20 Lady and the Tramp Quotes on Love, Family, and Privilege

This list of the best Lady and the Tramp quotes will take you back to the glory days of this timeless Disney classic!

Lady and the Tramp is a sweet movie that tells the tale of two dogs who live in entirely different worlds. Lady is an American Cocker Spaniel who lives in the home of Darling and Jim Dear. On the other hand, Tramp is a mixed-dog breed who lives on the streets.

While they’re different, each learns from the other; Lady also becomes friends with Tramp’s buddies. Lady might have lived a privileged life compared to Tramp. But, that doesn’t mean she didn’t experience any pain and problems in her home.

In fact, Lady learns more about the world, humans, and the true meaning of love through Tramp and their friends. Read on if you want to reminisce about the lessons and scenes from this beautiful movie and its 2019 adaptation!

Let’s start.

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Best Lady and the Tramp Quotes

1. “A human heart has only so much room for love and affection. When a baby moves in, the dog moves out.” – Tramp

2. “There was a lot behind that fence! My life was full of love and meaning. I was a part of something special. We were a family.” – Lady

3. “Replaced by a baby? It makes no sense! Can a baby provide him and Darling with a sense of wholeness and reason to live?” – Lady

4. Lady: “What’s a baby?”

Jock: “Well, they—they resemble humans.”

Trusty: “But I’d say a mite smaller.”

Jock: “Aye, and they walk on all fours.”

Trusty: “And if I remember correctly, they beller a lot.”

Jock: “And they’re very expensive. You’ll not be permitted to play with it.”

Trusty: “But they’re mighty sweet.”

Jock: “And very very soft.”

Tramp: “Just a cute little bundle—of trouble!”

5. Jim Dear: “It’s for you, Darling. Merry Christmas.”

Darling: “Oh, Jim Dear. It’s the one I was admiring, isn’t it? Trimmed with ribbons?”

Jim Dear: “Well, it has a ribbon, huh?”

Darling: “Oh, how sweet!”

Jim Dear: “You like her, Darling?”

Darling: “Oh, I love her. What a perfectly beautiful little lady.”

6. Jock: “Dinnae listen, lassie! No human is that cruel!”

Trusty: “Of course not, Miss Lady. Why, everybody knows a dog’s best friend is his human.”

Tramp: “Oh, come on now, fellas! Oh, you haven’t fallen for that old line now, have you?”

Classic Lady and the Tramp Quotes That Are Worth the Read

7. Lady: “Jim Dear and Darling are acting so strange.”

Trusty: ”Jim Dear and Darling?”

Jock: “Hush, man! Now, lassie, get on with the details.”

Lady: “Well, I first noticed it the other day when Jim Dear came home.”

Jim Dear: “Down, Lady, down! Darling? Darling, are you alright?”

Darling: “Of course I am. Why shouldn’t I be?”

Jim Dear: “I just can’t help worrying. After all, in your condition, alone here all day, and walking that dog.”

Jock: “That dog?!”

Trusty: “That dog?”

Lady: “He’s never called me that before.”

Jock: “Well now, lassie, I wouldn’t-a worry my we head a bit about that. Remember, they’re only humans, after all.”

8. Lady: “But when she put that horrible muzzle on me—.”

Tramp: “Oh, say no more. I get the whole picture. Aunts, cats, muzzles. Well, that’s what comes of tying yourself down to one family.”

Lady: “Haven’t you a family?”

Tramp: “One for every day of the week. The point is, none of them have me.”

9. Jock: “Courage, man. Courage.”

Trusty: “But, I—I’ve never even considered matrimony.”

Jock: “Nor I, but no matter which of us she accepts, we’ll always be the best of friends. Now, remember not a word about her unfortunate experience. You don’t want to hurt her feelings.”

Trusty: “Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Jock: “Lassie.”

Trusty: “Miss Lady, ma’am.”

Lady: “Please, I don’t want to see anybody.”

Jock: “Now, now, lassie. Do not feel that way about it.”

Trusty: “Of course not, Miss Lady. Why some of the finest people I ever tracked down were jailbirds.”

Jock: “Quiet, you great loony! Uh, please, Lassie.”

Lady and the Tramp Quotes to Keep In Your Heart

10. Lady: “He’s dreaming.”

Jock: “Aye, dreamin’ of those bonnie bygone days when he and his grandfather were tracking criminals through the swamps.”

Lady: “They were?”

Jock: “But that was before—.”

Lady: “Before what?”

Jock: “‘Tis time you knew the truth, lassie. It shouldn’t have happened to a dog, but, well, Trusty has lost his sense of smell.”

Lady: “No!”

Jock: “Aye, but we must never let on that we know, lassie. It would break his poor heart.”

11. Tramp: “Hey. Psst. Psst.”

Bull: “Blimey! Look, Peg. It’s the Tramp.”

Tramp: “Shh.”

Peg: “Hiya, handsome. Come to join the party?”

Tramp: “All right, all right. No time for wisecracks. I’ve gotta get you out. I’m tellin’ ya, the pressure’s really hot. Signs all over town.”

Peg: “Gee, thanks.”

Bull: “You’re a bit of all right, chum.”

Tramp: “Okay, okay, get going.”

Dog Catcher: “Hey, what’s goin’ on over there?”

Tramp: “Scram! And be careful.”

Dog Catcher: “What? You mangy mutt. Hey, let go. Let go of me!”

12. Jock: “Lassie! Lassie!”

Trusty: “Oh, Miss Lady, ma’am! Miss Lady!”

Jock: “Ah, good mornin’, lassie. ‘Tis a bonny, braw, bright day, uh, today.”

Trusty: “Why, Miss Lady, is, uh, somethin’ wrong?”

Jock: “Aye, tell us, lassie. If somebody’s been mistreatin’ ya—.”

Lady: “Oh, no, Jock. It’s something I’ve done, I guess.”

13. Tramp: “We’d better go through this place from A to Z. Apes. No, no, no, no. No use even asking them.”

Tramp: “They wouldn’t understand.”

Lady: “They wouldn’t?”

Tramp: “Uh-uh. Too closely related to humans. Uh-oh! Alligators. Now, there’s an idea! Say, Al? Do you suppose you could nip this contraption off for us?”

Al the Alligator: “Glad to oblige.”

14. Lady: “It’s morning.”

Tramp: “Yeah. So it is.”

Lady: “I should have been home hours ago.”

Tramp: “Why? Because you still believe in that old ‘in the faithful old dog tray’ routine? Aw, come on, Pidge. Open up your eyes.”

Lady: “Open my eyes?”

Tramp: “To what a dog’s life can really be! I’ll show you what I mean. Look down there. Tell me what you see.”

Lady: “Well, I see nice homes, with yards and fences—.”

Tramp: “Exactly. Life on a leash. Look again, Pidge. Look, there’s a great big hunk of world down there, with no fence around it. Where two dogs can find adventure and excitement. And beyond those distant hills, who knows what wonderful experiences? And it’s all ours for the taking, Pidge. It’s all ours.”

Lady: “It sounds wonderful.”

Tramp: “But?”

Lady: “But who’d watch over the baby?”

Tramp: “You win. Come on. I’ll take you home.”

More Lady and the Tramp Quotes for Those Curious About the Live-Action Adaptation

15. “I’m free to be myself and by myself.” – Tramp

16. “You know, street dogs are just like us. They just aren’t lucky enough to have homes. That’s all.” – Lady

17. “People are not loyal, and the sooner you start looking out for yourself, and only yourself, the better.” – Tramp

18. “I’m not so sure I still have a home to get back to.” – Lady

19. “I had a home and a family. I had it all. They loved me, and I loved them. And then, one day, it all changed. I waited in that spot all day and all night.” – Tramp

20. Lady: “I’ve never howled before.”

Tramp: “You’ve just gotta reach down deep and find that inner wolf inside you.”

How Old Were You When Lady and the Tramp Was First Released?

No matter how young you were when this 1995 movie first graced our screens, there’s no doubting its impact on our generation. It’s such a timeless classic, and maybe this is the reason behind the 2019 live-action movie’s release.

In both versions of Lady and the Tramp, the same lessons prevail. First, we learn the true meaning of family through Lady, Jim Dear, and Darling. Many changes will envelop your life and family, but that doesn’t mean you have to cast anyone out; you just have to be patient and more open to make your family stronger.

Second, through Tramp’s friends and how Lady formed a bond with them, we learn that privilege and social class are nonexistent in genuine friendships. They might have all been different dog breeds and came from diverse backgrounds. But, that didn’t stop them from forging long-lasting bonds that can conquer any challenge.

Also, through the movie, we learn that love can conquer all the odds. You can build friendships with people of different cultures, which means you can also be with someone different from you. As they say, “Opposites attract,” which is precisely what happened with Lady and the Tramp.

We hope our list was able to shift your perspective about Lady and the Tramp. Yes, it’s an animated movie that can entertain everyone. But, more than that, remember that it has some vital life lessons, too!

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