110 Lil Baby Quotes to Encourage You to Constantly Grow

Let these Lil Baby quotes help you become motivated in improving yourself and chasing your passions in life.

Lil Baby is an American rapper famous for being crowned as the biggest all-genre Artist of the Year in 2020. His release of the Perfect Timing mixtape in 2017 and debut album, Harder Than Ever in 2018 made him well-known in the rap industry.

Until now, Lil Baby translates his struggles and experiences through his art. It is also the reason why many people can find themselves relating to his songs.

Read the entire collection below to find out how his hard work and passion helped him reach success. 

Let’s get started.

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Best Lil Baby Quotes

1. “I’m a rapper, but I’m more of a hustler.”

2. “I have an impact, and people look up to me now. It’s more than money.”

3. “To me, I’m on a whole different level of rapping.”

4. “I’ve grown, and my passion for music has grown. I’ve become more advanced, and I’ve enhanced my vocabulary. All-around artist development.”

5. “Whatever you do, don’t lose yourself!”

6. “I feel like whatever is meant is meant. I feel like this is already written.”

7. “If you learned a lesson, it wasn’t a loss.”

8. “Like you might love watching basketball, but that don’t mean that you’ll get on the court.”

9. “Every day, I’m getting shaped and molded. Keeping on being a better artist, and improving on this, improving on that. The more I’m in it, the more I’m practicing and the more I’m advancing.”

10. “I don’t care how I’m viewed. I know me. I’m good.”

11. “My story is going to be completely different from someone else’s story in terms of hard work. What I might feel like is hard work, another person is dying to do.”

12. “Hopefully, the sacrifices we making today can change tomorrow.”

13. “I got a boss mentality.”

14. “Work hard and determine. It’s safe to say I earned it.”

15. “Live life to the fullest. Nothing is promised.”

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Inspirational Lil Baby Quotes

16. “I’m proud of the man I’m becoming.”

17. “If we want to think about change, we have to start using the power we have.”

18. “From the bottom, all I know is the struggle. Can’t get no job, so all I know is the hustle.”

19. “I’m my only competition. I can’t lose.”

20. “If you the richest in the room, you need a new room.”

21. “Everything that I got, it was made for me.”

22. “No one gives you a chance. You have to take chances.”

23. “Don’t listen to them haters tryna fill your ears with salt.”

24. “I had to cut some people off. They ain’t mean me no good!”

25. “I want so much for myself, and I’mma get it by any means.”

26. “If you can make 1k, you can do the same thing 10 times to get 10k, then never stop.”

27. “Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that count the most.”

28. “Living life like stars, thanking God every day. We finally winning.”

29. “I’m just tryna live my life. They say I ain’t living right.”

30. “I’m changing every day as far as this rap thing. I’m learning new things. I’m getting bigger by the day.”

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Insightful Lil Baby Quotes That Will Teach You About Life

31. “Sometimes, you gotta go to a safe spot and just get some peace and rest.”

32. “If you ain’t got it but you tryna get it, you ain’t really broke.”

33. “First step of solving a problem is acknowledging the problem!”

34. “No matter how bad the situation, it could always be worse.”

35. “We can’t never let ’em break our mind. We gotta stay strong, conquer, and don’t divide.”

36. “Everybody wants a piece of the winnings. They’re never there when you’re lost.”

37. “Sometimes you gotta say ‘F*ck everything,’ and get some rest!”

38. “I can’t wait around for nobody. I need it right now. I might buy that car if it makes the right sound.”

39. “I give all my problems to God. Let Him handle all my enemies.”

40. “Be careful how much you tolerate. You are teaching them how to treat you.”

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Lil Baby Quotes on Love and Relationships

41. “I can never fall in love with you no more. I done gave you all of that.”

42. “I’m never really free, but I’ll make time for you!”

43. “Baby, I’m in love. I admit it. I know that you think I want to hit it.”

44. “Hey, I don’t need no fake love. Fake love be the worst love.”

45. “Baby, we gon’ live it all the way up. Just stay down for me. I’m on my way up.”

46. “You ain’t gotta love me, just don’t lie though. We gon’ take them trips ’cause ain’t nobody else as fly as us.”

47. “Fell in love twice, had me in my feelings.”

48. “A love letter came through the mail, it said, ‘I miss you.’ I ripped it up and flushed with the tissue. Try to forget you.”

Short Lil Baby Quotes That Are Full of Lessons

49. “I made a promise, I’m never gon’ change.”

50. “Moving different because I need different.” 

51. “Let my good outweigh my bad and keep pushing!”

52. “All I know is play for keeps. I ain’t slept in about a week.”

53. “If you about that life, get out that casket.”‘

54. “I can do bad on my own and good by myself. I never needed no help.”

55. “I just like to hear laughter, tryna ease all this pain.”

56. “If I sell my soul, I’ll take it back. I’m slime forever.”

57. “I’m the frontrunner, burning right through the hood.”

58. “I ain’t changed. I stayed the same and maintained.”

59. “I’ve been through all the bad parts of the streets.”

60. “I ain’t never had nothing good in life.”

61. “All your friends really wish that they were on what we on.”

62. “I’ve wakened every blessed morning. I been thinkin’ to myself lately.”

63. “Everybody got somethin’ to say when I ain’t even ask ’em sh*t.”

Wise Lil Baby Quotes on Money and Finances

64. “I’m the type to count a million cash then grind like I’m broke!”

65. “Having money is one thing but having sense with the money is the key.”

66. “I’m used to having money and the stuff I do, but it’s more of how I’m doing it now. I walk outside, and people know me, and I really get paid for shows.”

67. “I know I can’t rap forever, but I know as long as I got a label or something, I can get money forever.”

68. “I just save my money, man. I don’t even try to enjoy it like these other rappers. They having fun, and they lit, but they gonna be broke later on. I be savin’. I be chillin’. It feels good to know I got it, but it feels better to know I’m a keep it too.”

69. “I gotta turn my contacts into contracts.”

70. “I just want the money, f*ck the fame cuz. Came to switch the game up.”

Lil Baby Quotes to Serve as Your Motivation to Succeed

71. “My diamonds hit harder when the light off.”

72. “They just wanna talk about my past. They don’t wanna accept the fact that I’m a boss.”

73. “People come and go, just gotta boss up and move on.”

74. “Never thought that I’d get famous, always know that I’d be cool.”

75. “N*gg*s can’t out snake me. I’mma king cobra.”

76. “Day after day seems like I push against the clouds.”

77. “I came too far to stop now. I can’t let a n*gg* get the best of me.”

78. “Ain’t in competition with no one, I’m tryna ball with ya.”

79. “Boss up or get bossed around.”

80. “Keep our business to ourselves. The internet ain’t doin’ no help.”

81. “I appreciate the support I get from the people! Y’all motivate me to go harder.”

82. “I been through it all, I came this far how a n*gg* not gon’ feel me.”

83. “Used to dream about gettin’ it, now I got it, I don’t drive.”

84. “My life is like a dream, but I’m still here when I wake. I’m gon’ get everything I need. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

85. “Just ’cause you lost me as a friend, don’t mean you gained me as an enemy!”

Lil Baby Quotes to Give You a Deeper Understanding of His Music and Creativity

86. “Everyone has said I got my own sound.”

87. “The rap game is kinda crazy, so I go with the flow but make sure that I cover my bases and do whatever to make sure I’m good no matter what.”

88. “I can’t really describe my sound.”

89. “I never knew anything about rapping.”

90. “I don’t really have a writing process. I don’t write at all, but honestly, I feel like it’s modern-day writing because everything is technology, and if I go in there and freestyle and I keep it, I feel like I wrote that. If I go in there and fix it, it’s almost like something I wrote.”

91. “I just got an ear for the kind of things I like.”

92. “I don’t really know the logistics of a SoundCloud rapper.”

93. “A lot of songs, I’m kind of singing and rapping.”

94. “I grew up listening to everybody.”

95. “I like music. I listened to all the rappers. People like Jeezy, Yo Gotti, T.I.”

Lil Baby Quotes on Parenting and Being a Good Father

96. “I just want to be that to my children—the ultimate father.”

97. “My ultimate goal is for my son and a lot of other kids to not have to grow up the way I grew up. I just give them a different outlook on something. I want to let them know they can have this much fun by doing something legal like me rapping, for instance.”

98. “I want to be a superhero dad to where my kid feels like everything I do is nothing wrong.”

More Badass Lil Baby Quotes

99. “If you’re a young Black dude from the hood, you want to come through the hood in a car that makes a lot of noise.”

100. “I got all my cases dismissed. I don’t go back and forth on the internet. Real n*gg*s don’t get into that.”

101. “I know they hatin’ on me, but I don’t read comments.”

102. “I’m all about giving up and coming people a chance.”

103. “You clapped for them, and they were quiet for you. Make sure you pay attention.”

104. “I got the name Lil Baby because I always hung around older dudes.”

105. “Hundred thousand dollars on my neck. Another 50,000 on my wrist.”

106. “I know emotions come with lies, so I tell the truth all the time. Ain’t got no sympathy for no b*tch.”

107. “I know I wasn’t there for you. At least I said I’m sorry. You know what it was. I told you that I was heartless.”

108. “I want the best for you even if it’s not with me.”

109. “Man, this sh*t crazy, a different city with some different hoes, here we go.”

110. “Young Thug, he gave me all the jewels. He literally paid me to leave the neighborhood.” 

Can You Relate With These Lil Baby Quotes?

Lil Baby is a hustler, a good parent, and a rapper full of discipline and perseverance. Despite experiencing a life full of struggles, his passion for creating music did not falter. Instead, his drive to do better and leave a mark in the world only increased.

Moreover, Lil Baby is an inspirational man for the Black community. The lessons he got because of being in and out of prison and his courage to speak up for the death of George Floyd only show how his art goes deeper than party music. He is respected in his industry and more so by his community. 

We hope the quotes above were able to show you the genuine kindness that Lil Baby wants to share with the world. Remember to use these Lil Baby quotes to lift you in your most challenging times. Never give up, and someday, you’ll reach what you’ve always worked for, too!

Which Lil Baby quote is your favorite? Are you a fan of Lil Baby? Please share your comments with us below.

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