30 Dance Moms Quotes That’ll Bring Out the Best in You

Life is more fun when you’re dancing, so get inspired to move and strut with this collection of the best Dance Moms quotes!

Dance Moms is a reality show that follows the lives of mothers and their children who are members of a dance team. The children were instructed by Abby Lee Miller, an American dance instructor.

The children move, groove, and have the time of their lives. But more than that, with the experiences the kids learn in the show, they’re taught both excellent dance moves and life lessons they can apply in the real world.

So, if you enjoy dancing and need some motivation to get through the day, this list is perfect for you. We’re sure you’ll uncover many lessons to help you move forward throughout the day.

Let’s go!

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Best Dance Moms Quotes

1. “My dream is to continue dancing forever. I would kill myself if I didn’t dance.” – Maddie Ziegler

2. “Second is the first to lose!” – Abby Lee Miller

3. “Remember, there is no ‘I’ in team, but there is an ‘M’ and an ‘E.’ And it’s all about me.” – Abby Lee Miller

4. “The best kind of revenge is victory.” – Abby Lee Miller

5. “If you win too much when you’re little, you stop working.” – Abby Lee Miller

6. “I don’t like to lose, but I don’t ever lose anyway.” – Maddie Ziegler

7. “I could make you or I could break you.” – Abby Lee Miller

8. “Brooke, you need to stop the whiny teenager crap. Do me a favor and just smile.” – Abby Lee Miller

9. “I wasn’t put on this earth to make her feel special. I was put on this earth to make her dance.” – Abby Lee Miller

Famous Dance Moms Quotes

10. “I don’t care what’s going on. Get your butt down to this studio.” – Abby Lee Miller

11. “I made Abby cry because I did my dance really good.” – Mackenzie Ziegler

12. “She said we were going to blow the competition away. I really hope she doesn’t mean literally—cause we could get disqualified.” – Chloe Lukasiak

13. “It doesn’t matter about dance, it matters about me. I’m emotional!” – Mackenzie Ziegler

14. “Those apples aren’t taking us down. We’re taking them down!” – Nia Frazier

15. “Stop eating, that’s why you’re fat!” – Kelly Hyland

16. “I don’t want to dance without Chloe. I don’t have my twin power.” – Paige Hyland

17. “I cut my finger on my mom’s ring. I hope I can still dance.” – Vivi-Anne Stein

18. “You are a monstrosity of evil. You want to talk about ugliness.” – Holly Frazier

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Inspiring Dance Moms Quotes to Push You Forward

19. “As a dancer, you get hurt all the time but you just have to keep dancing.” – Brooke Hyland

20. “The sky’s the limit—but only if she puts the work in.” – Abby Lee Miller

21. “Are you crying? No tears. You save those tears for your pillow, in your room, alone. You’re going to humiliate yourself in front of everyone in this dressing room. Do not cry. Suck it up, kid. You are here, you’re healthy, you are one lucky little girl. Act like it.” – Abby Lee Miller

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Iconic Dance Moms Quotes

22. “Never let them see you sweat!” – Abby Lee Miller

23. “Everyone’s replaceable.” – Abby Lee Miller

24. “I just cry sometimes, it’s no big deal.” – Mackenzie Ziegler

25. “I don’t want to go on Broadway, I want to just stay home and eat chips.” – Mackenzie Ziegler

26. “Girls, what are you doing? Those legs are about as straight as Elton John.” – Abby Lee Miller

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More Dance Moms Quotes for You to Enjoy

27. “This is the perfect opportunity for my little Kendal.” – Jill Vertes

28. “Your daughter is holding a national title and I will take it away in a minute.” – Abby Lee Miller

29. “Christi is jealous of my nine-year-old daughter and I think it’s ridiculous.” – Melissa Ziegler

30. “Your kids all have sickled feet, and it blows my mind because that’s all you hear: ‘Sickled feet, sickled feet, sickled feet.’ And they all have them!” – Cathy Nesbitt-Stein

Did These Quotes Push You to Be a Better Parent and Be Proud of Your Child’s Accomplishments?

Though it may seem simple on the outside, Dance Moms can actually contribute a lot to your parenting and child-rearing. The show is full of drama and pressure, which every kid feels as they compete for their own goals. It’s not just in dance; we all encounter these emotions and situations, and it’s best that we get to prepare our children for them.

Dance Moms was able to encourage kids of all ages to shine and do their best in sports, as well as in their other interests. Through the show, we learn how important it is to maintain a positive attitude and to constantly work hard to be the best we can be, even at an early age.

Due to the competitive nature of the show, it’s also able to highlight how essential it is to stand up for yourself and be independent. Confidence is always crucial, and if you just believe in yourself and your talents, you’ll reach the top, too!

We hope these Dance Moms quotes were able to get you into the groove. Let these quotes and the children in the show remind you that you can achieve whatever you set your heart to.

Which of these Dance Moms quotes did you love the most? Did we miss any of your favorite quotes? Please, let us know in the comments.

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