but his eyes hold the secrets of a hundred campaigns.” – Narrator

130.  “We are born of this thing, made from it, and we will be returned to it in time.” – Narrator

Deep Darkest Dungeon Quotes on Death and Despair

131.  “Death is patient, it will wait.” – Narrator

132. “Another soul battered and broken, cast aside like a spent torch.” – Narrator

133. “Death and demise—cause for celebration!” – Narrator

134. “Sloped shoulders, wild eyes and a stumbling gate—this one is no more good to us.” – Narrator

135. “Even in death, the captain shouts his orders and the crew obeys.” – Narrator

136. “Most will end up here, covered in the poisoned earth, awaiting merciful oblivion.” – Narrator

137. “Did he foresee his own demise? I care not, so long as he remains dead.” – Narrator

138. “In life, his claims to precognition were dubious at best, in death, they are ridiculous.” – Narrator

139. “Even reanimated bones can fall—even the dead can die again.” – Narrator

140. “With no living sinew to actuate them, will these walking bones finally fail?” – Narrator

141. “Leave her corpse to rot, consumed by the spores she spawned.” – Narrator

142. “It is as grotesque in death as it was in life.” – Narrator

143. “The thing is even more horrible in death. Liquefaction cannot come soon enough.” – Narrator

144. “Death cannot be escaped, but it can be postponed.” – Narrator

145. “I can still see their angry faces as they stormed the manor. But I was dead before they found me, and the letter was on its way.” – Narrator

Darkest Dungeon Quotes About Regrets

146. “In time, you will know the tragic extent of my failings.” – Narrator

147. “No chance for egress—will this be a massacre?” – Narrator

148. “The degeneracy of the hamlet is nothing, I fear, when compared to the condition of surrounding acres.” – Narrator

149. “Let me share with you the terrible wonders I have come to know.” – Narrator

150. “We dug for months, years—an eternity. And we were rewarded with madness.” – Narrator

151. “The plume and the pistol—a fitting end to my folly, and a curse upon us all.” – Narrator

152. “Pace out the halls of your lineage, once familiar, now foreign.” – Narrator

153. “I knew all these paths once—now they are as twisted as my own ambitions.” – Narrator

154. “An eternity of futile struggle—a penance for my unspeakable transgressions.” – Narrator

155. “Our family name once so well-regarded is now barely whispered aloud by decent folk.” – Narrator

Darkest Dungeon Quotes on Facing Fear

156. “Mechanical hazards, possessed by evil intent.” – Narrator

157. “The human mind—fragile like a robin’s egg.“ – Narrator

158. “Even the aged oak will fall to the tempest’s winds.” – Narrator

159. “Fear and frailty finally claim their due.” – Narrator

160. “All the decadent horrors I have seen pale in comparison with that final, crowning thing. I could not look, nor could I look away!” – Narrator

161. “More dust, more ashes—more disappointment.” – Narrator

162. “Their squeals fade, their confidence is shaken!” – Narrator

Funny and Witty Darkest Dungeon Quotes

163. “I raised my hand but my teacher never answered my fucking question, so I murdered him and mutilated his body.” – Plague Doctor

164. “Some guy made fun of my helmet, so I butchered him in a public place.” – Bounty Hunter

165. ”I do this because it irritates you.” – Shield breaker

166. “I know just enough to be dangerous, now be still.” – Abomination

167. “I smell brimstone. Or is that hyacinth?” – Crusader

168. “But I won’t get into any fighting if I move there!” – Jester

169. “This is no mere dog, this is the first being to orbit our terrestrial sphere!” – Hound master

170. “Silence, my arbalest sings!” – Arbalest

171. “I am fueled by the blood of my enemies, thank you.” – Antiquarian

172. “Thank my torturer who was tasked with keeping me alive.” – Abomination

173. “Did I wash this needle? Well, too late now.” – Highwayman

174. “Someone arm wrestle me! Come on, you cowards!” – Hellion

175. “An impressive wound! Let me make a quick sketch.” – Plague Doctor

More Darkest Dungeon Quotes to Ponder On

176. “You answered the letter—now like me, you are part of this place.” – Narrator

177. “Curious methodologies and apparatus can calm even the most tormented soul.” – Narrator

178. “Trinkets and charms, gathered from all the forgotten corners of the earth.” – Narrator

179. “Fan the flames! Mold the metal! We are raising an army!” – Narrator

180. “Great heroes can be found even here, in the mud and rain.” – Narrator

181. “As life ebbs, terrible vistas of emptiness reveal themselves.” – Narrator

182. “There is a great horror beneath the manor—a crawling chaos that must be destroyed!” – Narrator

183. “Strong drink, a game of chance, and companionship—the rush of life.” – Narrator

184. “There is power in symbols. Collect the scattered scraps of faith and give comfort to the masses.” – Narrator

185. “Can you feel it? The walls between the sane world and that unplumbed dimension of delirium is tenuously thin here.” – Narrator

186. “A man in a robe, claiming communion with the divine. Madness.” – Narrator

187. “Success, so clearly in view. Or, is it merely a trick of the light?” – Narrator

188. “So many young gentlemen, so little propriety.” – Grave Robber

189. “It’s a sad day when I am your best hope.” – Jester

190. “Be wary, triumphant pride precipitates a dizzying fall.” – Narrator

Are You a Role-Playing Game Enthusiast? 

This video game will put your game tactics and strategies to the test. And while playing the game, you’ll learn a lot about sacrifice and decision-making.

It has an autosave feature, which means that any actions you take are permanent. It’s the same in real life where we can’t change nor reverse our actions. As a result, we must exercise extreme caution in every action we take.

This collection of quotes will help you improve your gameplay. It will also humble you and teach you when to fight and when to stay still.

Which Darkest Dungeon quotes influenced your game strategy? Please share your gameplay in the comments section below.

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