25 Norbit Quotes That Are a Comedic Masterpiece

If you’re a fan of comedy movies, then make sure to check out these Norbit quotes that will make you laugh all day!

Have you ever felt the feeling of being in love but, at the same time, feeling scared and put down by your partner?

Norbit felt this his whole life by staying with someone who didn’t appreciate and love him. The overall storyline might make you laugh, but it also contains some pieces of valuable wisdom you don’t want to miss out on.

The movie revolves around a meek man abused physically and emotionally by his wife, Rasputia. Though this is the case, Norbit doesn’t leave Rasputia because he thinks she is the only one who loves him. However, everything changed when he met Kate, a beautiful woman who showered him with goodness and kindness.

Norbit quickly realizes that love is not all about pain and suffering. He tries to fight for his genuine love for Kate, even though he knows his wife’s brother will hunt him down. This then led to a series of comedic and humorous scenes that you’ll never get tired of!

To revisit your favorite scenes from the movie, read our list of Norbit quotes below. The iconic characters will surely leave a lasting impression on you! 

Let’s get started.

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Best Norbit Quotes

1. “How you doin’?” – Rasputia Latimore

2. Attendant: “Excuse me, ma’am. We have a 300 lbs weight limit.”

Rasputia Latimore: “I don’t weigh no damn 300 lbs. I weigh 165!”

3. Preacher: “But you can’t object yet.”

Pope Sweet Jesus: “Well, I am objeculatin’ prematurely!”

4. “Strange mystical thing happens, Norbit. Even though poison is in Norbit, he not die. Norbit gets stronger and stronger. That’s why I know Norbit, deep down inside, you very, very strong. Strong like a warrior.” – Mr. Wong

5. Mr. Wong: “Remember, Black people, run very fast. But problems run faster.”

Norbit Albert Rice: “That’s kinda racist.”

Mr. Wong: “Yes, Wong is very racist. Don’t like Black. Don’t like Jew either. But Black and Jew love Chinese food. Go figure.”

6. “When Norbit was a little boy, he said, ‘One day I’ll have the girl of my dream,’ and then you end to marry a gorilla!” – Mr. Wong

7. Rasputia Latimore: “What the hell did you just say?”

Norbit Albert Rice: “You heard what I said, strumpet! I love Kate! That right. I love you, Kate. And the last two weeks I spent with you have meant more to me than my entire miserable life with you, Rasputia! It’s over! Norbit Albert Rice is no longer your bitch!”

8. Norbit Albert Rice: ”Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.”

Rasputia Latimore: “Say Tuesday again, and you ain’t make it to see Wednesday.”

Hilarious Norbit Quotes That Highlight Great Scenes From the Movie

9. Rasputia Latimore: “Hey Norbit, what you looking at?”

Norbit Albert Rice: “Just some kids coming down the slide.”

Resputia Latimore: “Oh, I see what you looking at. You want to see a bitch come down the slide? Imma shows you how a bitch comes down the slide.”

10. Rasputia Latimore: “God damn it, Norbit, how many times I got to tell you when you drive my car, don’t adjust my seat?”

Norbit Albert Rice: “I haven’t touched your seat.”

Rasputia Latimore: “Then why’s it up so damn far?”

Norbit Albert Rice: “It looks like it’s back as far as it goes, Rasputia.”

Rasputia Latimore: “No, you moved it! I can tell! ‘Cuz looks when I inhale; my titty makes the horn honk! See, listen! See that? That ain’t right!”

Norbit Albert Rice: “I hear it.”

Rasputia Latimore: “Uh huh, that scientifically proves that you adjusted my seat!”

Norbit Albert Rice: “That’s not science.”

Rasputia Latimore: “It is, and just let it go!”

Norbit Albert Rice: “It’s not science.”

Rasputia Latimore: “I said ‘let it go!’”

Norbit Albert Rice: “I’m just saying—I said it was science, god damn it!”

11. Mr. Wong: “Whale ho!”

Rasputia Latimore: “Did somebody just call me a whale?”

Mr. Wong: “Yeah! And a ho!”

12. Pope Sweet Jesus: “It’s raining, little white women.”

Lord Have Mercy: “My prayers have been answered!”

Pope Sweet Jesus: “She’d better move, ’cause my prayers are for a Cadillac.”

13. Rasputia Latimore: “What—the—? What just fell on my car?”

Mr. Wong: “Not what—who! Who just fell on your car? Ching chong ching chong!”

14. Rasputia Latimore: “Where the hell you goin’, Norbit?”

Norbit Albert Rice: “None of your G. D. beeswax, Rasputia!”

Rasputia Latimore: “Look at you, you old stupid fool. You can’t even ride a bike!”

Norbit Albert Rice: “Oh, yes, I can because Kate taught me!”

Norbit Quotes for All Comedy Lovers

15. Attendant: “Excuse me.”

Rasputia Latimore: “What?”

Attendant: “Are you wearing bottoms?”

Rasputia Latimore: “Of course, I’m wearing bottoms!”

Attendant: “All right.”

16. Rasputia Latimore: “Go over and get another wine cooler. It’s hot as hell out here. Don’t you see I’m sweltering?”

Norbit Albert Rice: “Rasputia, you can’t drink wine.”

Rasputia Latimore: “Why the hell not?”

Norbit Albert Rice: “You’re with child.”

Rasputia Latimore: “With child? I ain’t with no—oh. Oh, that was—I had gas. I still got it. There’s your child. Now go get me something to drink. Twins!”

17. Big Jack Latimore: “Norbit, let me talk to you for a second. Look, just so we clear. If you ever hurt my sister in any way, make her cry, even make her sad one time, I’m coming at you with razor blades and lemon juice. You hear me?”

Norbit Albert Rice: “Yes.”

Big Jack Latimore: “I’m talkin’ pain, boy. Searing, mind-numbing pain.”

Norbit Albert Rice: “I understand.”

Big Jack Latimore: “You understand me?”

Norbit Albert Rice: “Yes, yes, yes.”

Big Jack Latimore: “All right. Welcome to the family.”

Norbit Albert Rice: “Thank you.”

18. Rasputia Latimore: “I’m gonna rip your head off.”

Big Jack Latimore: “Rasputia?”

Rasputia Latimore: “What?”

Big Jack Latimore: “Car.”

Rasputia Latimore: “I don’t give a damn ’bout no car. I’m ready to die!”

Big Jack Latimore: “Car!”

Rasputia Latimore: “I’m ready to die! I’m ready to die!”

Big Jack Latimore: “I ain’t gonna let you ruin Nipplopolis for me, boy! Damn!”

Rasputia Latimore: “I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die up in here. Drive the car, god damn it!”

19. Rasputia Latimore: “Norbit, Buster is a guest in our home. How dare you insinuate something like that?”

Buster: “Yeah, Orbit. How dare you insinuate something such like that. You know, I am actually offended by your accu—si—sation.”

Short Norbit Quotes That’ll Leave an Impact on Everyone

20. “I wanna be a ho. How do I apply?” – Event Organizer

21. “Once a loser, always a loser.” – Rasputia Latimore

22. “Yes, it did. And that makes you the queen of whores.” – Norbit Albert Rice

More Norbit Quotes to Keep You Laughing All Day

23. Norbit Albert Rice: “Oh Floyd, what am I gonna do.” 

Floyd the Dog: “Kill the bitch.”

24. “Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap—. Norbit. Norbit? Norbit? Oh, damn. He escaped. Norbit. Norbut. Your ass is mine, Norbit.” – Blue Latimore

25. Rasputia Latimore “This wedding’s a shame, and I’m here to stop it.”

Kate Thomas: “Norbit, what are you doing?”

Norbit Albert Rice: “I’m bein’ a man for the first time in my life. Kate—Kate, I love you.”

If You Were Norbit, What Would You Do if Someone Like Rasputia Came Into Your Life?

Norbit might seem like a movie full of fun and jokes, but it reflects a lot of couples out there. For example, Rasputia’s toxic relationship with Norbit is something a lot of people can relate to. She was constantly putting him down—publicly and privately. 

It’s a work of fiction, but the truth is, these things happen in real life, too. We get stuck in toxic relationships because we think that no one else will love us; we choose to stay, even if it’s full of hate and pain. But, this thinking should stop, and we should learn to stand up for ourselves.

Albeit a comedy, Norbit still teaches us a lesson to love ourselves first. We would never be able to find genuine love from others if we let others step on our pride and us. Relationships should be built out of love, trust, and respect, after all. 

With that, we hope that this list of Norbit quotes was able to teach you a lot of things about love while making you laugh out loud! Never let yourself get stuck in abusive and toxic relationships. Practice self-love, and you’ll find people who genuinely care for you, too!

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