30 NCIS Quotes Packed With Wisdom on Life & Teamwork

Feel like you’re part of Gibbs’s team by reading these NCIS quotes we’ve rounded up.

Crime is present throughout the world. With the abundance of cases, who is responsible for solving and preventing them? For crimes related to the Navy and the Marine, we can all turn to the NCIS.

NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service. It’s a team of elite agents who are talented in many aspects of police procedures and protocol. The TV series focuses on the Major Case Response Team, headed by Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

All the events in NCIS will have you holding onto the edge of your seat, but don’t be fooled by all the action. This TV series also packs a punch when it comes to lessons on life and teamwork.

We’re optimistic the quotes we’ve included below will give you a better understanding of the characters we all know and love, too! Don’t miss out!

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Best NCIS Quotes

1. “Family’s more than just DNA. It’s about people who care and take care of each other.” – Leroy Jethro Gibbs

2. “Future’s coming with or without you. You might as well be there.” – Jimmy Palmer

3. “I think you have me confused with someone who is far less awesome.” – Anthony DiNozzo

4. “Don’t put me in a position I’m not trained for.” – Eleanor Bishop

5. “I believe in magic, prayer, and logic equally.” – Abby Scuito

6. “Bear in mind, Gibbs, when the world is watching, ‘no comment’ can only play for so long!” – Leon Vance

7. “My superpowers are kicking down doors, breaking through windows, a tango.” – Nicholas Torres

8. “Their bodies tell me a great deal; it helps to reciprocate.” – Ducky Mallard

9. “Eleanor Bishop, will you be my Frodo?” – Timothy McGee

10. “I once killed a man with a credit card.” – Ziva David

NCIS Quotes That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re Part of the Show

11. “I always say you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your family.” – Jimmy Palmer

12. “Love is never having to read her her Miranda Rights.” – Abby Sciuto

13. “Tony, it could have been us every damn day of the week. Sometimes it has been. You want to worry about something, worry about tomorrow.” – Leroy Jethro Gibbs

14. Kasie Hines: “Did you tell Ducky?”

Alden Parker: “No. I said nothing.”

15. “What good’s it being an armed Federal Agent, if you can’t drive fast?” – Anthony DiNozzo

16. Abby Sciuto: “Thank you, sir.”

Leroy Jethro Gibbs: “Don’t call me sir.”

Abby Sciuto: “Thank you, ma’am.”

17. Eleanor Bishop: “You disappeared, Gibbs, without a word.”

Leroy Jethro Gibbs: “Sometimes there’s nothing left to be said.”

NCIS Quotes for Fans of Detective and Crime Series

18. “Go over everything, and I mean everything. Above his mattress, below his mattress, inside his mattress. If there is such a thing as a fourth mattress dimension, go over that too.” – Leroy Jethro Gibbs

19. “I am one of the few people in the world who can murder you and leave no forensic evidence.” – Abby Sciuto

20. Leon Vance: “This is a very dangerous game you are playing, and that’s the last time I’m going to bend the truth to save your asses.”

Timothy McGee: “We can explain.”

Leon Vance: “Save it. I appreciate you wanting to help Parker as much as I do, but deliberately poking the FBI hornet’s nest is no way to do it.”

Jessica Knight: “It’s crazy to think that Sweeney might actually listen to reason.”

Timothy McGee: “And give us more time.”

21. “In the land of forensic science technology, the mass spectrometer is king.” – Abby Sciuto

22. “You know, I never understand why people drink alcohol when they’re depressed—because alcohol is a depressant. So now, I’m still depressed, and I’m nauseous, and I’m really drunk. Which means that tomorrow, I’m going to have to fight off a hangover while I’m in court, and some ambulance-chasing attorney tries to attack my credibility.” – Abby Sciuto

23. “Danger, intrigue, a damsel in distress—I’m actually looking forward to it.” – Ducky Mallard

24. “I will kill you 18 different ways with this paper clip.” – Ziva David

25. “This guy is cleaner than clean, whiter than white. If you put him in a lineup with snow, snow is going to jail.” – Abby Sciuto

More NCIS Quotes That Will Never Leave Your Head

26. “I was just gonna tussle your hair. Sometimes it makes you smile.” – Anthony DiNozzo

27. “One can always tell a woman’s intentions from her panties.” – Victoria Mallard

28. Nicholas Torres: “Hey, Tim. You said that Gibbs was happy. What do you mean?”

Timothy McGee: “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Nicholas Torres: “You can’t leave me hanging, bro.”

Timothy McGee: “I’m sorry. It felt kind of private.”

Nicholas Torres: “Is he going to be okay?”

Timothy McGee: “I think he probably hasn’t been this okay in a long time.”

Nicholas Torres: “What about that guy? Can you believe Director Vance offered him Gibb’s job already?”

29. Nicholas Torres: “The man’s desk is not even cold.”

Jessica Knight: “Well, it’s going to get colder in Alaska, and we do need the bodies.”

30. TSA Agent Dennis: “NCIS? That anything like CSI?”

Anthony DiNozzo: “Only if you’re dyslexic.”

How Many NCIS Seasons Have You Watched?

NCIS has an excellent mix of characters. No matter how different one is from the other, you’re sure to take away lessons that’ll have much value in your life. More than this, there are many seasons of NCIS, and one thing we can be sure of is that though the characters maintained their uniqueness, there has also been a lot of growth on their parts.

One of the most notable characters of the series is no other than the main protagonist, Gibbs. He’s a charismatic leader who knows when to ask for help and backs his team up to the end. Though he has few lines due to his personality, we can’t help but want to embody him whenever we’re given a leadership role.

Gibbs trusts his team to do their work well. Each of them is an expert in their field, but if a leader doesn’t trust his subordinates, no matter how great of a talent they have, it won’t shine through.

Indeed, trust and growth are all essential to having good teamwork. Apart from that, these are lessons you can apply to just about any aspect of life, not just your career. So, read these NCIS quotes again and find more morals you can live by!

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