60 King Von Quotes on Friendship, Hustle, Life, and More

We’ve got 60 of the best King Von quotes that’ll teach you everything you need to know about hard work, success, relationships, and more!

King Von was an American rapper famous for his trap, drill, and gangsta rap music. He died in 2020 at only 26.

Although this is the case, his presence in the music industry was enough to leave a mark on millions of people worldwide. In fact, to this day, fans and people all over the globe can still look up to King Von, especially when it comes to lessons on life, the hustle, and loyalty.

If you want to know more about him and what he stood for, read on. We’ve got 60 of the best King Von quotes listed below!

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Best King Von Quotes

1. “I don’t believe in luck. I believe in working hard and grinding it out.”

2. “My life is a testament to the fact that if you’re willing to work hard, and if you give it your all, you’ll get far in life.”

3. “Sometimes, you gotta lose to win.”

4. “I am what I am; what I’m not, I’ll never be.”

5. “You can’t make everyone happy. You gotta do what’s best for you.”

6. “Life is a test, and the people who can overcome the obstacles are the strongest.”

7. “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

8. “A person that stands for nothing will fall for anything.”

9. “Don’t let people distract you from your goal.”

10. “Time goes by, and shit just changes, man. People get old. People got their own shit going on. You know how that goes.”

Inspiring King Von Quotes on Life

11. “You either go wait on it, or you go and get it. The choice is yours.”

12. “I’m just tryna make it out the struggle, trying to change my life.”

13. “Money changes everything, but not your character.”

14. “I prepared for the worst but still hoped for the best.”

15. “All I want is one day of peace without police brutality or anything like that.”

16. “You know life ain’t promised, so I gotta live it to the fullest.”

17. “That shit gonna figure it out in real life.”

18. “Remember, life is only as hard as you make it.”

19. “I ain’t trying to be no role model. I’m just trying to make it out.”

King Von Quotes About the Hustle

20. “You gotta do what you gotta do.”

21. “If you’re doing something and keep doing it, you’re gonna get better results.”

22. “To get anywhere, you have to go through someone else first.”

23. “In the streets, there ain’t no love. It’s either kill or be killed.”

24. “Ain’t no point in stopping or slowing down. Ain’t like no ‘A’ight, I’m done with this; now take a break.’ You just keep going.”

25. “I have to get busy because it’s all about building and going up.”

26. “It doesn’t matter what anybody says about me or who I am; I’m just here to make things happen for myself and my brother.”

27. “If it ain’t about money, I don’t talk about it.”

King Von Quotes on Success

28. “You have to go harder so everybody can talk about you. The more people know you, the more money you get.”

29. “I wanted to showcase my career. I wanted people to see what I accomplished. I want to share my journey with the world.”

30. “I just want to inspire people, especially people from where I’m from.”

31. “I’m rich, and they can’t take it. I’m just happy that we made it.”

32. “I remember the times I had nowhere to go.”

King Von Quotes About Friendship

33. “My favorite people are the ones who don’t have to say anything out of respect for me.”

34. “You gotta look out for your people, man.”

35. “We are strong, but we are stronger together.”

36. “God bless the real, fuck the fake ones.”

37. “Watch the people in your gang.”

38. “I’m not doing shit for anything; I don’t give a fuck about any of that shit. I don’t care about people; I care about my people.”

39. “Loyalty is everything, I can’t fuck with no snakes.”

40. “Bitches come and go, but the gang stays forever.”

41. “I don’t trust a soul; the only thing I trust is this Glock.”

King Von Quotes on Music and His Career

42. “Music is my escape. It’s where I can be myself and express myself freely.”

43. “Give positive vibes out even though what we rappin’ about is really just entertainment right now. It’s just music.”

44. “I’m from the streets, so I like rap music; that’s what makes up the streets everywhere.”

45. “I’m telling my story through my music. Everything I’ve been through, everything I’ve seen, everything I’ve done, it’s all in my music.”

46. “I believe my music is going to last forever.”

47. “I’m not just making music; I’m making history.”

48. “You gotta have a certain swag to rap. You gotta have your own character.”

49. “I put my all into my music. I want my fans to feel my pain, my struggle, my happiness—everything.”

50. “My music is like the streets. It’s real, it’s raw, it’s uncut.”

51. “My music is for the people, the ones who understand where I’m coming from.”

Heart-Wrenching King Von Quotes on Love

52. “My love doesn’t come with a price. You could put me on ice; it won’t stop me from skatin’ off.”

53. “If I tell, ‘I love you,’ I mean it.”

54. “I thought I would have a real relationship, but I guess not.”

Short King Von Quotes and Lyrics for Instagram

55. “I’m trying to change my life, but my past keeps calling me.”

56. “My life grand theft auto—all my guns on semi-auto.”

57. “I’m heartless, bitch. You can call me the ‘Tin Man.’”

King Von Quotes That Zoom in on His Loyalty to Chicago

58. “My goal is to change my city. My goal is to make the city of Chicago a global city. One day, I’ll be paying rent in my mansion in the city of Chicago.”

59. “Everybody gets knocked down, but we Chicagoans are too strong for that shit.”

60. “You can do this. You have gotta fight for yourself and fight for your family and fight for Chicago.”

What Impactful Lesson Did You Get From This List of King Von Quotes?

King Von had had many run-ins with law enforcement while still alive. He was part of the streets, and this shaped his whole character.

Nonetheless, he never let any kind of negativity shape who he was and what he stood for. He did his best to be positive and reinvent himself into a better influence for his fans.

Through King Von, we learn nothing is impossible if we work hard. In one of his quotes, he said, “My life is a testament to the fact that if you’re willing to work hard, and if you give it your all, you’ll get far in life.”

So, keep King Von’s words in mind whenever you feel stuck in a slump. Never give up, and continue working toward your goals; one day, you’ll be on top of the world!

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